Where to Listen to Music: Top 4 Streaming Platforms

Everything becomes more enjoyable with music. You get more energetic during workouts, start spinning reels more willingly at the CasinoChan online casino, and even cooking gets enterteineng. But where to listen to music? Choose one of these platforms if great sound quality is your priority.

Apple Music

Apple’s music service attracts customers with its large library. It is easy to use but does not have many settings and interesting features. It’s one of the few options that support Gapless Playback – no delay between switching tracks. But it is only in the apps, in the web version you hear a half-second pause.

In some places, Apple Music is even too simple. You cannot subscribe to the artists, there is no daily mixes and individual playlist with new products, you can not find custom playlists. The player is not the most convenient: it is certainly beautiful, but too minimalistic. So, to add a song, you have to open the menu. The main advantage of the player – beautiful and convenient lyrics, displayed in karaoke format. There are also no complaints about the number of tracks on the platform.


It’s one of the best options for true music lovers. The number of useful features surpasses all its competitors. The main advantages are:

  • The possibility to play music on one device and control it from another;
  • Joint listening with friends.
  • Friends activity panel in the desktop app.
  • Recommendations.

The library of tracks is large, there is a huge number of custom playlists, many of which are fantastic.

An essential detail that’s missing from most streaming services is the Gapless Playback feature. It allows tracks to switch without unpleasant delays per second.

Spotify has a number of other features that make it easy to customize playback: auto-mix tracks in playlists, “influx,” continuous lines – when the end of an album or playlist includes similar tracks on the genre or mood. You can set an off timer, share music using special codes, and there’s integration with Last.fm, Instagram, and other popular services.


This platform boasts a subscription with high sound quality. Deezer is closest to Spotify in terms of convenience and features. Of course, it has significantly fewer features: there is no social component, there are not many daily mixes. But there is Gapless Playback, with which to listen to tracks, in my opinion, much more pleasant than without it. Podcasts and lyrics are also available on Deezer.

Deezer can be recommended to audiophiles for whom high sound quality is paramount. It is free to use the service, but track switching is not available and the quality is poor.

YouTube Music

YouTube Music came to replace Google Play Music. The sound quality here is on par with Apple Music. But YouTube Music offers individual playlists for every day and a selection of novelties. In addition to regular tracks, you can run video versions. There’s also a downside: some songs are only presented in a stripped-down version with a video. And some very popular albums are missing altogether. But at least there are playlists from users here. Music can be downloaded individually, albums are saved – everything is the same as in other services.

YouTube Music will suit only undemanding users who are interested in watching music videos and listening to the songs that are only available on YouTube. You can always try a free subscription with ads and low quality audio to see if it makes sense to pay for YouTube Music or not.

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