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So, you know how we all love watching movies and TV shows, right? Well, there’s this super cool way to watch them on something called Kodi, using an add-on called Streaming All The Sources, or SALTS for short! It’s really neat and lets us see all our favorite stuff in HD! 🌟

SALTS Vs. Exodus

Now, there’s another popular add-on called Exodus that people use a lot. SALTS and Exodus are like competitors, but many people think SALTS is even cooler! It’s kind of like having a magic box that lets you watch all the fun and exciting movies and shows with your family. Imagine having lots of laughter and enjoyment right in your living room! 🎥

Enjoying High-Quality Videos!

Not all add-ons are great, but SALTS is! It lets us watch stuff in super clear HD, which means the pictures are really, really sharp and clear! It’s like being at the movies but in your own home! And guess what? With SALTS, you hardly ever find broken links that stop you from watching your favorite shows or movies. This means less time worrying about fixing stuff and more time enjoying!

Why is SALTS Awesome?

So, why do people love SALTS so much? Because it offers so much fun and entertainment for everyone! It’s like a big treasure box of your favorite movies and TV shows, and you can watch them anytime you want. Whether it’s a lazy Sunday afternoon or a quiet evening after school, SALTS makes it super easy to relax and watch something cool.

Setting Up SALTS on Kodi Krypton – A Fun Guide!

Do you want to have SALTS on your Kodi Krypton and dive into a world full of movies and TV shows? Well, you’re in luck! Follow this super easy and fun guide to get it all set up! 🌈

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Step 1: Starting with Kodi Krypton

First off, open up Kodi Krypton on your system. There’s a gear icon at the top – it’s also called the Settings icon. Click on it! This is where we start our journey to movie magic! 🎬

 Step 2: Going to File Manager

Next, we need to go to the File Manager option. It’s like a magic door to add more fun stuff to Kodi! Scroll down a bit and double click on Add Source, it’s on the left side of your screen.

Step 3: Adding the Source

A box will pop up! Click where it says ‘None’. Now, it’s going to ask you to type a Repository URL. Type in http://kdil.co/repo/ and then click OK. Below that, it asks for the name of the Repository or media source. Type in Kodil, and click OK to close the box. It’s like telling Kodi where to find SALTS! 📍

Step 4: Back to Kodi Home

Now, press the ‘Backspace’ key on your keyboard a few times to go back to the Kodi Home. Here, click on Add-ons and then select the Package Installer icon. It’s like picking up a package of movie goodness! 📦

 Step 5: Installing from Zip File

You’ll see a few options. Click on Install from Zip File. A box will pop up, find and click on Kodil, then kodil.zip. Now, we need to wait a few minutes for the installation to take place. It’s like baking a cake, it needs a little time! ⏰

Step 6: Installing SALTS from Repository

Once it’s done, go to Install from Repository. Scroll down the list and click on Kodil. Now, select Video Add-ons and then find SALTS and click Install. It’s like adding the final touch to our movie masterpiece! 🖼️

 Step 7: Enjoying SALTS!

To see all the cool stuff in this add-on, go back to Kodi Home. Select Add-ons, then Video Add-ons, and finally, SALTS! Now you can explore and enjoy all the movies you want!

Getting SALTS on Kodi Jarvis – Easy and Fun!

Ready to bring a whole load of movies and TV shows to your Kodi Jarvis? Well, strap in, because I’m here to guide you on how to get SALTS and dive into the world of entertainment! 🍿

Step 1: Opening Kodi Jarvis

Start by opening your Kodi software. You’ll see a list of menus right in front of you, placed horizontally on your screen. Click on the System menu; it’s like the brain of Kodi, controlling all the parts!

 Step 2: Finding File Manager

Next up, click on File Manager. It’s where Kodi keeps all its files and folders. Then, double click Add Source. We’re paving the way to a treasure trove of movies and shows!

 Step 3: Adding the Source

Once the box appears on your screen, click on the ‘None’ option. Now, you’ll need to type the Kodil Repository URL: kodivpn.co/repo/kodil.zip and click Done. Now, type in the media source name ‘Kodil’ and click Done. To close the box, click OK. It’s like giving Kodi a map to find SALTS!

Step 4: Back to the Main Menu

Now, let’s go back to the Kodi Main Menu to continue our adventure. Then, click on Add-ons and find the Box-icon. Click on it, then choose the Install from Zip File option. We’re almost there!

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 Step 5: Installing from Kodil

Scroll down and click on Kodil. Then, click on kodil.zip. Next, click on Install from Repository, and choose Kodil Repository. We’re getting closer to the treasure!

Step 6: Installing SALTS!

Now, click on Video Add-ons. Can you see SALTS? Click on it and then click Install. It’s like adding the cherry on top of a sundae!

 Step 7: Time to Enjoy!

There you go! Now, SALTS is all yours! You can explore and enjoy all the cool movies and TV shows you like!

Setting Up SALTS on Kodi Fire Stick – Let’s Make It Fun!

Are you ready to turn your Fire Stick into a cinema? Let me guide you through getting SALTS on Kodi Fire Stick. It’s gonna be a fun and easy ride to a world full of movies and TV shows! 🎬

 Step 1: Start with Fire Stick Settings

Start by turning on your Fire Stick. Head over to Settings and then click on Developer Option. Here, you gotta Turn ON Apps from Unknown Sources and ADB Debugging. It’s like opening up the gates to movie land! 🏰

 Step 2: A Warning Box

A warning box will pop up; don’t worry! Select OK. It’s just letting us know we’re stepping into the unknown, but we’re on a movie adventure, so it’s cool!

Step 3: Search for Kodi

Get back to the Fire Stick Home and select the Search option. Type ‘Kodi’ and click on it. It’s like searching for the secret door to entertainment world!

Step 4: Open Kodi and Install SALTS

Once you open Kodi, follow the same steps I mentioned for Kodi Krypton and Kodi Jarvis. They’re your roadmap to getting SALTS and starting your movie journey!

 Installing SALTS on Kodi Boxes – A Simple Guide!

Be Careful with Fully Loaded Boxes!

A quick heads-up! Some Kodi boxes that are fully loaded are illegal in many places, and they already have SALTS. If you have one of those, you’re all set! But if your Kodi box isn’t fully loaded, no worries! Just follow along!

 For Android Kodi Boxes:

If your box is an Android Kodi box, finding Kodi is a breeze! It’s in the Google Play Store. Install it directly from there. It’s like picking up the key to the entertainment kingdom!

 Follow Steps for Krypton or Jarvis:

Once it’s installed, the steps to get SALTS are the same as for Kodi Krypton or Jarvis. Just follow those, and you’ll have SALTS in no time! The steps are your treasure map; follow them, and you’ll find your movie treasure!

SALTS and Exodus – A Tale of Two Add-ons

Let’s talk about SALTS and Exodus, two cool add-ons that popped up when Kodi hit the scene. They both let us watch all sorts of cool movies and TV shows, but they’ve had different adventures since they started. 🎬

Entering the Scene

When Kodi became a thing, SALTS and Exodus entered the scene, one after the other. Exodus quickly became a superstar! 🌟 It got sooo popular and was in the spotlight in no time. SALTS also got a lot of fans and became a famous add-on. It was like Exodus’s twin!

The Battle of Popularity

Even though SALTS was super cool, people always considered it as an equal to Exodus, not really its superior. It’s like having two awesome superhero movies, but everyone has their favorite! 🦸

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 Facing the Music

Here’s where the drama begins! Law enforcement started cracking down on third-party Kodi add-ons. It’s like the movie police wanted to shut down the show! 🚔 SALTS cracked under the pressure pretty quickly, but not Exodus! Exodus was strong and held its ground like a superhero! 💪

The Test of Time

Over the years, Exodus has stood tall. It faced many challenges and tough times but never gave up. That’s the big difference between these two add-ons. Exodus is like the hero that faces all the hardships but keeps on fighting!

SOLVING SALTS Problems on Kodi – Let’s Keep the Fun Rolling! 🌟

So, SALTS has been giving us a rollercoaster ride, hasn’t it? Ever since the law folks started looking into third-party add-ons, it’s been a little tricky to keep the movie magic alive. But, no worries! Let’s tackle some common problems together and keep the fun rolling! 🍿

The Rocky Road of SALTS

After the law enforcement crackdown, SALTS has had a bunch of hiccups. There were rules about showing copyrighted stuff, which led to a lot of our favorite add-ons saying goodbye. SALTS has had its share of problems, and I’m here to help you solve them! 🕵️

Issue: Failed to Install a Dependency

Sometimes, when you’re trying to get the add-on installed, you might see ‘Failed to Install a Dependency Error.’ It’s like trying to start a movie but missing the remote! This could happen for a few reasons, like if the repository isn’t working or if it’s getting updated.


Don’t fret! If the repository is the troublemaker, you can use the Kodil repository, just like we talked about in this guide. If it’s because of an update, just be a little patient, wait for around an hour, and try installing again! Patience is key! 🗝️

Issue: No Sources Found

It’s frustrating when you’re all set to watch a movie, and then you get hit with ‘No Sources Found’ error. It’s like getting to the climax and then the movie stops! This usually means the stream isn’t available anymore.


Before you dive into streaming, clear all the cache! It’s like making your room tidy before the movie night. Learn more about clearing cache on Kodi.

Chatting about SALTS – Kodi Forum and Reddit

Since SALTS is a third-party add-on and it’s not legal everywhere, there aren’t any official forums. But hey, you can join the conversation on Reddit and share your thoughts and solutions with other SALTS buddies! 🗣️

Exploring the SALTS Library – A World of Entertainment! 🌍

SALTS opens up a treasure trove of entertainment! Here’s a sneak peek at what you can find in the SALTS Kodi library:

  • Movies 🎬
  • TV Shows 📺

Wrapping Up: Dive into the World of SALTS! 🎥

SALTS Kodi add-on is our gateway to endless entertainment! It brings us HD content, making our movie nights even more awesome. We’ve walked through how to install SALTS on Kodi, solved some common issues, and explored its library. Now, it’s time to get comfy, dive in, and enjoy the fantastic movies and TV shows in HD! 🍿 Enjoy the show, friends! 🌟

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