Can I Get A Cheap Gaming Seat In Singapore?

With an array of several models of gaming chairs in the market, it can be challenging for you to get the best to fit your budget. The gaming chairs are equipped to bring comfortableness and ergonomics to your body which shifts prices significantly high according to their structure. Although it is not only the model of the gaming chairs that can push up their cost, there are still other factors that may lead to high prices. For example, in Singapore, there are different gaming chairs designed with expensive and cheap materials, which indeed have different prices. This means getting a gaming chair that is friendly to your budget will be difficult.

Do you need gaming chairs cheap in Singapore? Well, this article will give you the best gaming chairs and cheap to find in Singapore; here we go.


This is a gaming chair that you can get in Singapore at an affordable price. The chair is padded with armrests and lumbar pillows. It is designed with an adjustable headrest that features a high comfort zone. Although it lacks recline angle features, the extendability footrest is no exception to adding comfort to your gaming. You can get Respawn-110 at around $283.

UMD gaming chair

UMD gaming chair’s price is relatively cheap, around $141 though its features are lit to uplift your gaming experiences. Generally, the seat has an impressive backrest featured by a recline angle of more than 175°. If you wish, you can lean back to take a bit of breath from the screen. In addition, it is featured with a series of adjustability in several parts like the armrest, headrest, backrest, and height, although with a thin backrest.

Nitro S300

Generally, the Nitro S300 is a gaming chair that Singapore gamers shouldn’t miss. Although quite expensive, around $299, its features are arranged to be more expensive. This is to mean the features that this gaming chair has should subject it to be very expensive. Nitro S300 is featured with 3D armrests, fabric cutting, and adjustable parts to support the comfort of your gaming. When buying Nitro S300 be ready to enjoy much of its features and others not mentioned, but you should expect not to find spill-resistant covers.

Homall gaming chair

If you want to get this gaming chair, Homall High-Back Racing chair in Singapore, then shop it on Qoo10 Singapore. The chair is equipped with what is required for gaming for exhaling; it has a reliable backrest and multi-directional wheels that allow 360° turning. The chair is good to be priced at $264, although it has limitations in recline angle.

AKRacing Core SX

Are you in Singapore, and you want the best cheap gaming chair but with diverse features? Then shop AKRacing Core SX at Lazada Singapore. It is a fantastic gaming chair with a 12-degree tilt lock to help create extraordinary stability of your comfort. The 3D armrests are significantly featured to make your arms supportive to the game controls and push you to have a broader gaming experience, although with a stiffer seat cushion.


Although you can find gaming chairs cheap in Singapore with no features that you like, this should not kill your dream to get the best as not all will lack what you desire from gaming chairs. Take time, do research and find the best with the right features and friendly to your budget.

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