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If you’re like me, and you can’t get enough of sports, then oh boy, do I have something cool to share with you! There’s this addon, and if you love watching sports, it’s gonna be your new best friend!

You see, there’s this community of people who use Kodi, and they’ve been waiting for a really long time for something called Money Sports to get a makeover. And guess what? It’s back! It’s like it’s been rebuilt from the ground up, brand new and shiny!

What’s MoneySports Addon? 🤔

So, this MoneySports Addon thingamajig is super awesome because it brings us sports lovers all kinds of fun stuff! We can watch sports live, check out PPV links, watch F1 replays, WWE, and a bunch of other live TV links. It’s like a treasure trove for us sports enthusiasts!

Sections to Explore 🌐

Within the MoneySports Addon, there are different sections that you can explore and have fun with:

  1. Live Sports Links This is where you can find links to watch all kinds of sports live! It’s like having a front-row seat to all the action!
  2. Sports News Want to stay updated on all the latest sports news? This section has got you covered with all the juicy details and updates.
  3. Greatest Sports Moments If you love reliving the most amazing moments in sports, this section is for you. It’s like a walk down memory lane, but with all the best sports highlights!
  4. Moto-GP Replays If you’re into motorbike racing, then zoom over to this section to catch all the thrilling Moto-GP replays.
  5. Major Event Replays Missed a big game or match? No worries! Head over here to watch replays of all the major sports events.
  6. F1 Replays 2016 Are you a Formula 1 fan? If so, this section has loads of F1 replays from 2016 for you to enjoy!
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Keeping Things Private with a VPN 🛡️

Before we jump into all the fun sports stuff, let’s chat about streaming content on Kodi addons. If you decide to stream, we strongly recommend using a VPN. Why, you ask? Well, a VPN will keep all your online activities private. It’s like a secret cloak that hides what you’re doing online from ISPs who like to spy, and it lets you access content and addons that might be blocked in your area.

Installing MoneySports Kodi Addon 🛠️

Alright, ready to install the MoneySports Addon on Kodi? Follow these steps, and you’ll be watching all your favorite sports in no time!

Step 1: Starting Up 🚀

  • Turn on your box and open Kodi.

Step 2: Going to System 🖱️

  • Once you’re in Kodi, select ‘System’ from the main screen, and then click on ‘File Manager’.

Step 3: Adding a Source 🌐

  • Click on ‘Add Source’.

Step 4: Entering Web Address 🖥️

  • A keyboard will pop up on the screen when you click on ‘None’ (Text box). Type in this web address: http://rmkodi.uk/repo/Addons and hit ‘Done’.

Step 5: Naming the Source 🏷️

  • Next, click on the text box underneath where it says, “Enter a name for this media Source”, type ‘rmkodi’ and click ‘OK’.

Step 6: Back to Main Screen 🏠

  • Press the return button (Back arrow) to go back to the main screen of Kodi.

Step 7: Going to Addons 🧩

  • Click on ‘SYSTEM’, then click on ‘Addons’.

Step 8: Installing from Zip File 🗂️

  • Click on ‘Install from zip file’.
  • Choose ‘rmkodi’.
  • Select ‘NewMoney Sports.zip’.
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Step 9: Waiting…⏳

  • Now, we wait for the ‘Addon enabled’ notification.

Step 10: Enjoying MoneySports Addon 🎉

  • Woo-hoo! The MoneySports Addon is now installed! To open it, go to ‘VIDEOS’ from the main screen of Kodi, then ‘Addons’, and there you’ll find ‘MoneySports’.

Wrapping Up 🌟

And there you go! Now you have all the cool sports content right at your fingertips! Remember to use a VPN to keep things private and safe, and enjoy all the awesome sports moments with MoneySports Addon! Keep cheering and enjoy!

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