How to Watch Greyhound Without Apple TV?

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Hey there! You know that feeling when you’re watching a movie, and you’re at the edge of your seat because it’s so exciting? Imagine that feeling x10! That’s what you get when you see Tom Hanks leading a movie, especially when it’s all about brave sailors and sneaky submarines. It’s like an adventure ride!

What’s the Movie About?

Tom Hanks is this super cool US Navy Commander in the movie. Picture this: he’s the leader of a group of ships, and they’re trying to get across the Atlantic Ocean safely. Sounds easy, right? Well, there’s a catch! There are German submarines lurking in the waters, waiting for a chance to attack. 😮 It’s like a big game of sea tag, and Tom Hanks is “it”. This whole story comes from an old-timey book written in 1955 called “The Good Shepherd” by C.S. Forester.

Quick Movie Details for You

  • Movie Name: Greyhound (cool name, right?)
  • Release Year: 2020
  • What’s it About? War, Action, Drama (It’s an exciting mix!)
  • Who Directed it? Aaron Schneider
  • Who wrote the Screenplay? Tom Hanks (Yes, he acted and wrote it!)
  • What’s it Based on? The Good Shepherd by C.S. Forester
  • Who’s in it? Tom Hanks (as Cmdr. Ernest Krause), Stephen Graham (as Lt. Cmdr. Charlie Cole), Rob Morgan (as George Cleveland), and Elisabeth Shue (as Evelyn).
  • How Long is it? Only 91 minutes, but every minute is filled with excitement!
  • Who Made it? Playtone, FilmNation Entertainment
  • Where Can You Watch it? Apple TV+ (It’s a streaming service)
  • Language: It’s in English!
  • Any Awards? Yes! It was nominated for an Academy Award for Best Sound. (That means the booms, crashes, and splashes sound super real!)

Why Didn’t Everyone See it at the Movies?

Okay, so here’s the not-so-fun part. Even though this movie is super awesome, not everyone got to watch it on the big screen. Why? Remember that big sickness going around called Covid-19? Yep, that one. Because of it, a lot of movies, including Greyhound, couldn’t be shown in theaters. But there’s a twist! Apple TV+ decided to buy it and show it on their platform.

Hold on! Before you think, “I don’t have an Apple TV, and those things can be expensive!” – I’ve got you covered. If you’re really wanting to watch Greyhound but don’t want to break your piggy bank for an Apple TV, there are other ways to catch this epic movie.

Curious? Want to know the secret to watching this thrilling movie without an Apple TV? Stick around, and I’ll spill the beans! 😉 Let’s dive in! 🎬

Watch Greyhound Movie Without an Apple TV:

I get it – not everyone has an Apple TV box sitting around, and you just want to watch that gripping Greyhound movie. No worries! Apple has thought of that, too. Let’s break down how you can jump into this cinematic adventure.

Why the Apple TV+ App is Your New BFF

Apple has this nifty thing called the Apple TV+ app. It lets you watch all the cool movies and shows from Apple TV+ without needing the actual box. And guess what? You can get it on most smart TVs like LG, Samsung, Sony, and even on devices like Roku, iPad, or Mac. The best part? Apple TV+ is in over 100 countries, so no sneaky VPN tricks needed. 🌎

Using the Apple TV+ app to watch Greyhound:

  1. Finding & Downloading the App:
    • Switch on your smart TV or device and go to the place where you usually download apps.
    • Search for the “Apple TV+ app.” Can’t find it? Don’t worry, just check if your device is on the friendly list here.
    • If everything looks good, hit download!
  2. Setting Things Up:
    • Open your shiny new app.
    • It’ll guide you with some on-screen prompts. Just follow along!
    • It’s going to ask for your Apple ID. If you’re thinking, “What’s that?”, it’s okay! You can create one.
  3. Let’s Rent “Greyhound” (or any other cool movie):
    • Dive into the app and search for “Greyhound.”
    • On the movie’s page, you’ll see a “Rent” button. Click it! If it’s not there, that just means this movie can’t be rented right now.
    • Log in with your Apple ID and finish the rent process.
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Some Quick Notes Before You Dive In:

  • Once you’ve rented a movie, like Greyhound, there’s a countdown! You’ve got 30 days to press play.
  • After hitting play, the clock speeds up. Finish the movie within 48 hours, or it’ll vanish!
  • Wanna find your rented movies later? In the Apple TV+ app, there’s a sidebar. Look for “Library” > click on it > then tap “Rentals”.
  • Can’t find your movie in “Rentals”? Maybe the timer ran out, or perhaps you’ve logged in with a different Apple ID.

Now, grab your popcorn, snuggle up, and dive into the movie world! 🍿🎬

Purchase Greyhound movie permanently:

So, you’re head over heels for the movie “Greyhound” and want it to be yours forever? Let’s do that! Buying a movie (instead of just renting it) means it’ll be with you for the long run. Let’s break down how you can make that awesome movie a permanent resident in your digital collection.

How to Buy “Greyhound” (or Any Other Movie) on Apple TV+ App:

  1. Opening Up the Apple TV+ App:
    • First, fire up the Apple TV+ app on whichever device you fancy.
  2. Navigating the Store:
    • If you’re on an iPad, iPhone, or iPod Touch: Look for the ‘Store’ tab at the bottom and give it a tap. Then, you’ll see ‘Films and TV Programmes’. Tap that!
    • If you’re using an Apple TV+, a Smart TV, or another streaming device: You’re in luck! You’ll immediately see the ‘Films and TV Programmes’ option. Just select it.
  3. Searching for “Greyhound”:
    • In the search bar, type “Greyhound” or any other movie you’re in the mood for.
  4. Seal the Deal:
    • Once you’re on the movie’s page, look for the ‘Buy’ button. Click it!
    • If that ‘Buy’ button is playing hide-and-seek, no worries! Scroll a little and find ‘How to Watch’. Tap on it, and you’ll see the ‘Buy’ option.
    • Now, sign in with your Apple ID (that’s like your magic key to the Apple world) and finish buying your movie.
  5. Where’s My Movie?:
    • After your purchase, you might wonder where your movie went. To find “Greyhound” or any other bought film, head to ‘Films and TV Programmes’. Then, in the navigation bar at the top, you’ll see ‘Library’. Click on that, and voilà! Your collection awaits.

And there you have it! You’re now the proud owner of “Greyhound”. 🍿✨

Apple TV+ Pricing Options:

Hey, savvy shopper! 🛍️ So, you’re considering diving into the world of Apple TV+ but are thinking, “How much is this going to cost me?” Let’s unravel this money mystery together and find a plan that fits your pocket and entertainment needs.

1. Free Trial

Apple, being the cool tech giant it is, understands we all have different budgets and preferences. Here’s a peek into their pricing options:

  1. Test the Waters with a Free Trial:
    • Cost: Absolutely nothing! That’s right, $0.
    • Duration: A whole 7 days.
    • What’s the catch? Well, there isn’t one really. It’s Apple’s way of saying, “Hey, give us a try!”
    • Bonus: If you’ve got your eyes on “Greyhound” or any other film from the iTunes store, guess what? You can rent or buy it during this trial. That’s a movie marathon waiting to happen, without any extra costs for the Apple TV+ content!
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This free trial is like that sample tray they hand out at the mall. It’s a perfect way for you to get a taste of Apple TV+’s offerings. By the end of the week, you’ll know if you’re ready to go all-in with a subscription.

Remember, this is just one of Apple TV+’s pricing options. They have more choices, tailored for all types of viewers. So, whether you’re a binge-watcher or just someone who tunes in occasionally, there’s likely a plan just right for you. 📺🎥🍿

2. Free with Apple products

Did you just get a shiny new Apple device? Apart from the joy of unboxing and that new gadget smell, guess what else is in store for you? A whole year of free Apple TV+! Yep, you read that right. Let’s unwrap this offer together.

Your Apple Product Purchase = 1 Year of Apple TV+ Freebie!

  1. The Golden Offer:
    • What’s up for grabs: A free Apple TV+ subscription for 365 glorious days.
    • Quick Reminder: This isn’t a forever deal. You’ve got 90 days from the day you got your device to claim this offer. After that, it’ll poof away!
  2. How to Get This Goodie:
    • Step 1: Power up! Turn on your brand-new Apple device and get into it with your Apple ID. (Make sure it’s the same one you use to make purchases. This is your golden ticket!)
    • Step 2: Launch the Apple TV app. But, quick side note: Ensure your device has the latest version of the app. You wouldn’t want a last-season fashion, would you? Same goes for apps!
    • Step 3: Ready to claim? As soon as you open the app, a shiny ‘Redeem Offer’ button should pop up. Can’t see it? No stress! Just hop on over to the Apple TV+ tab, and you’ll find your special offer there.
    • Step 4: Follow the simple instructions on your screen, and voila! You’re all set for a year of non-stop entertainment. 🍿

See, it’s pretty much like opening a secret compartment in your new device and finding a golden cinema ticket. So, why wait? Dive in, explore shows, movies, documentaries, and make the most of this golden year.

3. Paid monthly subscription

Do you want to keep it straightforward? Here’s a no-fuss option:

  • Cost: Rs. 99 every month.
  • What you get: All the perks of Apple TV+.
  • Is it for you? Try out the free trial or the bonus year (if you snagged a new Apple device) to decide if this monthly treat is worth your bucks.

4. Apple One

If you’re all about maximizing value and you love Apple’s whole universe, this is your jackpot!

  • What is it? It’s a fantastic bundle of four super cool Apple services: Apple TV+, Apple Music (hello, dance parties!), Apple Arcade (game on!), and iCloud+ (for all those selfies and important stuff).
  • Three Plans for the Price of… Well, One!:
    1. Individual Plan:
      • Cost: Rs. 195 every month.
      • Storage Bonus: A nice 50 GB on iCloud.
    2. Family Plan:
      • Cost: Rs. 365 monthly.
      • Storage Bonus: A hefty 200 GB on iCloud. Share with the fam or keep it all to yourself; we won’t judge!
    3. Try Before You Buy: Not sure if Apple One is your jam? No problem! Grab a one-month free trial and see if it rocks your world.
      • How? Let’s break it down:
        1. For iPhone and iPad users: Head to Settings > General > Software Update. Get that device updated! Then, return to Settings, tap on your lovely name, pick Subscriptions, and select your plan. Voila! Apple One is yours to explore.
        2. For Mac users: Go to System Preferences > Software Update. Once you’re all updated, just follow the steps like our iPhone buddies above. Easy, right?

5. Apple Music Student Plan

  • Cost: A fabulous student discount (because every penny counts, right?).
  • Duration: Keep jamming with this deal for up to 48 months.
  • Bonus: Apart from the beats of Apple Music, you get free access to Apple TV+ for a limited period. Two awesome services for the price of one (discounted)!

Who’s Eligible?

If you’re in a degree-granting college or university in the US or Canada, congrats! This deal is specially designed for you.

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Getting Started:

  1. Verify Your Status: Apple will need to know you’re a legit student. This step ensures you get the deals meant for your academic dedication.
  2. Sign Up: Once verified, sign up for the Apple Music Student Plan.
  3. Dive In: Jam to your favorite tunes on Apple Music and binge-watch your favorite shows on Apple TV+. Whether you need background music for studying or a series for those study breaks, you’re set!

For a detailed walk-through on how to avail this offer, head on over to Apple’s support page: Here’s the direct link for you!

And there you have it! A sweet deal for all your hard work. So, put those books down (just for a bit) and enjoy your well-deserved entertainment break! 📚➡️🎧🎬

Why do I have to pay to watch movies after paying for Apple TV+?

Let’s get something cleared up. You got Apple TV+ and are wondering, “Why on Earth am I being asked to shell out more money to watch movies?” Don’t fret. Let’s chat about it.

1. Apple TV+ vs. iTunes Store: Two Different Worlds 🍎🌍

Firstly, there’s Apple TV+. It’s a streaming service, kind of like Netflix, and when you pay for it, you get access to a library of original content created by Apple. Think of shows like “The Morning Show” or “Ted Lasso”.

Then, there’s the iTunes Store. It’s Apple’s digital marketplace. Here, you can buy or rent movies and TV shows. It’s a bit like a virtual DVD store. Any movie or show that isn’t a part of Apple TV+’s original content will usually be found here.

2. Why the Extra Cost? 💰🎥

Movies like Greyhound might appear on the Apple TV app, but they’re not necessarily part of the Apple TV+ subscription. Why? Because they’re coming from the iTunes Store. The catch is that these movies have separate rights, deals, and costs associated with them. Apple has to pay to host them, so they can’t just give them away for free even if you have a subscription.

3. Apple TV+ Subscription: What’s the Deal? 📺🍿

Your Apple TV+ subscription gives you a ticket to watch Apple’s original content without any extra cost. These are shows and movies produced or commissioned by Apple themselves. But anything beyond this realm, especially big blockbuster films, will come with its own price tag.

4. Why Not Bundle Everything? 🎁

Apple TV+ is cheaper than some other streaming services because it’s mainly focused on Apple’s original content. Services like Netflix or Amazon Prime, which offer broader libraries from various sources, charge more. So, you’re not paying for what you’re not watching.

In the end, think of the Apple TV app as a hub, a place where you can find everything from Apple’s own shows to movies from other providers. It’s convenient but remember, not everything is covered by your subscription.

And there you have it! Hopefully, that clears things up a bit. Happy watching, and don’t forget the popcorn! 🍿😊

Wrapping It Up: Dive into the Action with Greyhound! 🍿🎥

Alright, movie buffs! Here’s the scoop: Greyhound is the kind of movie that gets your adrenaline pumping and heart racing. With a talent like Tom Hanks taking the lead, how can it not, right?

But hey, don’t sweat it if you don’t own that shiny Apple TV box. The world of tech is amazing, and Apple’s got your back! With just the Apple TV+ app, you can dive straight into the action-packed waters of the Atlantic, dodging submarines and feeling the thrill from any device you own. How cool is that?

So, if you were wondering, “How do I catch this cinematic gem without an Apple TV?”, we got you covered. Hopefully, this guide shed some light and got you all set for a movie night.

Grab your popcorn, dim the lights, and get ready for a cinematic journey. Enjoy Greyhound and many more flicks out there. Here’s to epic movie nights! 🥤🎬 Cheers!

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