How To Delete Old Messages On Messenger From Both Sides?

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Hey There, Let’s Learn to Delete Messenger Messages for Both Sides!

Are you curious about how to make old messages on Messenger vanish for both you and the person you sent them to? You’re in the perfect spot! Deleting Facebook messages from both sides is super simple, and I’m here to walk you through it.

Ever had that “oh no!” moment where you sent a message to the wrong person? Don’t sweat it! It’s a fixable situation. Most of us have been there – sending a message without thinking and then facepalming later. Or maybe you spotted a typo in your message and you’re cringing at the mistake. No problem! I’m going to show you how to delete those messages from both sides on Messenger.

Getting rid of FB messages from both sides is a breeze. Just a few clicks and you’re done! Here’s what you do:

  1. Open FB: Launch your Facebook app.
  2. Tap on Messenger: Find the Messenger section.
  3. Head to Older Messages: Navigate to those messages you want gone.
  4. Expand and Open a Chat: Tap on a conversation to open it up.
  5. Click on the Three Dots: Look for three dots in the corner of the chat.
  6. Choose to Remove: You’ll see two options, pick ‘remove’.
  7. Select ‘Unsend’: This is the magic button to make your message disappear from both sides.

And there you go! Just a few steps and those messages will be like they never existed. Easy, right? Let’s dive in and make those unwanted messages a thing of the past!

How To Permanently Delete Facebook Messages From Both Sides? (Desktop)

Curious about how to make Facebook messages vanish from both sides while you’re on your desktop? It’s a bit different from doing it on your phone, but just as easy! Remember, on FB, you don’t exactly “delete” messages; you choose to “remove” or “unsend” them. And if you’re looking to totally ignore someone, blocking them is the way to go. But let’s focus on how to permanently remove those messages for both you and the other person:

Step 1: Start at Messenger on Your Desktop

First things first, log in to your FB account. At your home feed, look for the Messenger icon. It’s usually on the right side of the page. Click on that to get started.

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Step 2: Find the Chats to Clean Up

Now that you’re in Messenger, find the chat containing the message you wish to disappear. Got it? Great!

Step 3: It’s All About ‘More’

Here’s where the magic starts. Hover over the message you want gone, and you’ll see three vertical dots, often labeled as ‘More’. Click on those dots. Two options will pop up: ‘Remove’ and ‘Forward’. You want to click ‘Remove’ to make that message history.

Step 4: Unsend to Everyone

A little pop-up will ask if you want to unsend the message or just remove it for yourself. Choose ‘Unsend for everyone’. This is the key step to ensure the message vanishes from both sides.

Step 5: Confirm with ‘Okay’

Once you’ve unsent the message, you’ll get a confirmation. Just click ‘Okay’, and you’re all done!

Note: The Quick Glance Factor

Keep in mind that if the other person has FB notifications on, they might have seen your message briefly before you unsent it. So, the quicker you unsend, the better!

How To Delete Messages On Messenger On Both Sides? (Android)

Got an Android phone and need to delete some messages from Messenger for both you and the other person? You’ve come to the right place! Let’s dive into how you can do this with just a few taps.

Step 1: Jump into Messenger

Open the Messenger app on your Android smartphone. Look through your contacts and messages, and find the chat that has the message you want to delete.

Step 2: Find That Message

Now that you’re in the chat with the person you sent the message to, scroll through until you find the specific message you want to get rid of.

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Step 3: Long Press for Options

Here’s the key move: press and hold the message you want to disappear for a few seconds. A menu will pop up, and you’ll see the ‘Remove’ option. Tap on that.

Step 4: Choose ‘Unsend’

Next, you’ll be asked if you want to remove the message for everyone or just for yourself. Tap on ‘Unsend’ to delete it for both sides. Once you get a confirmation prompt, hit ‘Ok’.

Did You Know? The ‘Unsent Message’ Alert

There’s an interesting twist in the Messenger app. When you unsend a message, the other person will see a notification in their chat that says ‘You unsent a message’. While you can delete this alert from your chat, it will stay in the other person’s chat.

Also, before you hit that final delete button, Messenger might ask if there’s something wrong with the message. You’ll get a chance to report it as spam or inappropriate if that’s the case.

What About Being Blocked on Messenger?

Ever wondered if someone has blocked you on Messenger? Would you get a notification? That’s a great question and adds another layer to the whole Messenger experience. Let’s explore that next!


And that’s a wrap! See how simple it was to learn how to delete old messages on Messenger from both sides? Let’s quickly go over what we covered in this blog.

We talked about two methods to make your conversations disappear from both ends. Whether you’re on your desktop using FB Messenger or on your mobile using the Messenger app, the key is to ‘unsend’ the message.

However, keep in mind that there’s always a chance the other person might have seen the message before you hit delete. It’s like trying to catch a bubble – sometimes you’re quick enough, sometimes not.

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Oh, and here’s a neat trick! Have you heard about the new vanish mode on FB? It’s pretty slick. When you use vanish mode and leave the conversation, the messages automatically get deleted. This means no more scrambling to delete messages later. It’s like a magic trick for your messages!

Deleting messages on Messenger isn’t just about covering up oops moments. It’s about taking control of your digital conversations and keeping them just the way you want. Whether you’re on desktop or mobile, now you know exactly what to do to keep your chats neat and tidy. Happy messaging, and remember, with great power comes great responsibility!

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I delete messages from both sides on Facebook Messenger?

Yes, you can delete messages from both sides on Facebook Messenger. This can be done on both the desktop version and the mobile app by using the 'Unsend' option.

How do I delete a message for both sides using Facebook Messenger on desktop?

To delete a message for both sides on the desktop, log into FB, open Messenger, find the chat, click on the message, choose 'More' (three vertical dots), select 'Remove', and then choose 'Unsend for everyone'.

What are the steps to delete a message from both sides on the Messenger app for Android?

On Android, open the Messenger app, select the chat, long-press the message, tap 'Remove', and then choose 'Unsend'.

If I unsend a message on Messenger, will the other person know?

Yes, the recipient will see a notification in the chat indicating that you have unsent a message, although the content of the message will not be visible.

Is it possible for someone to see the message on Messenger before I unsend it?

There is a possibility that the recipient might see the message before you unsend it, especially if they have push notifications enabled.

What is the Vanish Mode on Facebook Messenger?

Vanish Mode on Facebook Messenger is a feature where messages automatically get deleted after you leave the conversation, saving you the trouble of manually unsending messages later.
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