How to leverage LMS for OEM training program

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Manufacturers today have hundreds, if not thousands, of ties with the people who create, trade, and repair their products. But the manufacturing industry’s immediate and long-term future will determine how well the final product sells. As the performance of resellers is likely to have a substantial influence, manufacturers must design a training program for them. In this article, we will discuss how an LMS can be helpful for OEM training. So let’s get started with the fundamentals.

What is an OEM, Original Equipment Manufacturer?

OEMs are companies whose products are used by other companies to manufacture them. This other company then sells the final product to end consumers.

Another company in the previous description is referred to as a value-added reseller (VAR) since it adds value to the original goods by enhancing or adding features or services. The VAR collaborates closely with the OEM, which frequently adapts designs to the VAR’s demands and standards.

What is OEM (original equipment manufacturer) training? And why is it required?

OEM training refers to the training offered by an Original Equipment Manufacturer to a VAR Value Added Reseller. After signing up as a value-added reseller VAR, you need to provide OEM training for the following reasons:

  1. Provide training on how to use the manufacturer portal site, including how to access it, the regulations that apply to it, lead policies, and deal registration.
  2. To educate about cost and support.
  3. To learn about the product’s features and functionality.
  4. Provide training on demographics and information about the target market.
  5. To teach you how to sell your goods and services efficiently
  6. To train how to develop leads and follow up with them to turn them into sales.
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How can LMS help

Product training is a fantastic method for businesses to teach their employees about new items and how to market them. On the other hand, many manufacturers, producers, and distributors have no direct contact with the people who sell most of their products daily. This is changing thanks to e-learning. Here’s how LMS allows you to get to the bottom of the channel partner chain.

LMS Latitude Learning is the best Learning Management System for OEM training. It has all the below-mentioned features that can simplify the complexity of OEM training.


LMS can help provide centralized product information.

The relevant content on your customized LMS and the easy-to-use interface can provide retail employees with product information that can be relevant to their consumers.

LMS helps certify and reward VARs who complete their training or increase sales.

Offer certificates to individuals who finish your program to build loyalty and involvement. This might be an award for finishing first on a leaderboard or gamification points, completing a course on a particular product or product line, or engaging with the LMS regularly.

LMS can help in accessing the training anywhere any time 

On a light activity day, a mobile-friendly, offline sync-inclusive LMS can assist a reseller in completing some training on your product or service. If you know your retail employees will use your platform when they have a few spare minutes, LMS can help them deliver 2-3 minute videos and infographics for microlearning.

LMS can let the reseller track their progress

LMS helps in tracking the progress of the reseller. They can choose the training course required to improve their skill set by analyzing their progress.

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LMS will allow you to get feedback from resellers.

You’re looking for a direct line of communication with store employees that you haven’t been able to contact in the past. Give your partners a voice in the relationship by allowing them to contact you via the LMS with feedback, complaints, and recommendations.


On a single platform, original equipment manufacturers can rely on an LMS to deliver, monitor, and improve relevant training to their resellers and channel partners.

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