How To Hide Likes On Facebook?

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Hey There, Let’s Talk About Hiding Likes on Facebook!

Have you ever scrolled through Facebook and noticed that you can’t see how many likes some posts have? It’s pretty intriguing, right? You might be wondering if it’s possible to hide likes on your own Facebook posts. Guess what? It is!

Can You Really Hide Likes? Yep, You Can! Just like on Instagram, where you can hide the number of likes, Facebook also gives you this cool option. It’s a handy feature, especially if you run a business account on Facebook and don’t want everyone to see how many likes your posts get. It’s all about keeping things a bit more private and focusing on the content rather than the popularity contest.

But, here’s a little twist: even if you hide the likes, people can still see the reactions (like the hearts, laughs, etc.) on your posts. So, you’re just keeping the like count under wraps, not the whole reaction shebang.

In this guide, I’m going to walk you through how to make those likes vanish from your Facebook posts. Let’s dive in! 🚀

How To Hide Like Count On Facebook? (iOS and Android)

Alright, let’s get to the nitty-gritty of how you can hide the number of likes on your Facebook posts. And guess what? The steps are super similar for both iOS (iPhone) and Android users. So, whether you’re team iPhone or team Android, I’ve got you covered!

  1. Open the Facebook App: First things first, grab your phone and open the Facebook app. Make sure you’re logged into your account. You can’t do much if you’re not logged in, right?
  2. Find the Hamburger Icon: Next, look for the “hamburger icon.” On Android, it’s at the top right corner. If you’re using an iPhone, you’ll find it chilling at the bottom right.
  3. Head to Settings & Privacy: Now, scroll down until you see “Settings & Privacy.” That’s where all the magic happens.
  4. Go to Settings: Tap on “Settings.” This is your control room where you can tweak a bunch of stuff on your Facebook.
  5. Find ‘Preference’: Under the “Preference” section, look for “reaction preference.” This is where you can manage how people react to your posts.
  6. Toggle Time: Finally, there’s a toggle for “On your posts.” Give it a flick, and voilà, you’re in stealth mode! Your like count will now be invisible to others.
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And there you have it! Just a few taps, and you can keep your like count to yourself. Whether it’s for privacy, mental health, or just because you feel like it, this feature is pretty handy. 🌟

How To Hide Reactions On Facebook Post? (PC)

If you’re using your computer and want to keep those Facebook likes and reactions under wraps, I’ve got just the steps for you. It’s a little different from doing it on a phone, but don’t worry, it’s still pretty straightforward.

  1. Open Facebook in Your Browser: Start by opening your favorite web browser and heading over to the Facebook website. Make sure you’re signed in to your account.
  2. Click Your Profile Icon: Once you’re in, click on your profile icon. You’ll usually find this at the top of the Facebook page.
  3. Go to Your Profile: Now, your profile will open up. Here, you’ll see a bunch of options about your profile and activity.
  4. Find the ‘More’ Option: Look for the “More” option. It’s like a little treasure trove of extra settings and features.
  5. Select ‘Likes’: From the dropdown or list under “More,” choose “Likes.” This is where you can manage who sees what you’ve liked.
  6. The Three Horizontal Dots: Spot the “three horizontal dots.” This little icon usually means there are more options to explore.
  7. Edit Privacy of Your Likes: Click on those dots and select “Edit the privacy of your likes.” This is where the real control begins.
  8. Choose ‘Other’: Now, you’ll see an option for “other” towards the end of the list. Click on that.
  9. Select ‘Only Me’: Finally, choose “only me.” This means that only you will be able to see the likes and reactions on your posts. It’s like having a secret that only you know about.
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And that’s it! By following these steps, you can make your Facebook likes and reactions visible only to you when using a PC. This is great for keeping things more private and focusing more on sharing and less on the numbers game. 🖥️✨


So, there you have it! Hiding likes on Facebook is pretty simple, isn’t it? It’s just a few taps or clicks away in your settings. By adjusting your reaction preferences to be visible only to you, you can keep your like counts private. This can be a real game-changer, especially if you’re using Facebook for your business.

If you’re running a small online business, using Facebook to promote your products or services is a smart move. With people of all ages on this platform, you’ve got a massive audience at your fingertips. And guess what? Keeping your like counts hidden helps to focus more on your content and less on the numbers.

To really reach your target audience, don’t forget to use hashtags. They’re like little beacons that help the right people find your posts. But here’s a pro tip: choose your hashtags wisely. The right ones can make a huge difference.

In summary, whether you’re hiding likes for personal reasons or to refine your business strategy on Facebook, it’s a nifty feature that’s easy to use. So go ahead, take control of your Facebook experience, and maybe give those hashtags a try too. You’ve got this!

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I hide the number of likes on my Facebook posts using my mobile phone?

On both iOS and Android, open the Facebook app, go to the hamburger icon, select 'Settings & Privacy', then 'Settings', and under 'Preference', choose 'reaction preference'. Finally, toggle the option for 'On your posts'.

Is it possible to hide Facebook reactions on a computer?

Yes, on a PC, log into Facebook, click your profile icon, select 'More', then 'Likes', click the three horizontal dots, choose 'Edit the privacy of your likes', select 'other', and finally 'only me'.

Will hiding likes on Facebook also hide reactions like hearts and laughs?

No, hiding likes only conceals the number of likes. Reactions like hearts, laughs, etc., will still be visible.

Why might someone want to hide their like count on Facebook?

People might hide their like counts for privacy reasons, to reduce focus on popularity, or for business strategy reasons, particularly if they use Facebook for business purposes.

Can I still see the likes on my posts if I hide them from others?

Yes, if you set your likes to be visible only to you, you can still see the like count on your posts, but others won’t be able to.

How can using hashtags on Facebook benefit my small online business?

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