What Makes a Great Work Laptop?

Whether you happen to be an avid entrepreneur traversing the world in search of new leads, or you simply enjoy working your desk job from the comfort of a cozy café, a great work laptop could be your ideal companion.

If you are in search of some new tech to prepare you for working in a post-pandemic future, why not start thinking about where it is you aim to be working from and what your job entails?

This will likely help you narrow down your search, but in the meantime, here are some features to watch out for.


Obviously, one of the laptop’s main selling points is undoubtedly its portability, but depending on which functions you need your new machine for, this might be trickier than expected to come across. Lenovo has some superb deals on business laptops if you felt like you needed some direction as to where to look.

The smaller and more lightweight options will usually have a less powerful battery (not always) and potentially lack some of the more powerful hardware options. Plus, the smaller screen size does not work for everybody, especially those who need to edit images or get eye strain easily. This is not a general rule of thumb, however, as many of the best modern options boast a great mix of features and functionalities.

The upside to the smaller laptop is its immense mobility. They are truly a joy to use, and it requires no effort to take them in and out of a lightweight carry case. If you need to spend vast amounts of time in transit, they are definitely worth taking a look at.


Ports, slots, and other various inputs can be exceptionally important to keep an eye on when choosing a new laptop, as you may not even notice you lack the compatible input at a time when you might suddenly need it most.

If you need to hook your computer up to a range of other machines, be it monitors, studio speakers, projectors, or even just headphones, it is worth making sure your new laptop can handle it physically.

Having said that, if you find the ideal computer and it seems to lack the right number of slots or ports, there are always adapters available to hopefully increase connectivity options, but you should find out whether the hardware under the hood can account for the extra activity.

Battery Life

Depending on how you intend to use your laptop and whether or not your favorite café will let you use their plugs and Wi-Fi, you may need to watch out for the battery life on your new machine.

You would likely not want your laptop falling asleep mid-sentence in a meeting, as this could look somewhat awful for your brand image.

Thankfully, many modern laptops possess exceptionally good batteries, allowing you to easily conquer ten hours or more of work without having to plug in your charging cable.

Ultimately, the right decision will account for your specific needs, and there is probably an option out there for anyone.

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