Ways You Can Use Instagram To Market Your New Seasonal Product Line

Social media is a widely used marketing technique around the globe as it is cost-effective and reaches a huge audience. One of the most used platforms is Instagram, as it has many users from various age groups and allows you to create and post a lot of different types of content. It is so widely used that Instagram reports that ads can reach nearly 850 million people.

With such a huge reach and so many offered features, it only makes sense to use Instagram to market your seasonal product line. Even if you are new to Instagram marketing, you can use these simple yet effective tips and tricks to start marketing on Instagram.

Five amazing Instagram marketing tips

Start posting early and regularly

It is important to create buzz about an event well in advance. You can do so by initially posting something cryptic that hints towards big news coming up. It will pique your audience’s interest and keep them engaged for the big reveal.

A month before the launch, you can post a poster that includes your launch date and all the important details. Make sure the poster is vibrant and eye-catching, and then pin it on your page so that whoever visits your page instantly sees it.

You can then start posting other related content like reminder posters or sneak peeks twice or thrice a week and then daily in the week of the launch. Just ensure you are active so people are reminded about the big launch.

Keep the posts creative

The content you create must be varied, as it will get boring. You should vary your content even if your campaign is about the same launch.

Even the posters you post should be different each week and feature different Instagram animations rather than the same. You should also post short clips that feature sneak peeks of the new products.

You can even take people behind-the-scenes to show how your staff is prepping for the upcoming launch and have them talk about what is special about the new line.

Try to add catchy tunes and songs in the background, as clips with Instagram audio show up when someone taps on that audio.

Use hashtags wisely

Hashtags can be a great way to get more eyes on your posts. You can use a dedicated hashtag for your launch with all your posts. It will allow people to see all your posts once they tap on the hashtag. You can also use other popular hashtags relevant to your business so that your posts show up when those hashtags are being viewed. You can also ask customers to post their reviews of your line with the hashtag so that their posts show up too.

Get your customers involved

One of the best parts of social media marketing is that you can interact with your audience. Apart from responding to messages regularly and quickly, you can use various Instagram features to interact with the audience more. You can use polls in your stories to ask customers which products they want to see in the launch.

You can also post blurred photos of some new products and have people guess what they are. You can also have Q&As or post a question on your story and have people respond and then react to those responses.

Hosting a giveaway ahead of the launch can also be a great way to engage the audience. You can have a contest and send the winner(s) some of the products or free services. You can also ask them to post their reviews and tag you in them so you can repost their feedback or photos on your account.

Collaborate with local influencers

Influencers often have a huge following, so collaborating with a local Instagram influencer can allow you to reach their followers. You can send them free samples before the launch, which they can review and then tag you in the review. You can also offer discounts to their followers by using certain codes. You can also invite them to your store or business premises, take them behind the scenes, and give them a preview of what is to come. You can then repost their content to get more attention on your account.


Instagram marketing has a lot of potential to bring in customers, so you should start using it ahead of your product line launch. A smaller business can use these marketing techniques easily as they do not require you to be too tech-savvy or have a dedicated marketing team. All you need to do is put some effort into the content you create and ensure that it is interesting, diverse, and looks professional.

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