Top 3 Solar Design Software You Should Know Before Buying Solar Panels

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top solar design software to know before buying solar panels

In the US, when you look at people’s rooftops, you will find a lot of solar panels. Nowadays, it has become common for people to buy and use solar panels. The big question is which one to get, what size, and how many.

This is something that people try to understand before buying solar panels. But, there are companies responsible for answering these questions. Everyone, especially homeowners, like to know this before getting involved in solar systems.

And a big question that is being asked is about the technology and software used to create these solar panels. So in this article, we will explain the software, size, and amount of solar panels.

Software and technology

Technology and software are probably the central part of creating a solar panel. Companies thrive on getting and using the best of the two. They are the central part of the success of one solar company.

If not, they will not sell and place them on the market. People love companies that try their best to use the best of their abilities and create a product that will be loved by most. Ha, having advanced software will allow them to improve what they already have and make a better version in the future.

So far, we’ve seen great examples of solar systems that people seem to love. The demand has been getting more prominent as time goes by. Much money goes into the best software the most known companies use. If you want to learn more about how great software can be for a solar company, follow

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The sizes of solar panels

When you look at a solar panel, it seems pretty big. But they come in different sizes depending on how ample space you have for them. They also weigh differently.

Usually, the size of one solar panel is 66×40 inches. And its weight is around 40 pounds. But at the end of the day, it all depends on the company and brand that sells them. If you get a smaller size, it means that its purpose is for residential rooftops.

And it is vital to know the size and weight before buying a solar panel. This way, you can determine if it will fit on the rooftop and not create any issues. Not all rooftops are made to handle such weight, so it is better to weigh them before you decide to buy them.

You have to make sure that you have all the dimensions figured out. This way, you won’t cause any further issues. If this interests you, you can check this page out.

What size is the best for your rooftop?

As we mentioned, you must know how big your rooftop is. After learning this information, you can determine how many panels you can place on it. And then you can work with the space you have.

And not all rooftops can handle much weight. Make sure that they are not the heaviest if you get many panels. This way, you can place many on it without any issues.

You have to place them on the rooftop so that it will not take up all its space. This way, you can move freely on it. And sometimes, you might even need to do additional work on the rooftop to be able to handle their weight. Solar panels can vary in size and weight, so check that before buying them.

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What to know before buying 10kW solar panels

The sizes of the solar panels can probably be one of the most confusing things about them. But how many of them create a 10kW solar system? And the answer is 28.

Twenty-eight of those can create 40kWh a day. But this all depends on the brand and type of solar panels you might use. And no matter where you live, you can install a 10kW solar system. So this is an excellent option for anyone who wants to install a solar system.

It might be a complex installation system, but it is not impossible. It uses a lot of electricity. So be prepared for that. But other than that, it is something that every person should get. To learn more about this, you can follow the link for more information.


The ideal number of solar panels you will need for your rooftop depends on everything we mentioned previously. Don’t exaggerate with the panels if you haven’t done any checkups on the rooftop. Without initial inspection, it is better not to do anything on the rooftop.

A professional installer will tell you everything you need and want to know. You need to check all the factors that can affect the functionality of the solar panels. If one thing goes wrong, then everything you’ve done so far has been for nothing.

Sometimes beginning with a smaller number of panels is better. You get to test the water and see how everything will work. And if you need to get more, it is always possible. There is no exact number of how many you can get. It all depends on the size of the place you plan to put them.

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And the place where you live needs to be sunny most time. This is because they work based on sunlight. So the more sun, the more electricity from the solar panels.

They tend to last a few hours but don’t expect them to work much longer if you don’t have constant sunlight. This might be the only downside that these panels have. But regardless, they are a great product, and it is worth investing money in them and seeing how much they will benefit you.

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