How To Add Favourites On Instagram (Android And iOS)?

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Hey there! Have you heard the latest news about Instagram? They’ve just rolled out a super cool update that lets you organize your feed in a whole new way. Now, when you’re scrolling through Instagram, you can choose how you want to see the posts. There are three options:

  1. Home Feed: This one is sorted by Instagram’s algorithm. It’s like a surprise box – you never know what you’ll see next!
  2. Chronological Feed (Following): Here, you see posts in the order they were shared. It’s like a timeline of what your friends are up to.
  3. Favorites: This is the most exciting part! You can pick your favorite accounts and only see posts from them. It’s like creating your own VIP list on Instagram.

Think about it: with the Instagram Favorites feed, you’re the boss. You get to choose who shows up in your feed. No more random accounts popping up and no more seeing stuff that you’re not really interested in. You can say goodbye to posts that make you feel down and hello to a feed filled with only what you love. Cool, right?

But wait, there’s more! I’m going to show you exactly how to create your own safe list of favorites on Instagram. This works for both Android and iOS devices. And guess what? I’ll also teach you how to remove someone from your favorites if you change your mind later. Let’s dive in and take control of our Instagram experience! 🌟

What is Instagram’s Favourites list Feature?

Ever wanted a VIP section on your Instagram? Well, guess what? Instagram has just rolled out a new feature called the Instagram Favorites. It’s like creating your own special club within Instagram. Here’s the scoop:

  • Your Personalized Feed: You can pick up to 50 accounts that you love and add them to your Instagram Favorites. This means their posts will be the stars of your feed.
  • See Your Faves First: Not only do they show up in your special Favorites feed, but they also get top billing in your regular home feed.
  • A Bit of a Head Start: When you first check out this feature, Instagram has already added some accounts for you based on who you interact with the most. But no worries, you can totally customize this list. Remove Instagram’s suggestions and add the accounts you truly love.

How To Add Favorites On Instagram?

Now that you know about this awesome Favorites feed, let’s get into how you can fill it with all the accounts you don’t want to miss a beat from. There are a few ways to add someone to your Favorites:

  • From the Favorites Feed Itself: If you’re browsing your new Favorites feed, you can add more accounts directly from there.
  • Via Their Profile Page: Found an account you love? Head to their profile and add them to your Favorites right then and there.
  • Straight from a Post or Reel: If a post or reel catches your eye, you can add the account that shared it to your Favorites on the spot.
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Let’s break down each of these methods step by step. It’s super easy and a fun way to make sure you’re always up to date with your favorite Instagrammers!

How To Add Favorites From The Favorites feed?

Adding favorites to your Instagram feed is like picking your top players for a dream team. Here’s how you can do it, whether you’re using an iPhone or an Android phone. It’s super easy!

For iPhone Users: Customize Your Instagram Favorites

  1. Open Instagram: Tap on that colorful Instagram icon on your phone.
  2. Head to Favorites: Find and select ‘Favorites’ on the app.
  3. Menu Time: See those three lines at the top right corner under ‘Favorites’? Tap on them.
  4. Search for Stars: Type in the username of the Instagram accounts you want in your Favorites.
  5. Add Them: Once you’ve found them, tap on ‘Add’.
  6. Confirm Your Squad: After you’ve added everyone you want, tap on ‘Confirm Favorites’.

And there you go! You’ve just made your Instagram experience even cooler by personalizing your feed.

For Android Users: Create Your Instagram Favorite Feed

  1. Open Instagram: Just like on iOS, start by tapping on the Instagram app.
  2. Find Favorites: Select ‘Favorites’ in the app.
  3. Access the Menu: Tap on the three lines icon at the top right corner under ‘Favorites’.
  4. Search for Your Favorites: Look up the username of the Instagram accounts you want to add.
  5. Add Them to Your List: Hit ‘Add’ once you find them.

That’s all there is to it! By following these simple steps, you’re making your Instagram feed all about what you love. Enjoy scrolling through your customized feed!

How To Add An Instagram Account To Favorites From The User’s Profile?

Instagrammers! Want to keep your favorite profiles close? You can add them to your Favorites list straight from their profile page. It’s like bookmarking your best buddies or favorite creators so you don’t miss their updates. Let me show you how to do this in just a few easy steps:

  1. Open Instagram: Start by tapping on your Instagram app.
  2. Find the Profile: Browse to the profile of the person or account you want to add to your favorites. Maybe it’s your best friend, a favorite artist, or a cool brand.
  3. Tap ‘Following’: On their profile, you’ll see a tab that says ‘Following’. Give that a tap.
  4. Add to Favorites: Next to the option ‘Add to Favorites’, there’s a little star. Tap on this star.

Cool Fact: When you tap the star, it changes from an empty outline to a gradient orange color. That’s your sign that you’ve successfully added this profile to your Favorites feed. It’s like saying, “Hey, I really like your posts!”

How To Add To Favorites From The Home Feed?

Want to make your Instagram feed even more awesome? You can add accounts to your favorites right from your home feed! This method is super quick and lets you add to your favorites list without having to visit profiles or your favorites feed. It’s like hitting the ‘like’ button, but for your favorites list. Here’s how you do it:

  1. Open Instagram: Tap on your Instagram app to get started.
  2. Spot a Great Post or Reel: Scroll through your home feed until you find a post or reel that really catches your eye. Maybe it’s a funny video, a beautiful photo, or something really interesting.
  3. Tap on the Three Dots: Next to the post’s header, you’ll see three little dots. Go ahead and tap on them.
  4. Add to Favorites: From the menu that pops up, select the option “Add to favorites.
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Neat Tip: When you’ve successfully added an account to your favorites, you’ll see a little orange star appear next to the post’s header. It’s like giving that post a gold star!

This way, whenever you’re just casually browsing Instagram and come across something you love, you can immediately make sure you see more from that account. Super handy, right? Enjoy curating your perfect Instagram feed! 📸✨

How To Add Favorites From Your Profile?

Creating your perfect Instagram feed? You can easily add your favorite accounts to your Favorites list right from your own profile. This method is like having a secret shortcut to keep all your favorite accounts in one place. Let’s get into how you can do this:

  1. Open Instagram: Tap on the Instagram app to start.
  2. Head to Your Profile: Go to your profile page. This is like your Instagram home base.
  3. Menu Time: Look for the three horizontal lines at the top right corner of your screen and tap on them.
  4. Find ‘Favorites’: In the menu that appears, select ‘Favorites’. It’s like opening a door to your personal Instagram VIP area.
  5. Add New Favorites: See that plus sign (+) at the top right corner? Tap on it.
  6. Search and Add: Now, search for the username of the Instagram account you want to add. When you find them, just tap the “Add” button next to their username.

🌟 Tip: Adding accounts from your profile is a great way to quickly populate your Favorites list, especially if you’re just setting it up or want to refresh who’s in your top picks.

Who To Add In Your Instagram Favorite Feed?

Alright, so now that you’re a pro at adding accounts to your Instagram Favorites, let’s chat about who deserves a spot in this exclusive list. Think of your Favorites feed as your personal happiness hub or your go-to source for the stuff you really care about on Instagram.

Accounts That Brighten Your Day

  • Your Happy Place on Instagram: We all have those accounts that make us smile every time we see their posts. Maybe it’s cute animal videos, uplifting quotes, or just someone who always seems to post the right thing at the right time. These are the accounts that should definitely be in your Favorites. They’re like a little burst of joy waiting for you anytime you need a pick-me-up.

Accounts with Must-See Content

  • Stay in the Know: Are there accounts that keep you updated on the latest trends in your field or industry? Or maybe creators who always have the freshest, most interesting content? These are the accounts you don’t want to get lost in the endless scroll of your regular feed. By adding them to your Favorites, you ensure that their content is always just a tap away. It’s like having a personal newsfeed tailored just for you, helping you stay informed and ahead of the curve.

How to Remove Someone From Favorites Feed On Instagram?

  1. Open Instagram: Start by tapping on the Instagram app.
  2. Go to Favorites: Select ‘Favorites’ on the app.
  3. Access the Menu: Tap on the three lines icon (triple lines) at the top right corner of the Favorites page.
  4. Find the Account: Scroll through your Favorites list and find the account you wish to remove.
  5. Remove from Favorites: Tap on “Remove” next to their name.

And just like that, the account is no longer in your Favorites feed. Remember, this doesn’t unfollow them, it just removes them from your special Favorites list.

Why is Instagram Favorites Not Showing and How to Fix it?

If you’re having trouble finding the Favorites feature on Instagram, don’t worry, it’s usually an easy fix:

  1. Update Instagram: Head over to your App Store (for iOS) or Google Play Store (for Android).
  2. Search for Instagram: Type ‘Instagram’ in the search bar.
  3. Update the App: If there’s an update available, go ahead and update your Instagram app. Sometimes new features don’t show up because the app is out of date.
  4. Check Again: Once updated, open Instagram and look for the Favorites feature.
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Updating your app should solve the issue and bring up the Favorites feature, letting you customize your feed just the way you like it.


Instagram’s new Favorites feature is a game-changer! It’s all about giving you more power to shape your feed exactly how you like it. Here’s a quick recap of what this awesome feature brings to your Instagram experience:

  • Total Control: Add and remove accounts from your Favorites with just a tap. It’s super simple and lets you tailor your feed to your mood or interests.
  • Four Easy Ways to Add Favorites: Whether it’s from their profile, your home feed, the favorites feed itself, or your profile, adding someone to your Favorites list is a breeze and won’t take you more than 30 seconds.
  • Create Your Personalized Feed: Imagine a feed where every post is from an account you absolutely adore. That’s what you get with Instagram Favorites. It’s like having a curated exhibition of your favorite Instagram content at your fingertips.

And it’s not just about Favorites. With other cool features like pinning posts and collaborations, Instagram is continuously evolving, making it an even more exciting and interactive platform for creators and users alike.

So, dive in, play around with these new tools, and enjoy crafting an Instagram experience that’s uniquely yours. Happy Instagramming!

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Instagram Favorites feature and how does it work?

The Instagram Favorites feature allows you to create a personalized feed by selecting up to 50 accounts whose posts you want to see first. You can add and remove accounts from this list at any time, giving you more control over your Instagram feed.

How can I add an account to my Instagram Favorites?

You can add accounts to your Favorites in four ways: directly from their profile, from your home feed, from the Favorites feed itself, or from your own profile page. Each method is simple and takes less than 30 seconds.

Can I remove accounts from my Instagram Favorites? If yes, how?

Yes, you can remove accounts from your Favorites. To do this, go to your Favorites list, find the account you want to remove, and tap “Remove.” This will take the account off your Favorites list but won't unfollow them.

Why can't I see the Instagram Favorites feature on my app?

If you can't see the Favorites feature, your Instagram app might need an update. Go to the App Store (iOS) or Google Play Store (Android) and update your Instagram app. This should make the Favorites feature visible.

What are some tips for choosing accounts to add to my Instagram Favorites?

Consider adding accounts that are your 'happy place' or those that consistently post content you love. Also, think about adding accounts that keep you updated with news or trends in your industry or areas of interest.

How does the Instagram Favorites feature enhance the user experience for creators and regular users?

For creators, it allows for more visibility among their most engaged followers. For regular users, it offers a more personalized and controlled browsing experience, ensuring they see more of what they love and less of what they don’t.
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