How to Turn Off Demo Mode on LG Smart TV With/Without Remote

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Hey there! Have you ever noticed how TVs in stores look super flashy and cool, showing off all their features? That’s because they’re set to a special “Demo mode” or “Store Mode.” This mode makes sure the TV displays all its bells and whistles to attract customers like us.

But, here’s something you might not know: sometimes, even after you buy a brand new LG Smart TV and bring it home, it can still be in this fancy Demo mode. This means it’s still showing off like it’s in the store. If you find your TV acting like this, don’t worry! It’s super easy to switch it off and make your TV ready for regular home use.

All you need to do is dive into the Settings menu of your TV. But remember, when you turn off Demo or Store Mode, you should switch to “Home mode.” This is the mode that makes your TV just right for everyday watching.

And here’s a little tip: while you’re still getting to know your TV, it might be fun to keep it in Store Mode for a bit. This way, you can see all the cool features your LG Smart TV has to offer!

How to Turn Off Demo Mode on LG Smart TV [WebOS]

Got a shiny new LG Smart TV with webOS 22 or later? And it’s still in Demo Mode? No problem! Let’s turn it off together. Here’s how you can do it:

  1. Starting Off: Grab your LG TV remote and hit the Home button. This is your gateway to all the settings.
  2. Find the Settings: Once you’re on the home screen, look for the Settings icon. It’s usually a little gear symbol. Click on it.
  3. Dive Into All Settings: Now, you’ll see an option saying All Settings. That’s where you want to go next.
  4. Navigate Through the Options: Here’s a bit of a journey. First, select General, then move to Devices, and finally, click on TV Management.
  5. Make the Switch: You’ll find an option labeled Home/Store Mode. Click on it, and then choose Home Mode.
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And voilà! Your LG Smart TV should now be in Home Mode, all cozy and ready for your daily viewing.

How to Turn Off LG TV Demo Mode With Remote [NetCast]

If your LG TV is rocking the NetCast system, here’s how to get it out of Demo Mode:

  1. Press the Magic Button: On your LG remote, press either the Settings or Menu button. This is where the magic begins.
  2. Options and More Options: In the Settings menu, look for Options. Click on it, and then choose Mode Settings.
  3. Select Home Sweet Home: Here, you’ll find a few options. Choose Home Mode.
  4. Demo Mode Be Gone: As soon as you select Home Mode, your TV will exit Demo Mode.

How to Turn Off Demo Mode on LG TV Without Remote

Lost your remote or it’s just not working? No worries! You can still turn off the Demo Mode on your LG Smart TV. It’s a bit like a secret mission, but you’ve got this. Here’s how to do it manually:

  1. The Secret Button Search: First, you need to play detective and find the Home or Menu button on your LG TV. These buttons are usually hiding on the backside of your TV.
  2. Hold Down the Fort: Once you find the button, press and hold it down for about 20 seconds. I know, it seems like a long time, but it’s necessary.
  3. Magic Moment: Keep holding until you see Demo Mode: Off pop up on your TV screen. That’s your cue to release the button.

And just like that, you’ve manually turned off Demo Mode without a remote!

Alternative Way to Turn Off Demo Mode on LG TV Without Remote

Remote still playing hide and seek? Here’s another cool way to control your TV using your smartphone.

  • LG ThinQ App to the Rescue: Download the LG ThinQ app, pair it with your TV, and it’ll work just like a remote! Open the app, head to Settings, and you can turn off Demo Mode easily.
  • Infrared-Based Remote Apps: If you have an Android phone with an infrared blaster, you can use an LG TV remote app from the Play Store. It’s a nifty alternative to a traditional remote.
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Is Your LG Smart TV Stuck in Store Demo Mode? Try This First

Is your LG Smart TV showing off like it’s still in the store? No need to panic. Sometimes, the best solution is a fresh start. Here’s how you can reset your TV to get it out of Store Mode:

  1. Into the Settings: First, make sure your TV is turned on. Then, head into the Settings menu.
  2. All Settings Adventure: Look for the All Settings option and click on it.
  3. General, Please!: Next, select the General option. This is where you’ll find the command center for your TV’s basic settings.
  4. Reset and Refresh: Here, you’ll see an option saying Reset to Initial Settings. Choose this to give your TV a clean slate.
  5. Confirm to Complete: Finally, click on Confirm reset. This will start the reset process.

Just like that, your TV will reboot and should no longer be in Store Demo Mode. It’s like giving your TV a quick vacation and bringing it back refreshed!

How to Disable Demo Mode on LG TV Without Factory Reset

Don’t want to reset your entire TV? No problem! You can turn off Demo Mode without going through the hassle of a factory reset. Here’s what you need to do:

  1. Home Screen First: Turn on your TV and head over to the Home screen.
  2. Settings, Here We Come: Press the Settings button and navigate to System Settings.
  3. General Set Up Time: In the System Settings, find and select General Set Up.
  4. Shop Font Display Settings: Look for Shop Font Display Settings. Here, you’ll find the sneaky Demo Mode option. Turn it off.
  5. Picture Reset Mode Off: Lastly, make sure to turn off Picture Reset Mode on your TV.

And there you go! Your LG TV should now be behaving just like it should in a cozy home setting. No more store-like flashy displays!


And there you have it! We’ve journeyed through various methods to rescue your LG Smart TV from the clutches of the flashy Store Demo Mode. Whether you had a remote in hand or not, whether you wanted a quick fix or a full reset, we’ve covered all bases to ensure your TV is perfectly tailored for your home.

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Remember, your LG Smart TV is a hub of innovative features and settings, designed to enhance your viewing experience. By switching from Store to Home Mode, you’re setting the stage for countless hours of entertainment, tailored just the way you like it.

Don’t hesitate to revisit these steps whenever you need. With this knowledge, you’re now the master of your LG Smart TV’s settings, ready to tackle any issue that comes your way. Happy viewing and enjoy making the most out of your smart entertainment experience!

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I turn off Demo Mode on my LG Smart TV using a remote?

To turn off Demo Mode using a remote, simply press the Home or Settings button on your remote, navigate to either 'All Settings' or 'Mode Settings', and select 'Home Mode'.

Can I disable Demo Mode on my LG TV without a remote?

Yes, you can disable Demo Mode without a remote. Find the Home or Menu button on the back of your TV, press and hold it for about 20 seconds until 'Demo Mode: Off' appears on the screen.

What should I do if my LG Smart TV is stuck in Store Demo Mode?

If your TV is stuck in Store Demo Mode, try resetting it to initial settings through the General option in the All Settings menu.

Is it possible to turn off Demo Mode without doing a factory reset?

Yes, it's possible. Go to the Home screen, enter System Settings, select General Set Up, turn off Shop Font Display Settings and Picture Reset Mode.

What is the difference between Home Mode and Store Mode on an LG Smart TV?

Home Mode is designed for regular home use with optimal settings, while Store Mode is a demo mode used in retail outlets to showcase the TV's features.

Can I control my LG Smart TV with my smartphone if the remote isn’t working?

Absolutely! You can control your LG Smart TV using the LG ThinQ app or an infrared-based LG TV remote app available on the Play Store.
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