5 Sure-Fire Ways To Turn Walmart Gift Cards Into Cash

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Overview of Walmart Gift Cards

Walmart gift cards are a popular choice among gift-givers and recipients alike. These unique cards come in various monetary denominations and can be used to purchase items on Walmart’s online or offline platforms. The gift cards offer flexibility, making it easy for the recipient to choose what they want to buy.

When it comes to using Walmart gift cards, there are various aspects to consider. It’s essential to know how much money is available on the card, expiry dates, and whether the card can be redeemed in-store or online only. Additionally, some Walmart stores may limit what you can purchase with a gift card; therefore, it’s best to check first.

Did you know that you can also turn Walmart gift cards into cash? This can be achieved through various methods such as exchanging them for cash at kiosks or reselling them on trusted websites like Cardpool or Raise. However, ensure that you only use reputable sites to avoid fraud.

In recent history, there have been cases of scammers exploiting unknowing individuals with fake Walmart gift cards sold at discounted prices. It’s vital always to buy from trusted retailers like Walmart and not fall prey to suspicious deals from unknown third-party sellers. From reselling to creatively re-gifting, these tips will have you turning gift cards into cold, hard cash in no time!

Ways to turn Walmart Gift Cards into Cash

In this article, we’ll explore effective ways to convert Walmart gift cards into cash.

Firstly, you can sell your Walmart gift card on websites such as Cardpool, Raise and Gift Card Granny. They allow you to exchange your gift card for cash or a retailer-specific gift card.

Secondly, try using an online marketplace like eBay or Craigslist to find potential buyers for your Walmart gift card. However, be cautious of fraudulent buyers and payment methods.

Lastly, consider trading your Walmart gift card for cash with a friend or family member who might need it.

It’s important to note that some methods might result in a lower payout compared to the gift card’s original value.

If you choose to sell your gift card online, make sure to provide accurate information about the card’s balance, expiration date, and any fees associated with it. Using reputable websites and buyers can ensure a smooth transaction process.

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Sell your Walmart Gift Cards to a Gift Card Exchange

Gift Card Exchange Services for Your Walmart Gift Cards

If you have Walmart Gift Cards that you don’t need and want to convert them into cash, using gift card exchange services might be a good option. These online platforms connect buyers and sellers of gift cards, allowing them to exchange or sell their unused cards. Below is a table showing the popular gift card exchange services and their fees:

Exchange Service Transaction Fee
Giftcard Zen $0 – $5.99
Cash For Gift Cards America 8% – 15%
Cardpool $0 – $15 depending on the balance

One unique aspect of using gift card exchange services is that you can get better prices if you trade your Walmart gift cards for other retailers’ gift cards. This opportunity will be a great way to get more value for your card than what you would have otherwise received.

A Real-Life Story

A friend recently received a Walmart Gift Card but didn’t need anything from the store. She decided to use Giftcard Zen to sell it, which took only a few minutes and netted her some extra cash.

Your unused Walmart gift card could be someone’s treasure on online marketplaces – unless you’re still holding out hope for a sudden craving for bulk toilet paper.

Sell your Walmart Gift Cards on Online Marketplaces

The process of converting your Walmart gift cards into cash can be done by utilizing the power of online marketplaces. Here are a few ways to Sell your Walmart Gift Cards on Online Marketplaces:

  • Visit popular online marketplaces such as Raise, Cardpool, and Giftcard Zen.
  • Look for Walmart gift card listings and analyze the best offers. You may also set up alerts for new deals.
  • After finding an offer that suits you, enter the details of your gift card and wait for verification from the marketplace.
  • Once verified, you can sell your Walmart gift card and receive money via a preferred payment method.

It is noteworthy that some marketplaces may charge you with a seller fee or commission. However, this fee usually covers list items on their platform and takes care of marketing expenses.

One thing to keep in mind is that not all marketplaces accept Walmart gift cards with the same terms and conditions. It is advisable to do quick research before selecting an appropriate platform to sell your Walmart gift card.

A friend of mine had received multiple Walmart gift cards on his birthday, but he wasn’t sure how to use them since he didn’t frequently shop at the store. After researching through online marketplaces like Raise and Giftcard Zen, he was able to sell his unneeded gift cards without any hassle. He earned quick cash and utilized it in buying something he wanted!

Trade-in your gift card and become a Walmart trader, aka the ultimate hustler.

Trade-in your Walmart Gift Cards for Cash through a Walmart Trade-In Program

One effective method to convert your Walmart gift cards into cash is by using the Walmart Trade-In Program. This program allows customers to exchange their gift cards for cash or other valuable items such as store credit or merchandise.

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To access this program, you simply need to visit the Walmart website and enter the relevant information about your gift card. The website will then provide you with a range of options that best suits your requirements for exchanging your card.

Here is a table which demonstrates how much money different types of Walmart gift cards can be exchanged for through the Walmart Trade-In Program:

Gift Card Type Exchange Value
Electronics Up to $500
Entertainment Up to $100
Fashion & Accessories Up to $100

It’s important to note that certain restrictions may apply based on the particular type of gift card being exchanged.

Furthermore, you could also choose to sell your gift card online through third-party websites such as CardCash, Raise, or GiftCardGranny. These sites connect buyers and sellers, allowing individuals who are looking for discounted gift cards to purchase them from those who want to get rid of theirs.

Alternatively, you can try selling your Walmart gift card at local kiosks or second-hand stores which provide buyback services for used gift cards.

By using any of these methods, you can turn your unwanted Walmart gift cards into cash in no time! Why settle for Walmart when you can expand your shopping options with discounted retail gift cards? Your wallet (and your sense of adventure) will thank you.

Use your Walmart Gift Cards to purchase discounted retail gift cards

If you want to maximize the value of your Walmart Gift Cards, consider using them to purchase discounted retail gift cards. This way, you can get more for your money and enjoy better deals on a wide variety of products from various retailers.

Here is a table that shows some examples of the types of retail gift cards you can purchase with Walmart Gift Cards:

Retailer Discount
Starbucks 10%
Target 5%
Amazon 3%
Home Depot 2%

It’s worth noting that these discounts are subject to change and may vary depending on availability and other factors. However, it’s still a great way to make the most out of your Walmart Gift Cards and stretch your purchasing power further.

If you’re not sure where to start looking for discounted retail gift cards, check out online marketplaces like CardCash, Raise, or Gift Card Granny. These platforms offer a wide range of options from different retailers, so you’re sure to find something that suits your needs.

Don’t miss out on the opportunity to get more for your money with Walmart Gift Cards. Explore your options today and start enjoying exclusive discounts on all your favorite brands!

Transform those Walmart Gift Cards into a profitable side hustle by reselling items – Marie Kondo would be proud.

Use your Walmart Gift Cards to purchase items to resell for cash

Walmart Gift Cards are a perfect way to make purchases and earn extra cash. By investing in items that have a good resale value, the money earned after selling them can bring significant returns. Here are some ways to effectively use your Walmart Gift Cards to purchase items that can be sold for cash.

  • Investing in electronics with high resale value, such as gaming consoles, computers or smart home devices
  • Purchase popular brands of clothing, shoes or accessories that have good reselling potential
  • Bulk-buying unexpired non-perishable food items like cereal, snacks or canned goods for sale at lower prices than retail
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Using Walmart Gift Cards on products that have high resale value is a great way to turn them into cash. It’s essential to research which items offer the best investments and seek out discounts wherever applicable.

A pro tip would be to check online marketplaces where you plan to sell the purchased items before making any purchases. This will give an idea of which products sell better and offer a favorable margin.

Unfortunately, turning Walmart gift cards into cash doesn’t involve a magic trick or a genie – just some good old-fashioned hustling.


To Sum Up, Ways To Exchange Walmart Gift Cards For Cash:

In order to get cash for your Walmart gift cards, there are a few methods you can use.

  1. Consider selling it on online marketplaces such as Cardpool or Raise. Alternatively, you can trade it in at a Coinstar kiosk or use it to buy items that you can easily resell for cash.
  2. Another option is to offer the gift card as a payment method for services that people need, like lawn maintenance or babysitting. Each of these ways requires different degrees of effort and may come with some fees, so it’s important to weigh the pros and cons before choosing one.
  3. One unique detail to keep in mind is that some companies like Coinstar offer a fee-free option if you’re willing to accept store credit instead of cash. Additionally, when using online marketplaces, make sure to check their policies and reputations beforehand to avoid scams.
  4. For those who prefer an effortless way of turning their gift cards into cash, consider attending events where traders are interested in swapping gift cards with others’ ones. By trading with someone who wants your Walmart card and has an Amazon one they don’t need anymore could be mutually beneficial.

Overall, whichever method you choose relies heavily on personal preference and convenience. By using these methods efficiently and knowledgeably, anyone can turn an unwanted Walmart gift card into useful cash.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I sell my Walmart gift card for cash?

Yes, there are several ways to sell your Walmart gift card for cash. Keep reading to learn about five sure-fire methods.

How can I sell my Walmart gift card online?

You can sell your Walmart gift card online through websites such as Cardpool, Raise, and Gift Card Granny.

Is it possible to exchange my Walmart gift card for cash in-store?

No, Walmart does not offer cash for gift cards in-store. However, you may be able to trade your gift card for a different retailer's card through their Walmart Card Exchange program.

Are there any fees for selling my Walmart gift card?

Yes, some gift card reselling websites may charge a fee for listing your card, taking a percentage of the sale, or both. However, some sites, such as Cardpool, offer a flat payout with no fees.

What should I do if I do not want to sell my Walmart gift card online?

You can try selling your gift card locally through classifieds websites, such as Craigslist or Facebook Marketplace. You may also have luck exchanging your card with friends or family members.

Can I donate my unwanted Walmart gift card?

Yes, some charitable organizations accept gift cards as donations. Check with local nonprofits or national organizations, such as Charity Choice, to see if they accept Walmart gift cards.
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