How to Choose a Laptop: 6 Major Criteria

Today, laptops have almost replaced PCs. These devices are great for working, watching movies, playing blackjack online for money, and editing photos. And these criteria will help you to find the best laptop for your tasks.

Screen Diagonal

The maximum diagonal is about 17 inches. The smallest laptops have 11-inch screens. The bigger the screen, the heavier the laptop tends to be.

Smaller devices are good that they are easy to take with you, they fit into any bag or backpack. The disadvantage is that the screen is difficult to see the details. Even if you do not need high power, you will have to strain your eyesight.

Large laptops do not always fit into bags. Such models are less popular, and more often they are gaming devices that spend more time on the table.


How powerful the computer is, you can understand by its characteristics. Mainly the processor is responsible for this. In his properties you need to look at the series and frequency.

The Intel Core i3 or AMD Pro A-Series processor is suitable for low workloads. It can cope with the creation of presentations, texts and even simple videos. Social networking and web surfing will not be a problem either. But this processor will not pull the “demanding” games.

The Core i5-i7 or AMD Ryzen 5-7 processor is suitable if you work with graphics and music. Besides, it can cope with the games.

The best and most expensive option is the Core i9 or Ryzen 9 processor. It is worth choosing, if you plan to render graphics or use maximum processing power to create programs and apps.

Most often, laptops are sold with processor variants by Microsoft and AMD. There is little difference between them, but AMD-powered devices are less common in Russia.


The amount of RAM in any laptop is an essential indicator. It is worth choosing a variant depending on what tasks you plan to perform.

Standard modern parameters are from 8 to 32 GB of RAM.

A small amount of RAM will be enough only for simple tasks: even programs for video editing or Photoshop may hang, if the laptop only has 8 GB of memory.

If you need to paint, pay attention to models with 16 GB or more. The same goes for those who make music.

For the most complex tasks (graphics, 3D or video editing), you’ll need 32 GB or more.

The Drive

On modern laptops, the SSD drive is most often used, because it is faster than the HDD, which means that it loads programs and opens files more quickly.

Text files do not require much space. If you plan to create them, 128 GB or 256 GB of memory will be enough.

Graphics requires a lot more space: even if you buy a notebook with 512 GB or 1 TB of storage, you will most likely need to buy an external hard drive. There aren’t many alternatives in this regard, and it’s safer to store your pictures and photos on a third-party drive.

The best option for other tasks is exactly 512 GB. This amount of memory is enough to store data and programs. And the cost of the laptop is within reasonable limits.


Laptops never last exactly as long as the description says. Their battery life depends directly on how actively you use the device. Video and running “demanding” programs drains your laptop much faster than opening text files or surfing the web. The optimal battery life ranges between 5-6 hours with an average load.

If you only use text files, for taking notes or writing a thesis, the notebook can work for a maximum of this time, usually up to 9 hours.

Extra Features

Pay attention to the number of ports: the more compact laptops have few, usually 2 USB ports and an audio input for headphones. If you are looking for a device to which you can connect a mouse and a tablet, always look for the appropriate connectors. These will usually be large models of devices.

When working with video, headphones are most often used, so speakers are rarely checked. But if you plan to watch movies in your spare time, be sure to choose a laptop with powerful and loud speakers, otherwise you will have to connect external or portable devices.

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