5 Reasons Why You Needs Antivirus For Your Business

Cyber-attacks have become a more dangerous threat and are only second to data loss in damage. According to a statistic, almost 50% of small and medium-scale businesses suffer from data loss due to malware infection.

And still, surprisingly, few companies pay due attention to their cybersecurity. Businesses tend to believe that the in-built internet security software is enough to protect their business data from fraudulent cyber activity.

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Unfortunately, this is a misconception that most businesses have. The in-built internet security only provides the essential security which can be breached easily.

If you have been running your business with in-built internet security and have never encountered any malware attacks, it doesn’t mean your in-built security is reliable. – It simply means you have been lucky all this time.

Though modern operating systems features come with their online security tools, it is always good to have a reliable antivirus.

If your business has been running successfully without any antivirus protection, congratulations!

However, if you want to continue with the same performance, download the antivirus from pirate bay.

What Is Antivirus?

To understand antivirus, you first need to understand what Viruses are.

A computer virus follows the process of a flu virus spreading itself from host to host.

But from a more technical standpoint, a computer virus is a type of malicious code or program that affects the normal functioning of your computer system. Antiviruses detect these malicious programs.

An antivirus is a software designed to detect, deflect and remove malware from the device. This includes:

  • Protection from viruses.
  • Spyware.
  • Ransomware.
  • Phishing.
  • And other attempts to hack into the system.

Why Does Your Business Need Antivirus?

A business without any antivirus is just like a house with many doors. An open and unprotected door will only attract intruders. Similarly, an unprotected business will only invite viruses from the system.

Here we list five reasons why your business needs antivirus.

1. Protect Sensitive Data

The importance of securing your online data can hardly be overestimated. All the sensitive data like your personal information, bank details, and passwords must be out of the hacker’s reach.

Meanwhile, businesses must also be aware of the digital spy lurking in the network. You might lose millions of dollars worth of information if you are not careful enough.

2. Email Protection

Email is the most used form of medium to communicate with others. An email has become the entry point of most ransomware attacks.

Modern viruses are intelligent. They are designed as innocuous-looking text, images, and links. With one accidental click on the image or link, your computer will be full of viruses.

When you have an antivirus in your system, it automatically scams all the movement in the system. This also includes any incoming emails.

3. Server Protection

Today, most businesses are operating their business through servers. These servers are the backbone of the businesses helping with every business operation.

Hence, it would be best to have an antivirus that keeps your server safe and secure from external attacks.

4. Ease Of Use & Management

The advantage of having an administrator is that no matter how small or large your business is, it can easily control every business operation. Moreover, in most cases, the administrator can perform their roles without IT knowledge.

However, what if the admonitor’s system is affected? It will severely affect business efficiency and productivity. An antivirus can ensure your administrator system is protected from any hackers.

5. Ransomware Protection

Ransomware is one of the most insidious forms of malware attacks. It is difficult to detect and, once infected, almost impossible to cure. Once your device is affected by any ransomware attack, it freezes your system and restricts any internal activity.

Default in-built security is practically powerless in front of ransomware attacks. The only way to protect against the infection is to have an antivirus in your system.

Improved Online Security

Antiviruses are especially crucial for the eCommerce business that accepts payments and stores sensitive information online.

Antiviruses can monitor the business network and ensure everything runs smoothly. If an unknown element disrupts the network, it is immediately dealt with and notified.

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