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Hey there! So, you’ve got an LG Smart TV and you’re not a big fan of the Voice Guide feature anymore, right? Maybe you used to like it but now it’s just a bit too much. Or maybe your brand-new LG TV came with it turned on and you just want to switch it off. Don’t worry, I’ve got you covered with some easy steps to turn off that talkative feature!

The Voice Guide feature on LG TVs is pretty cool. It talks to you, helping you navigate and understand what’s happening on your TV. But let’s be honest, after a while, it can get a bit annoying, especially if you’re binge-watching your favorite show.

If you’re ready to turn off the Voice Guide, or as some LG TVs call it, the “Audio Description” or “Audio Guidance,” just follow these simple steps. It’s super easy, and you’ll have a quieter TV experience in no time.

  1. Head to the Settings: This is where the magic happens. You’ll find all the controls you need here.
  2. Look for the Voice Guide Option: Remember, it might be called “Audio Description” or “Audio Guidance” on your TV.
  3. Turn it Off: Once you find it, just switch it off. And voilà! You’re done.

When you turn off the Audio Guidance, you’ll notice a change right away. Instead of a voice talking to you, you’ll see a cursor moving on your TV screen. It’s a more traditional way to navigate, and many people prefer it.

That’s all there is to it! Now you can enjoy your LG Smart TV without any extra chatter. If you change your mind later, just follow these steps again to turn the Voice Guide back on. Enjoy your TV time!

How to Turn Off Voice Guide on LG TV [2021 & above]

Are you trying to make your LG Smart TV a bit quieter? If your TV is running on WebOS 6.0 or newer, turning off that chatty Voice Guide is a breeze. Let’s dive into how you can do this in a few simple steps.

Step-by-Step Guide to Silence Your LG TV

  1. Start Your LG TV: Grab your remote and power on your TV.
  2. Access the Settings: Press the ‘Settings’ button on your remote, and then select ‘All Settings’ from the menu.
  3. Head to ‘General’: In the Settings menu, navigate to the ‘General’ section. This is where you’ll find most of the important settings for your TV.
  4. Find ‘Accessibility’: Click on ‘Accessibility’ from the list of options you see. This is where LG keeps all the features that help make the TV easier to use for everyone.
  5. Select ‘Audio Guidance’: In the Accessibility menu, you’ll find an option called ‘Audio Guidance. This is the feature that’s been talking to you.
  6. Turn It Off: Once you’re in the Audio Guidance settings, look for an option to enable or disable it. Simply choose ‘OFF’ to stop the voice guidance.
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How to Turn Off Voice Guide on LG TV [2020 & Earlier]

Got an older LG Smart TV and want to turn off that Voice Guide? If your TV is running on webOS 5.0 or an earlier version, here’s a simple guide to help you do just that. Let’s get started!

Easy Steps to Quiet Your LG TV

  1. Hit the Settings Button: First things first, grab your remote and press the ‘Settings’ button.
  2. Look at the Screen Options: You’ll see some options pop up on the side of your TV screen.
  3. Go to ‘All Settings’: From those options, click on ‘All Settings’. This is your gateway to all the nifty adjustments you can make on your TV.
  4. Navigate to ‘Accessibility’: In the menu, find and select ‘Accessibility’. This is where LG groups features designed to make the TV more user-friendly for everyone.
  5. Find ‘Audio Guidance’: Once you’re in the Accessibility settings, look for ‘Audio Guidance’. In some LG TV models, this might be listed as ‘Audio Description’.
  6. Turn It Off: Click on it and choose to turn off the feature.

What Happens After?

Once you turn off the Audio Guidance or Audio Description, your LG Smart TV will stop giving you voiceovers. This means no more spoken descriptions of what’s on the screen or voice-assisted navigation. Just you and your TV, without any extra chatter.

How to Turn Off Voiceover on LG Smart TV Using Mic Button

Using the Mic Button for Quick Control

If you’re all about quick and easy solutions and have one of the newer LG Smart TVs, you’ll love this method. You can simply use a voice command to turn off the Voice Guide. Here’s how:

  1. Grab Your Remote: Your LG TV remote is your key to control.
  2. Use the Mic Button: Locate the Mic button on your remote. It’s your gateway to voice commands.
  3. Give the Command: Press the Mic button and clearly say, “TURN OFF AUDIO GUIDANCE.”
  4. Release and Relax: Let go of the Mic button. The TV will process your command and disable the Voice Guide.
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Voice Guide vs. Voice Assistant

Two Features with Different Purposes

It’s important to know that Voice Guide and Voice Assistant are not the same things. They have different purposes:

  • Voice Guide: This is designed for people who have visual impairments. It helps by reading out what’s on the screen, making it easier to navigate the TV’s interface without having to see it.
  • Voice Assistant: Think of this as your personal helper. You can use voice commands to ask it to perform various tasks, like changing channels, searching for shows, or adjusting settings. It’s interactive and responds to your commands.

Wrapping Up

And there you have it! We’ve explored the ins and outs of managing the Voice Guide and Voice Assistant features on your LG Smart TV. Whether you’re looking to simplify your viewing experience by turning off the Voice Guide, or you want to make the most of your TV’s capabilities with the Voice Assistant, these tips should have you covered.

Remember, technology is all about making life easier and more enjoyable. With these simple steps, you can customize your LG TV to suit your preferences, whether that means enjoying a quieter viewing experience or harnessing the power of voice commands for effortless control.

So, grab your remote, explore these features, and tailor your LG Smart TV experience to be just the way you like it. Happy viewing!

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I turn off the Voice Guide on my LG Smart TV?

To turn off the Voice Guide, go to Settings > All Settings > General > Accessibility > Audio Guidance, and select 'Off'. For newer models, you can also use a voice command by pressing the Mic button on your remote and saying "TURN OFF AUDIO GUIDANCE".

Can I use voice commands to control other features on my LG Smart TV?

Yes, you can use voice commands to control various features if your TV has the Voice Assistant capability. This includes tasks like changing channels, searching for content, and adjusting settings.

What is the difference between Voice Guide and Voice Assistant on LG Smart TVs?

Voice Guide is a feature designed for visually impaired users, providing spoken feedback to help navigate the TV's interface. Voice Assistant, on the other hand, is a personal assistant feature that allows you to control your TV and perform tasks using voice commands.

Will turning off the Voice Guide affect the Voice Assistant functionality?

No, turning off the Voice Guide will not affect the Voice Assistant. They are separate features and can be controlled independently.

Are the steps to turn off the Voice Guide the same for all LG Smart TV models?

The steps are generally similar, but they may vary slightly depending on the model and the version of webOS your TV is running. Always check your TV's specific instructions for the most accurate guidance.
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