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Are you tired of squinting at your phone, trying to tap those tiny links on a mobile website? Well, guess what? Your days of eye-strain are over because Google Chrome for Android has rolled out a super cool feature that lets you see websites like you would on a computer – yep, the full-sized version on your phone!

In this chat, I’m going to walk you through how to turn on this nifty feature so you can browse big even on your small screen. Ready? Let’s jump right in!

Always Get Desktop Version Of Websites

Ever landed on a website on your phone and it feels like everything’s just too small? That’s because you’re on the mobile version of the site, which is made for tiny screens. But hey, sometimes you need to see the big picture, right? Maybe you need to click a button that’s hiding, or you’re just missing the full glory of the desktop site.

So, let’s talk about how you can set Chrome on your Android to always show you websites in desktop mode – the way they look on a computer. No more squinting, no more zooming, just the full website goodness all the time. Sounds cool? Here’s how you make the magic happen:

  1. Open Up Chrome: Grab your Android phone and tap that Chrome app to get started.
  2. Menu Time: Look up at the top-right corner of the screen. See those three little dots stacked on top of each other? That’s your menu button. Give it a tap.
  3. Settings, Here We Come: A bunch of options will pop out. Don’t get lost now! Scroll all the way down until you find the word “Settings.” Tap it!
  4. Dive into Site Settings: In the Settings menu, you’ll see a lot of choices. Look for “Site settings” and select it. That’s where the good stuff is.
  5. Make the Switch to Desktop Site: Almost there! Now find “Desktop site” in the list and tap it. You’re just one step away.
  6. Flip the Toggle: Here’s the finale—turn on that Desktop site toggle. Just switch it to the on position, and bam! You’re all set.
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And there you have it! Now, whenever you visit any website, Chrome will show you the full desktop version automatically. No more going back to the menu to check that box every time. Enjoy the bigger view!


And just like that, you’re a pro at getting the desktop version of websites on your Android phone! No more messing around with tiny text or hidden menus. With this simple toggle switch, every website will greet you with its full desktop splendor, just as if you were sitting at your computer.

Remember, the internet is huge and now you’ve got the power to see it in all its glory, right from the palm of your hand. So go ahead, dive into those desktop sites and explore them with ease and comfort. Happy browsing!

If you ever want to switch back to the mobile view (who knows, you might miss it?), just flip that toggle off, and you’re back to phone-friendly views. It’s all about having options and now you’ve got them!

That’s all for now, folks! I hope this guide helps you enjoy your browsing experience even more. Keep this trick in your back pocket and use it whenever you feel like going big. Cheers to a more enjoyable browsing journey on your Android with Chrome!

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How can I view the full desktop site on Chrome?

To view the full desktop site on Chrome, you need to go to the menu option in Chrome, and select “Request Desktop Site”. This will load the full desktop version of the website on your mobile device.

2. How do I view full desktop site on Android?

To view the full desktop site on Android, you can also follow the same steps as above. Simply open Chrome on your Android device, go to the menu option, and select “Request Desktop Site” to load the full desktop version of the website.

3. Can I permanently view the full desktop site on my phone?

No, you cannot permanently view the full desktop site on your phone. However, you can choose to view the desktop mode whenever you visit a website by following the above steps.

4. What if the website I'm trying to access doesn't have a desktop version?

If the website you're trying to access doesn't have a desktop version, you won't be able to view the full desktop site on your mobile device. In this case, you can try using a different browser or accessing the website on a computer.

5. Will viewing the full desktop site on my phone consume more data?

Yes, viewing the full desktop site on your phone may consume more data as compared to the mobile site. This is because the desktop version of the website may contain more images, videos, and other multimedia content.

6. Is it possible to view the full desktop site on other mobile browsers besides Chrome?

Yes, it is possible to view the full desktop site on other mobile browsers besides Chrome. However, the process may differ from browser to browser. In general, you can look for the “Request Desktop Site” option in the menu or settings of the browser.
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