Where is Madam Nazar Today in Red Dead Online?

If you interested in becoming a Collector in the Red Dead Online game, then you have to know where to pay a visit to Red Dead Online Madam Nazar Location. That is, you have to track Madam Nazar down.

When you finally meet up with her, she will provide you with the Red Dead Online Collector’s License and Bag, which you have to purchase at a sum of 15 Gold Bars. Fortunately, if you’ve previously proven your skills as a collector by gathering all 54 of the GTA Online playing cards, you wouldn’t need to pay any fee and would instead be given the items for free.

An important detail you should note about Red Dead Online Madam Nazar location is that it is highly difficult to determine because Madam Nazar herself is an highly elusive traveling saleswoman.

What Does Madam Nazar Do?

Madam Nazar is a Non-Player Character (NPC) traveling saleswoman, who functions as the vendor for the Collector role. She sells useful items that assists players in their Collector’s role. For instance, Madam Nazar Collector’s Bag that enable collectors to travel around and acquire several items, such as buried treasure, bird eggs, tarot cards, among others. She also purchases the items Collectors are able to gather from them.

Note that a complete set of collectibles receive the maximum amount of cash possible.

Finding Madam Nazar

The first time you meet with Madam Nazar will be to register as a Collector in the Northwestern part of Armadillo in Cholla Springs. This location is usually marked with a yellow icon on your map. After you’ve purchased the Collector’s Map and Bag, you will find it very difficult to locate Madam Nazar again as she’s always on the move, relocating every 24 hours.

There are currently about 12 different locations across the world within Read Dead Online where you are highly likely to find Madam Nazar. However, it is almost impossible to determine the exact location you’ll find her in from these 12 locations. This makes it necessary to search through all of them until you cross her path. To make the search easier and more comfortable for you, you may want to start from the top-right section of the map and work your way to the Southwestern end.

In contrast to the items you intend to sell to her, Madam Nazar’s caravan is never hidden. Hence, you should know it is her when you are in the same area with her. These twelve locations are:

  • Bluewater Marsh: You can either travel North from Saint Denis along the main path or South from Van Horn Trading Post.
  • Roanoke Ridge: Travel fast to Annesburg town, head West for a short while, then North via the main road until you come across her.
  • Bolger Glade: This is located on your way towards West from Saint Denis or South from Rhodes.
  • Eastern Heartlands: Travel Southwest from Emerald Ranch, close to the edge of the Lemoyne Border.
  • Three Sisters: Travel North from Emerald Ranch towards the lake called O’Creagh’s Run.
  • Cumberland Forest: From Valentine, head North, staying close to the Dakota River until you are almost level with Fort Wallace in the East.
  • Little Creek River: Travel North from Strawberry until you are after the Big Valley, then turn West, staying close to the edge of the Little Creek River.
  • Eastern Heartlands: Travel South from Valentine and remain close to the Dakota River.
  • Tall Trees: Travel West from Blackwater until you are past the Great Plains and almost North from the Manzanita Post.
  • Cholla Springs: This is the first place you met with her, Madam Nazar, and it is Northwest of Amadillo.
  • Manteca Falls: Head South from Thieves Landing, sticking close to the Southernmost end of the road. You should meet her at the North of Manteca Falls.
  • Rio Bravo: Travel South from Benedict Point, trailing the Rio Bravo border. Then head East along with the road when it curves with the River. You should see her before you get to Plainview.

Alternative Method

There is an alternative method for finding Red Dead Online Madam Nazar location that does not involve going through all the 12 locations, however, it costs more. This method involves using one of the Collector’s Maps you bought from the saleswoman. Note that each of these maps are one-use items, and they mark three hidden treasures you are yet to find.

If you are yet to locate Nazar on any day, you can always check the map and her location will appear in place of one of the three treasures. While it is a faster way of locating her, it robs you of the opportunity to acquire a piece of lucre.

You may want to collect a complete collection of collectibles before you start to find Madam Nazar in order to make the process involved in locating her worth it.

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