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Hey there! Before we jump into the fun stuff, let’s do a quick check. Do you know which remote you have? We wouldn’t want you to play around with it, only to discover that you’ve been trying to follow the wrong steps. 😅

With DIRECTV, it’s usually one of two options:

  1. The Universal Remote.
  2. The Genie Remote.

Now, you have two cool ways to get them working:

  1. On-Screen Pairing: This is the easy-peasy way! But, here’s the thing – it might not always work for every device.
  2. Manual Pairing: This method is like the trusty old friend who’s always there for you. It works every single time!

So, which one is yours? Ready to dive in? Let’s go! 🚀

Follow These Steps for Universal Remote on Screen Pairing

Let’s try the simplest method first! Here’s how you can pair your Universal Remote on the screen:

  1. Push Some Buttons: Grab your remote and press the ‘Menu’ button.
  2. Dive into Settings: Look for ‘Settings and Help’. From there, click on ‘Remote Control’. After that, you’ll see ‘Program Remote’ – click on that too!
  3. Who’s Your Buddy?: Now, decide who you want your remote to be friends with. Is it your TV, DVD, or DVR? Pick one!
  4. Oops, Not on the List?: Sometimes your device might play hide and seek. If you don’t see it, no worries! Just head over to the ‘code lookup tool’. There, you’ll get a special 5-digit code just for your device.
  5. Almost There!: Just follow the steps that pop up on your screen. You got this!

Still Not Working? Manually Program Directv Remote

If the on-screen method didn’t work out, we’ve got another trick up our sleeves:

  1. Power On: Make sure your TV and receiver are on.
  2. Switch It Up: On your remote, you’ll see a ‘Mode switch’. Flip that to ‘TV’.
  3. Code Hunter: Visit the DIRECTV website. They have a list of 5-digit codes for TV brands. Find yours!
  4. Press and Wait: On your remote, press the ‘Select’ and ‘Mute’ buttons together. Hold tight until you see the remote flash a green light twice.
  5. Enter the Code: Punch in that 5-digit code you found.
  6. Test Drive: Point your remote at the TV and try to turn the volume up. Did it work? Great! If the volume went up, move to the next step. If nothing happened, try steps 3, 4, and 5 again with a different code from DIRECTV’s list.
  7. One More Time: Just like before, press and hold ‘Select’ and ‘Mute’ until the green light flashes twice.
  8. Final Code: On your remote’s keypad, type in 960. After that, you’ll see the green light again flashing twice.
  9. Switch Back: Move the ‘Mode switch’ back to ‘DIRECTV’.
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Programming the Genie Remote

Let’s get that Genie Remote up and running. You can pair it using the on-screen method, manually, or there’s a special way for those with a DIRECTV Ready TV. Let’s go step by step!

Steps for DIRECTV Genie Remote On-Screen Pairing

Let’s see how to do this:

  1. Light It Up: Point your Genie Remote to your Genie DVR or Genie Mini. Now, press and hold the ‘Enter’ and ‘Mute’ buttons. Wait till the remote flashes a green light twice. Your TV should now show a message that says ‘Applying IR/RF Setup’.
  2. Power Up: Turn on the device you want to pair with your remote.
  3. Menu Time: Press the ‘Menu’ button on your Genie remote.
  4. Find the Settings: First, click on ‘Settings and Help’. Next, hit ‘Settings’. After that, you’ll see ‘Remote Control’ – go ahead and click that. Finally, you’ll find ‘Program Remote’ – click on that too!
  5. Who’s Your Match?: Now, select the device you want to be buddies with your remote. Just follow the on-screen steps, and you’re good to go!

Still not working? Manually Program Genie Remote

Don’t worry if the on-screen steps didn’t work. We’ve got a backup plan:

  1. Green Flash: Just like before, point your Genie Remote to your Genie DVR or Mini. Press and hold the ‘Select’ and ‘Mute’ buttons. Wait for the green light to flash twice.
  2. Enter the Magic Code: On your remote’s keypad, type in the code 961.
  3. More Buttons: Now, press the ‘Channel Up’ button and then the ‘Enter’ button. Your TV should now show a message – ‘Your remote is now set up for RF’. Great job! Hit ‘OK’.
  4. Power On: Turn on the device you want your Genie Remote to control.
  5. Menu Again: Press the ‘Menu’ button on your Genie remote.
  6. Head to Settings: Go to ‘Settings and Help’ then ‘Settings’, then ‘Remote Control’, and lastly, ‘Program Remote’.
  7. Pair Up!: Just like before, pick the device you want your remote to control and follow the on-screen instructions.
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Have you heard about DIRECTV Ready TV? It’s super cool. It lets you watch DIRECTV without needing another receiver. So, if you have a Genie DVR, you won’t need to buy Genie Minis for every room. Instead, your TV’s built-in wireless receivers will do the job. Cool, right?

Let’s get it set up:

  1. First, Flash that Green Light: Point your remote at the Genie DVR. Now, press and hold both the ‘Enter’ and ‘Mute’ buttons until you see the remote flash green twice.
  2. Look at the TV: You should see a message that says ‘Applying IR/RF Setup’.
  3. Power Up: Time to turn on your DIRECTV Ready TV.
  4. Press Some More Buttons: Now, press the ‘Select’ and ‘Mute’ buttons together until the green light flashes twice again.
  5. Enter Your TV’s Special Code: Every DIRECTV Ready TV brand has its own special code. Check out the list below for some of them.

And voila! You’ve set up your DIRECTV remote for your DIRECTV Ready TV. Now, grab some snacks, and enjoy your favorite shows and movies using your super-fast AT&T internet. If you ever have questions, just ring up AT&T customer service at 855-925-2541. They’ll help you out!

DIRECTV Remote Codes

Sometimes, your DIRECTV remote might not connect. It might be because the code you entered was wrong. Don’t worry! Here are the magic numbers for some popular brands:

  • Samsung TV: 54000
  • LG TV: 11423
  • Toshiba TV: 54002
  • Sony TV: 54001

Don’t see your TV’s brand? No problem! Just visit the DIRECTV website. There, type in your TV’s brand and model. They’ll give you the right code. Easy peasy!

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How to Reset Your Directv Remote

So, you tried everything, but that pesky DIRECTV remote just isn’t behaving, right? Sometimes, a fresh start is all we need. Let’s reset that remote and get it working like brand new.

1. Using Your Receiver’s Front Panel to Reset

Let’s start with the simple steps:

  1. Press ‘Menu’: Hit that ‘Menu’ button to begin.
  2. Find ‘Settings’: Head over to ‘Settings and Help’ and click on it.
  3. More Settings: Now, choose ‘Settings’. There’s more? Yep! Click on ‘Remote Control’ next.
  4. Reset Time!: Spot the ‘Reset Remote’ option? Make sure it’s highlighted.

Now, either your remote will reset automatically, or you might need those DIRECTV remote codes. If you’re having trouble getting to the receiver’s front panel, no worries. We have another method up next.

2. Resetting to Factory Settings Without the Front Panel

You don’t need the front panel for this one:

  1. Two-Button Magic: Hold down both the ‘Mute’ and ‘Select’ buttons. Wait until the light on the remote flashes three times.
  2. Enter the Code: Now, punch in these numbers: 9, 8, 1. Then press ‘Select’. Your remote should flash four times. And that means it’s reset!

Connect Directv Remote Program With the Right Device

One of the coolest things? Your DIRECTV Universal remote can be the boss of up to four devices! Imagine controlling your TV, gaming console, Blu-ray DVD player, and DVR with just one remote. 🎮📺

To make sure your remote is controlling the right device:

  • Look for the ‘Mode Switch’: You’ll find it at the top of your remote.
  • Slide to Decide: Want to switch between devices? Just slide the switch to the device you want (like DIRECTV, TV, AV1, or AV2).

Remember, always make sure the ‘Mode switch’ is set to the device you want to use. That way, you’ll have no surprises.

Alright! That’s it! You’re all set. Enjoy your shows and movies without remote troubles! 🍿🎬🎉

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