Mobile Sports Betting: The Most Popular Gambling Platform

Sometimes back, betting was a preserve of a few, mostly those who could access the gambling points as well as people who owned or had access to computers. With technological advancement and more so mobile technology as well as its high adoption across the world, mobile betting is now a common thing around the world. Mobile sports betting has also been on the rise in recent years as bookmakers seek to expand their markets as well as meet the rising appetite.

Mobile sports betting means wagering for favorite sporting events and activities, using mobile devices. Mobile devices used in betting could be a smartphone, tablets, or any other portable device. This has been enabled by the development of platforms that can be accessed through mobile devices. Bookmakers including tippmix pro among others are available as mobile app sports betting platforms allowing bettors to have wider options in their quest to wager for their favorite teams.

Growth of mobile sports betting

The majority of the internet traffic is now coming from devices such as smartphones and tablets as well as other mobile devices. This is also true for mobile sports betting, to access the best mobile sports betting sites, bettors are using their phones and tablets giving them the convenience of wagering for their teams regardless of their location and time.

It is estimated that mobile betting is now at $ 80 billion, this is a figure that was released last year, a time when the world was going through a difficult patch as a result of a pandemic. Now that the situation has improved, when the 2021 figures will be released the $80 billion mark will have been surpassed by a significant margin.

It is estimated that mobile gambling will be growing by approximately eighteen percent in the next five years with 2027 figures moving close to $ 300 billion. This means that the best mobile sports betting sites in the market have to position themselves to capture a significant portion of this revenue.

With this growth bettors are spoilt for a choice, they only have to identify the best mobile app for sports betting and wager for their teams.

Options in sports betting on mobile

Sports betting on mobile will be different; this depends on the mobile app sports betting that is selected. For bettors in Hungary, Tippmix Pro may offer the experience that is desired depending on the available features. In other jurisdictions, Tippmix Pro may not be available given the restrictions that exist in different jurisdictions. This is because options in sports betting on mobile depend on several factors some of which may be beyond a bookmaker’s influence.

Apart from limitations based on location, a bettor also has to think about the operating system. Some of the best mobile apps for sports betting may not be available in your operating system, so in such a case you are limited on what you can access. Among the main betting options based on the operating system include:

  • Android mobile betting
  • iPhone sports betting

Android sports betting

With the number of mobile devices using Android OS having increased significantly, most mobile sports betting bookmakers have built their applications using this platform. It is estimated that Android phones in the market account for eighty percent of all the smartphones in the world.

With these figures, it is now clear why sportsbooks are offering android platforms. The ease of use, navigation, and great experience await users. Among the sportsbook that offer Android-based sports betting apps include: Betway, 888, MyBookie among others.

Apple betting apps

iPhone too has a significant market share and several sportsbooks have availed their mobile sports betting app using the operating system. Although it lags behind Google’s Android iPhone and Appstore offers users a great experience when wagering for their favorite teams.

Advantages and disadvantages of mobile apps sports betting

There are several pros and cons associated with mobile apps sports betting. When it comes to advantages, users are provided with conveniences allowing them to place their bids anywhere and at any time.

They only need to be at a place that is covered by the internet. Players are also offered a chance to enjoy mobile streaming; one only needs to log in to a bookmaker’s site which offers the services. The cost involved is also minimal when compared to other platforms, the fact that one can deposit and withdraw winnings through available mobile platforms means the cost of transactions is reduced.

Every coin has two sides so mobile sports betting also has some disadvantages. They include compromised user experience especially due to small screens. When compared to desktops and laptops mobile betting may be cumbersome due to small buttons and fonts, this may make navigation through the site a big challenge for some bettors. The fact that you will have the phone everywhere may lead to temptations.

One may find himself or herself betting excessively. It is advisable that if you have a problem with gambling to avoid mobile betting as it can be quite tempting. If you cannot control your betting habits, seeking help may also be a good option.

Mobile sports betting will only grow to an extent where it might be the only platform that people can wager for their favorite teams. We can take advantage of the convenience it provides to improve our betting experience but also be cautious enough to avoid falling into the trap of excessive gambling.

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