How to Install NJM Soccer Addon on Kodi: A Step-by-Step Guide

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We are going to walk through an easy, step-by-step guide on how to install the NJM Soccer Add-on for Kodi, whether you’re using version 17 Krypton or 18 Leia. Let’s dive right in!

1. Start by Getting Kodi

First, you’ll need to have Kodi on your device. If you don’t have Kodi 18 Leia yet, go ahead and download it.

2. Setting Up Your Device

Once Kodi is on your device, here’s what to do next:

  • Go to the Home Screen and find a section called “Add-ons”.
  • Inside “Add-ons”, find and click a little gear icon, which is the “Settings button”.
  • In there, make sure to turn on “Enable Unknown Sources”. This step is super important because it allows you to get the NJM Soccer add-on from the internet.

3. Download the Necessary File

Now you need to download a ZIP file. It’s like a box that contains the NJM Soccer add-on. Save this ZIP file in a place on your device where you can easily find it, like an SD card.

4. Installing the Add-On

Now, let’s get that add-on installed!

  • Head back to the Home Screen.
  • Go into “Add-Ons” again and this time, click “Add-on Browser”.
  • Click “Install from zip file” and find that ZIP you saved earlier. Select it!
  • Now, wait patiently for a little notification that says “Add-on enabled”. This means we are making progress!
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5. Add the Source

  • Return to the Home Screen once more.
  • Click the “Settings button” and then “File Manager”.
  • Here, click “Add Source” and enter the necessary information in the top and bottom boxes. Once you do, click “OK”.

6. More Installing Steps

  • Go back to the Home Screen and into “Add-Ons” and “Add-on Browser” again.
  • Click “Install from zip file” again, then select the necessary files.
  • Wait for another “Add-on enabled” notification.
  • Now, click “Install from repository”, find and click “Install”, and wait for—you guessed it—another notification.

7. Final Steps

  • Once again, click “Install from repository”.
  • Navigate through the options until you find “Video/Music/Program add-ons”.
  • Here’s the home stretch: Find “NJM Soccer”, click it, and then click “Install”.
  • Now wait for one last “Add-on enabled” notification.

All Done!

There you go! Congratulations! Your NJM Soccer Add-on should now be installed and ready for use on Kodi.

Keeping Your NJM Soccer Add-On Updated and Working Smoothly

It’s important to keep in mind that Kodi add-ons, like the NJM Soccer one, are always changing and updating. You need to make sure you have the latest version for it to work right. So, if your NJM Soccer Add-on stops working, don’t worry! Here’s what you can do.

When Something Goes Wrong: Uninstall and Reinstall

If your NJM Soccer add-on isn’t working, you might need to uninstall it. And if it has an official repository (a place where it’s stored), uninstall that too. Here’s how:

  • Go to “Settings” and then “Add-ons”.
  • Choose “Install from repository”.
  • Now, you can uninstall the add-on and the repository.
  • After doing that, go back and follow the installation steps I showed you earlier. That might fix the problem!
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Do you have a Real-Debrid subscription? If yes, you’re in luck! Many Kodi add-ons, including NJM Soccer, work really well with Real-Debrid for premium links. If you are a subscriber, don’t forget to put your account information into your Kodi settings.

Customizing with TMDB API and Trakt Accounts

Some add-ons let you use your own free TMDB API account information in the add-on settings for even more customization. Plus, some support free Trakt accounts, which you can also add to the settings. With a Trakt account, you can add scene releases and more to your collections, either through the Kodiapps Mobile App or on their website.

Important Reminder: Kodi Doesn’t Support Third-Party Add-Ons

Lastly, it’s crucial to remember that the Kodi/XBMC foundation does not support third-party add-ons, which includes the NJM Soccer Add-on. That means if you need help, it’s better not to ask your questions on the official Kodi forum. They won’t be able to assist with issues related to third-party add-ons.


And that’s all you need to know to keep your NJM Soccer Add-on running smoothly! Remember to keep it updated and don’t hesitate to uninstall and reinstall if things aren’t working right. Enjoy your viewing!

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