6 Insider Secrets on How to Get More Likes and Followers on TikTok

TikTok has over 689 million monthly users; that’s a lot of potential likes and followers.

But the quality of content creation on TikTok is sky high – it’s almost as if we were all stuck at home with nothing better to do during 2020! So if you’re looking at how to get more likes and followers on TikTok, you need to stand out from the crowd.

If you want to make it as a TikTok star, 6 insider secrets will guarantee you extra likes and follows. If you play your cards right, you could be invited to the notorious TikTok creator fund before you know it.

Read on for 6 tips that have come right from the top.

Present a New Angle 

People only want to follow exciting creators; you need to find a new, innovative angle. Whether it’s humorous, educational, or controversial, finding your USP (unique selling point) is critical if you’re wondering how to get more likes on TikTok.

Use Existing Sounds and Challenges

If you find a trending sound or challenge you like, what do you do next? You check out other creators that have done copied the trend. You can use this to your advantage. One of the ultimate tips on how to get more TikTok followers is to hop on the back of existing trends.

Duet and Stitch

If you want to get noticed, use the duet and stitch features to piggyback off more famous creators, putting yourself at the same level. All it takes is for one creator to notice you, and you’ll have your viral video.

High Production Value 

One of the best sure-fire ways to get more likes on TikTok is making your videos great to watch. Having high production value (in focus, good audio, good lighting, rehearsed, slick) will encourage users to stay engaged with your content and interact with it.

Create Some Mystery 

The TikTok algorithm loves it when someone re-watches your content. Leave some mystery, unanswered questions, or clips that disappear after one second; this way, viewers will re-watch your videos to try and find answers. If they leave comments or questions, you can address them in a follow-up video.

Buy Followers

How many times have you scrolled past a video because it has 0 likes? We automatically assume something isn’t worth watching if no one else has already validated it for us.

If you need an initial credibility boost, buying TikTok followers is a great way to get started. Once you have a few followers, it’ll be far easier to grow your account and overall TikTok follower count. You can buy TikTok followers easily online.

That’s How to Get More Likes and Followers on TikTok

Now you know how to get more likes and followers on TikTok, what angle will you take for your next video?

By using these 6 fail-safe insider secrets, you can be well on your way to being TikTok famous – extra likes and followers guaranteed.

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