The Sims 4: Debug Cheat (Show Hidden Objects)

In 2019, the Sims 4 released a build mode cheat, referred to as hidden objects cheat, for builder Simmers. This cheat enables them to unlock over 1000 new environment objects, including all the items available in the Sims’ everyday lives such as forks, pots, rocks, bushes, planters, signs, spoons, and many more. The catalog of this game’s cheat has almost everything you can think of.

The environmental objects this cheat unlocks can be used to decorate your home, among others. However, you have to exercise caution when using this cheat and avoid putting them in lots as Sims can walk through them.

Moreover, where some of the environmental objects in this game are not correctly named, a good number of them are called “debug.” There’s an option within the Sims 4 build catalog known as **DEBUG** that enables players to filter the vast amount of objects available within the game. Note that you can use this Debug option in the build search bar to locate most of the items that are unnamed and identified as debug.

Furthermore, you should be aware that a majority of the objects available through the Sims 4 debug cheat mode are free. This means that if your Sim does not have enough money, they can still build themselves a beautiful garden without spending more than they can afford.

How Do You Unlock Environmental Objects in The Sims 4

To unlock the hidden object catalog in The Sims 4, you have to do the following:

  1. Enter into the Build Mode and open the cheat console:
  2. To open the cheat console on
  • Windows PC: Press Ctrl + Shift + C.
  • MacBook: Press Command + Shift + C.
  • Xbox One: Hold the four shoulder buttons simultaneously.
  • PS4: Hold the four shoulder buttons simultaneously.
  1. Type “testingcheats true” into the page that pops up when the cheat console is turned on and press Enter. (Note that this code enables other cheats to work. Hence, if you do not enter the code, no cheat will work.)
  2. Input the following cheats in the console:
  • ignoregameplayunlocksentitlement to unlock all environmental items that are object-based.
  • showhiddenobjects to enable the debug items in the build and buy items to show.
  • showliveeditobjects to unlock all environmental items that are building-based.
  1. Press Enter after inputting the above code.
  2. Proceed to your search bar at the bottom left section of your screen and search for debug. Then select one of the “**DEBUG**” options to enable you access the new environmental objects.
  3. To disable the Sims 4 debug cheat, enter “bb.showliveeditobjects false.”
  4. As soon as you unlock these objects, you will find several items, including cars, plants, flower pots, gateways, trees, gateways, plots, statues and many more.
  5. Use the Filter items option available in the bottom right section of your screen to filter out items for a specific pack.

Alternative Method

If you want to proceed directly to the debug section, head to the search bar and enter Debug. After which you can select any option of your choice to access the full catalog of environmental objects.

Thereafter, you’ll be presented with a full list of the environmental objects available on The Sims 4. Note that you can locate these environmental objects from any pack you want, however, you have to use pack filters.

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