How to Increase Your Instagram Impressions

Instagram has more than 2 billion monthly users. That’s over a quarter of the earth’s population. Numbers like this indicate that social media is not just a place for young people to engage socially anymore.

With so many people on that platform, Instagram engagement is now an extremely important part of running a business. A company without Instagram reach will fall behind its competitors.

But how does a business owner increase their Instagram impressions? Read on as we walk you through a brief guide.

Post Consistently

It’s not as easy as on Facebook and Twitter to see what the people you follow like on Instagram. Likes don’t show up on your timeline page. This means that if a business owner wants to get their Instagram post to spread, they’re going to rely on people to share this content.

One of the best ways to make sure that people share your content is to post consistently.

Consistency is more important than quantity in the world of social media. If you can get your fans to expect good posts every week, engaging stories every day, and a big event about once a month, you’re going to get people sharing your content.

Study the Moves

As a result of social media, pop culture moves faster than ever before; trends rise and die in the course of a week.

A business shouldn’t completely give itself over to trend-chasing. However, if you want to gain a big short-term hit of massive attention, you’re going to want to study cultural trends.

By hiring someone who understands Instagram culture and is able to tell what is about to blow up, you can ride the wave of internet popularity into success. However, you have to get in early, or you’ll just come across as bandwagonesque and out-of-touch.

Respond to People

Too many people emphasize the media factor of social media, as opposed to the social aspect. However, it’s this social aspect that makes this new form of communication so effective.

When you make consistent posts, people will give you their opinions on them in the comments. They’ll also direct message you questions about your products/services/posts.

Don’t hide from this attention. Respond to people — think of it as a form of customer service. Letting these people know you care about them brings them closer to your brand.

Buy Instagram Likes

It’s a truth of the world of Instagram that posts with higher numbers of likes are more likely to get shared. This can be frustrating for hard-working businesses that might have lower numbers of followers in the beginning.

Thankfully, there’s a solution. You can buy Instagram likes from trustworthy sites. This is a great way to give your early posts the boosts that they need.

Increase Your Instagram Impressions

As you can see, increasing Instagram impressions is important to business in the 21st century. To take advantage of this, post consistently, study trends, respond to people’s questions, and buy some Instagram likes.

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