Easy Guide To Install Schism TV Build On Kodi 17 Krypton

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Hey there! So, you’re interested in making your TV time even more fun and stylish? Great! Let’s talk about the Schism TV Build. Trust me, it’s super cool!

What’s So Cool About Schism TV Build?

Schism TV Build comes from the awesome folks at SchisM. Think of them as the fashion designers of the TV world. They’ve given us some super stylish designs for Krypton Skins, and the best part? With the All In One Schism TV build, you get to pick your favorite style! 😍

Plus, it’s got all these amazing features and Addons that work perfectly with Kodi 17. So, if you’ve been wanting to jazz up your Kodi 17, Schism TV Build is a top choice. And hey, if you wanna know what’s new with them, follow SchisM on Facebook!

A Quick Tip Before We Start: 🚫🕵

When streaming shows or movies on Kodi, it’s a good idea to use a VPN. Think of it as your invisibility cloak. It hides what you’re doing online, keeps nosy people away, and even lets you watch stuff that might be blocked where you live. We love IPVanish VPN! Wanna try it? Sign Up For IPVanish VPN Here. Curious about why VPNs are a good idea with Kodi? Click Here for the deets.

Wait! Before Installing Anything…

Clean up your Kodi! Clear the data on it before adding new things.

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Alright, Let’s Get Installing! 🛠️

  1. Starting Out
    • Open up Kodi and head to Addons.
    • Find that little Settings Icon at the top left? Click it!
  2. Enable Some Settings
    • Tap on Addons, then Unknown Sources. (This lets you add the fun stuff!)
    • A window will pop up, kinda like “Are you sure?” Click Yes.
  3. Back to Home Sweet Home
    • Press that return button (or the back arrow) to get back to Kodi’s main screen.
  4. Adding the Source
    • Click the Settings Icon again.
    • Head over to File Manager.
    • Now, tap on Add Source.
    • A keyboard will show up! Type in this web address: http://dimitrology.com/repo
    • Name this new source “dimi” and hit OK.
  5. Time to Install
    • Back to the main screen! Head to Addons.
    • See that Addon Browser Icon? Click it.
    • Choose Install From Zip File and select dimi.
    • Find and click on plugin.video.dimitv.zip and wait for a notification that says it’s enabled.
  6. Finishing Up
    • Go back to the main screen and choose Addons > Program Addons.
    • Tap on Dimitrology TV > Install/Updates.
    • It’ll ask for a code. Grab it from here: http://dimitrology.com/getcode
    • Back in Kodi, under Dimitrology TV, tap Settings.
    • Choose General, enter the code you got, and tap OK.
    • Click on Install/Updates.
    • Select Schism TV All IN One Krypton ED, then click on Full to start the installation.
  7. Last Few Steps! 🏁
    • Once it’s done installing, exit Kodi.
    • Restart your device (like unplugging and replugging it in).
    • Open Kodi and wait a bit (10-15 mins) for things to update.

Wrapping It Up: Dive into Entertainment Like Never Before! 🎬🍿

So, there you have it! A step-by-step guide to leveling up your TV game with Schism TV Build. With a splash of style and a whole lot of features, your entertainment nights just got a major upgrade. Remember, always keep things safe with a VPN when streaming. Now, grab some snacks, settle into your couch, and dive into a world of endless entertainment with your revamped Kodi. Enjoy, and happy watching! 📺✨🎉

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