What Are the Most Iconic Slot Themes of All Time?

Do you enjoy slot games? Which themes are your favourite? The origin of slot machines can be dated back to the 19th century, and slots remain some of the most popular games today. In the United Kingdom, 69% of revenue generated by the gambling industry was brought in by slots online. This percentage has also stayed fast over the last few years, which is a testament to the popularity of the games.

Modernization has led to a limitless supply of slot themes. Online video slots offer players endless varieties of different settings and storylines. This contributes to the growth of the online gambling industry. Sweden is ahead of the game as the country that plays online the most, with 51.8% of the country enjoying their gambling online.

We will explore a few of the most iconic video slot themes that exist today. Along with our expert, Ella Houghton, we will discuss their relevance in the current video slot market.

Top 5 Video Slot Themes of All Time

Sport-Themed Video Slots

Sports-themed slots remain iconic choices for video slots as they combine two favourite pastimes: sports and gambling. This theme also has many different opportunities as there are so many kinds of sports to use as inspiration. Sports-themed slots include basketball, cricket, rugby, horse racing, MMA, wrestling, and so much more. If you enjoy sports or have only one favourite sport, combining that passion with gambling can be a fun and rewarding experience.

A few fan favourites within the sporting theme include Football Mania, Break Away, Basketball Star, and many others.

Movie Themed Slots

Tying in the slot theme with popular cultures, such as movies, has proved to be a beneficial strategy for slot game designers. Movie-themed slots can transport punters to their favourite film in a new and interactive way. There are options for all different gamblers within this single theme. You can also explore many different genres such as fantasy, action, adventure, and more.

A few iconic movie-themed slots are The Dark Knight Rises, Jurassic Park, Jumanji, The Avengers, and others.

Wheel of Fortune Themed Slots

Games based on popular game shows can transfer the player to environments that they already love from watching on television. Wheel of Fortune-themed slots are no different and remain some of the most popular themed video slots today. So much so that game developers try to release a version of this popular television series in video slot form at least once a year!

Some of the most popular Wheel of Fortune-themed slots are Wheel of Fortune Power Wedges, Wheel of Fortune New Orleans, and Wheel of Fortune Triple Extreme Spin.

Adventure Themed Slots

Who doesn’t like the idea of exploring lost civilizations for treasure? Or scouring the most inaccessible landmarks for hidden secrets? Better yet, now you can make that exploration from the comfort of your home with these popular adventure-themed slots that still produce an exciting thrill with the addition of wagering real money.

You can go exploring the Egyptian tombs or take a boat ride up the Amazon, or perhaps you’d prefer to explore an island that hasn’t been discovered yet. With adventure video slots, you can choose your subsequent significant discovery.

A few of the most popular adventure-themed slots include Jungle Jackpot, Prowling Panther, Eye of Horus, Book of Ra, Cat Wilde, and many more.

Classic Themed Slots

Nothing beats the classics! Sometimes we all long for a taste of nostalgia, which is why retro versions of the old classic fruit theme remain popular. The neon colours, the spinning fruit reels, and the happy music are all features of this classic slot design. These classic slots are simple to understand, and they’re excellent for beginners and experts. This simplicity in the slot design has made it a popular theme ever since the first slot machines were invented.

Some of the most popular classic fruit-themed video slots include The Super Eighties, Neon Staxx, Fruit Shop, and Burning Hot.

Final Thoughts

Some video slot themes are timeless and will remain popular for years, such as the classic fruit slots from the original slot machines. Specific themes are newer such as movie-themed slots, but they carry just as much power in the popular culture-driven world we live in. All-in-all, themes have added an additional entertainment element to video slot games and have opened up a whole new world for slot game developers.

We look forward to seeing what new themes emerge in this rapidly growing industry.

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