How to Boost Business With Social Media Hashtags

Social media associates with so many societies. Facebook has 2.4 billion users, a number that accounts for nearly one-third of the world’s population.

Social media users cut across all demographics, but they share some things in common. One thing is social media hashtags.

What are hashtags, and how are they different from platform to platform? What are the qualities of great original hashtags? What benefits are there to using someone else’s tags?

Answer these questions and you can take advantage of common social media practices to develop your customer base. Here is your quick guide.

Distinguish Amongst Social Media Hashtags

When people think about hashtags, they think about Twitter hashtags. Twitter is the platform that popularized hashtags to the entire world.

Someone can click on your tag and view similar posts by users. This lets you create a sense of community, appealing to companies that are similar to yours. If someone types the tag into the search bar, they can find your post easily.

Facebook hashtags and Instagram hashtags have an identical function. But they are less integral to those platforms than hashtags are to Twitter. You need to create social media marketing content that stands on its own, then you need to find the right tags for it.

This does not mean that Facebook or Instagram hashtags are unimportant. Find a guide to Instagram hashtags and get to know their ins and outs.

Make Your Own Hashtags

Making your personal hashtags lets you stand out amongst accounts. The downside is that it is hard to attract an audience with all-new hashtags.

Understand what people are searching for. Include search terms and keywords into your hashtags and posts. If someone is looking for “coffee,” have a hashtag like “#CoffeeKing” so your post pops up.

Make a tag that appeals to your brand while entertaining your audience. “#CoffeeKing” establishes that you provide high-quality coffee that is better than your opponent’s drinks.

Include three tags at most on your post. A tag is supposed to complement great content and not take too much room by itself.

Utilize Someone Else’s Tags

You can add tags to your post that someone else came up with. The key is to do so without seeming like you are pandering or uninspired.

Use someone else’s tag as a hook to tell your own story. You can do something as simple as sharing a photo of your products and then attaching a hashtag to it. If you sell burgers, take a photo of your burger and then attach “#food.”

Mix your own hashtags with other people’s. Try attaching one of your own and then one of someone else’s. This lets you attach your original thinking to the successful works of others.

The Essentials of Hashtags

Social media hashtags hash out important ideas. Twitter is the most common platform for tags, yet Facebook and Instagram also rely on them.

You should make a hashtag that sends a clear message. Sew a keyword that users type in to access content into your tag.

You can attach a tag that someone else came up with to your post. Try to find a generic one like “#health.” Build off of the tag to talk about your specific and admirable qualities.

Hashtags are just one aspect of social media you must master. Find out more by following our coverage.

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