5 Tips to Help You Style Your Instagram Page

Social media platforms are the main communication tools in today’s world, and wherein millions of people are actively sending and receiving messages every day. Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram are the most popular ones, and each one of them targets certain groups of people. Instagram, for instance, is for video and photo enthusiasts, and you’ll be surprised how many people fall into under category. As a matter of fact, did you know that there were one billion monthly active users on Instagram in 2020?

For a business or any content creator, that’s a massive population to target. It’s, however, worth noting that not every one of these people have the same needs when it comes to Instagram engagement and entertainment. Some are on this platform to learn new fashion tricks while others are there for laughter.

There are also those who’ve signed up just to download Instagram videos and save them on their phones or share the entertainment with their friends. So, every user has a different need that they hope to satisfy just by being active on this social media giant.

As an influencer, brand ambassador, or business owner, therefore, you must understand your goals and the needs of your target audience for you to succeed in this field. After all, the Instagram space is crowded and sometimes over-saturated. How do you get users to notice your brand’s page? You need to follow some tried and true tricks to make your Instagram page stand out from the rest.

Read on to learn five tips to help you style your Instagram page.

Pick a Consistent Style

When it comes to the layout and look of your profile, make sure your brand’s Instagram posts have a consistent style that aligns with your brand.

You want to establish your brand’s aesthetic to the point where your audience recognizes your posts and associates them with your company. Figure out your brand identity. From there, pick a color palette or filter and use them consistently in your posts.

Use the same couple of filters to tie all of your posts together while enhancing your feed’s look. You can go with a vintage look, or something bright and colorful. You can even create your own brand color palette using colors from your logo to implement in your posts.

Pick a couple of branded hashtags to add to each post. You also want to decide what kind of voice and tone you will use for your captions. Keep it all consistent!

Get Creative with Stories

Instagram stories are a great way to interact with your audience and reach more users. It is a great way to also repurpose your posts and remind people to check out your new posts.

You can add location tags and hashtags to your stories to style them further. These tags will make your company more discoverable. Increase engagement by posting questions or polls that people can interact with.

Use Post Making Resources

Want to create eye-stopping content to boost your Instagram marketing game? Use an Instagram post makerto explore templates, upload photos, and create dazzling designs in a variety of dimensions.

There are many free post-making resources that make the creation process simpler. All you need to do is choose a template and customize it, and it’s ready to be shared.

Go Live

Instagram Live is an exciting feature that lets you connect to your followers in real-time. You can interact and attract your audience because they can comment on your video.

A fun feature that adds a great pop of style to your Instagram page is adding others as guests to your Instagram Live. It is a fun way to incentivize people to join your Live and get them involved.

Instagram Live gives you increased visibility. They are placed in front of stories, which can help give your brand more reach.

Brand Your Posts

Adding your logo to each post is a great way to tie all of your posts back to your brand.

Choose a visible spot for the logo to go on each post. If you decide to put the logo at the top center of your posts, make sure it is in the same spot for each post.

Spice Up Your Instagram Page Today

With the number of Instagram users growing every day, you’ll need an up-to-date strategy to capture their attention and increase your followership. Posting regularly, having a consistent and unique style of doing things, branding your posts, and maximizing the power of the ‘Instagram Live’ feature will take you one step closer to success. We hope you find the above tips useful and implement them to take your Instagram page to the next level.

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