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Your website’s appeal can say a lot about your company. A great design might help present your company’s credibility as you take the time to ensure that your page is in its best condition, allowing your visitors to navigate seamlessly. However, if your current website’s appearance isn’t in its best shape, it might be an excellent time for a redesign.

As you redesign your website, seal it off with a quality finish. This will help ensure that you effectively maximize and prioritize a good user experience, allowing people to stay on your website for as long as possible.

To help you achieve this, listed below are the top recommendations for a web redesign:

#1 Prioritize Your Site Speed Score

No matter how appealing your website is, people might choose to close it and scroll onto a different page if it loads relatively slowly. Ideally, your website should load completely after entering your link in the first two seconds. However, when people need to wait for longer than two seconds, they’ll tend to close your site, causing you to lose potential customers and sales.

As you redesign your website, constantly check the site speed score. The faster your website loads, the better it would be for both ends. Moreover, if you notice that your website is taking too long to load, you should consider reducing its file size and changing your hosting location to allow for a quick page reload.

#2 Maximize Graphics

When it comes to website building, the less text you could provide, the better it would be for your website visitors. Not everyone enjoys reading long paragraphs on your website so that they can gather information. For non-essential details, giving hints of information through graphics would certainly be helpful.

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For example, if you’re selling a product, instead of typing down every detail it features, you should only provide highlights that could be an added selling point to your product. You can choose to add more detailed information on the description box, which users can navigate as they scroll to the page.

While it might be tempting to be fully detailed about your website, a person might not be able to absorb it well. With the current website trends, more information is transmitted visually rather than through text. Moreover, most people process information faster in visuals rather than with text.

#3 Prioritize Mobile Experience

In the modern world today, most people are browsing a website through their mobile phones rather than on their computers, especially since the process is highly convenient. With the number of users browsing through mobile, you should ensure that your website’s optimized for mobile use.

Ideally, your website should be reconstructed according to the user’s device to access your page. You can use bootstrap, foundation, Bluma, or other languages that could help to transform your website to be mobile-friendly. Don’t worry, as there are plenty of sources online wherein you can learn web design and development.

#4 Be Consistent

Trying to be creative with every single page might be tempting, especially when there are plenty of excellent web design features you could add to your website. However, if you try to put every single new feature on your page, it might make your website look too wacky and inconsistent.

As you rebuild your website, you should be consistent with its appearance throughout the page. Your visitor should be able to determine that your website is the same through multiple pages. The last thing you’d want to happen is to lose visitors just because they think that they’re on a different website.

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For website consistency, have proper branding by using a fixed color scheme, font, and design. Moreover, the overall appearance of your website shouldn’t differ from one another.

#5 Keep Company Branding In Mind

If you’re redesigning your website for rebranding, you need to ensure that you keep the new company branding in mind. This will allow consistency and organization, especially when you can keep things together.

With the rebranding, you may need to update your color scheme and style. You can choose to go with a lighter or darker tone, along with going for a modern look. In addition to redesigning your business logo, your entire website should be consistent. For example, if your new branding aims to be professional-looking, it’s the best time to ditch colorful animations and go for a sleek and classic look.

#6 Study Your Audience

As you redesign your website, study first what most of your users do to your website and apply the changes accordingly. For example, if your website is selling products from multiple brands, you might want to consider adding an option wherein they could search a specific brand. Moreover, you could also add a feature wherein they could search per categories such as for clothing, accessories, and more.

When you provide your visitors with a good user experience, they’ll be most likely to revisit your website, providing you increased sales and profit. Just focus on what your customer needs and want without letting go of your branding and consistency.


Website redesigning isn’t as easy as it looks. There are plenty of factors that you need to reconsider. While you may have a specific vision of how you’d like your website to be, your customer’s experience should be your top priority. After all, they’re the ones who’d be visiting your website. Just ensure that you keep your website neat, consistent, and graphic-friendly.

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