Keeping Your Maintenance Team Cool & Collected This Summer

When it comes to servicing equipment, all seasons have their advantages. The cool winter and fall periods can be less physically demanding, but they can get uncomfortable during freezing temperatures.

The summer sees warmer temperatures but also increased levels of exertion and exhaustion. Keeping your team cool helps maintain productivity and raise morale. Step up and help your team cool down a bit to keep them motivated and make all their tasks a breeze.

Invest in Air Conditioning or Fans

An excellent way to keep your technicians cool during hot months is with either air conditioning or fans. Air conditioning is a practical method for managing hot temperatures in smaller spaces, whereas large industrial-quality fans may better suit larger factories or warehouses. Invest in air conditioning units or fans that will cover your job site appropriately. Let some cold air circulate to relax your team and help them focus on their jobs.

However, outdoor job sites where AC units or fans cannot be installed can be tricky. For such areas, heat is a much more draining influence on workers. Remind your team of some critical points that will help them stay cool, like proper hydration and a restrained caffeine intake.

Clothing also highly affects the body. Provide workers with suitable clothing or allow staff to wear comfortable yet safe gear to maintain healthy body temperatures. It also helps to have a stock of sunscreen they can apply before entering the workplace.

Keep Water Accessible

This tip may seem obvious. However, some workplaces lack frequent water breaks and hydration stations. Clean, cool, and safe drinking water is necessary to help your team stay refreshed, calm, and focused. Keep a few fridges stocked with water bottles throughout the building, and make sure you have adequate water fountains installed.

Water can also be used in various other ways to alleviate heat and stay cool while working. Especially for personnel working in the field or offsite, it is best to have cold water in spray bottles or cooling wipes ready for quick remedies for areas directly exposed to the heat. Cold water bottles or wipes can also be used to cool down pulse points when an extreme heatwave hits.

For industrial workplaces, it is also necessary to cool down worn safety hats. Have workers remove them from time to time and splash some cold water on them. Place water supplies strategically where they are safe from the sun’s rays but where people can also reach them easily.

Implement Work Breaks

Work breaks are essential throughout the year. However, it’s not uncommon for people to skip their lunch breaks or work throughout the day without quick 15 minute reprieves. Make sure your team understands their break times ahead of time.

Daily tasks can be overwhelming, and some workers prefer to finish their duties in one go to make the most of their momentum. However, in a season where the temperature abruptly rises, the heat can aggravate fatigue into something more serious, like heat exhaustion and heatstroke. Remind them to schedule regular breaks to cool down and check on themselves or check on their colleagues. It is essential to let your whole team know the signs of heat-related illnesses and what to do when they occur.

Manage and Delegate Tasks Efficiently

To help workers manage and use their breaks, you should also make it a point to schedule workloads efficiently. This strategy gives them time to cool down while not being stressed out by the workload. Heat can increase blood pressure, and so does a taxing workspace. Strategically plan, execute, and manage your team’s tasks to keep everyone more relaxed.

You can even implement work order software to schedule technicians and ensure healthy and safe workload distribution effectively. Through this, you can delegate tasks and let everyone have fair scheduled breaks that they can take.

Don’t Let the Heat Get to Your Team

Although the summer heat brings various challenges, proper preparation can improve work conditions and keep your team happy. Consider providing them with weather-appropriate gear, equipment, and supplies. Be sure to ask your team for input before the next supply order.

A proper supply of cold water and enough time to break and breathe may seem like mandatory workplace requirements. However, it can go a long way for your team’s health, performance, motivation, and overall productivity. Help them keep their body temperature and their minds cool and calm even under the summer sun for better outcomes.

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