How The Pandemic Reshaped Digital Marketing Trends And Strategies

How curious it is for humans to have evolved from marketing with drum beats, smoke signals, tap codes, and body languages to persuading buyers over a range of locations through the internet anywhere and anytime.

It’s only some centuries ago that our ancestors painted caves to connect and pass down their intimate feelings to encourage patronage. How we’ve grown from cave dwellers to digital marketers is nothing short of a wonder.

Even digital marketing is changing. Because of the pandemic outbreak, many things about digital marketing are no longer the way they used to be. Everything is reshaped from creating buyer’s journeys to measuring needs through metrics, such as top funnel metrics. Here are ways to see how much has been affected:

#1 Digital In, Traditional Out

The pandemic led to an exodus of people relying on digital experience. It’s a complete delivery of internet users whose sustenance and independence now totally depend on tech. Therefore, it’s safe to say the majority of the world is online, living their lives online, learning new things online, and shopping for new products online.

The prevalence of internet users means traditional marketing finds it challenging to connect with people and advertise products through print and other conventional media. On the other hand, digital marketing is enjoying the rewards of the increased digital proliferation of humans and tools.

#2 Welcome To New Media

The pandemic ushered in a series of tech solutions in the marketing sector. With the rise of technology, everyone now has an opportunity to own a media platform. It was not so during traditional media.

New media startups are increasing at an alarming rate and are fiercely trying to displace the traditional ones. The battle is closely fought, and the winner would be that media that embrace and integrate innovation. Due to this competition, digital marketing is easily accessible and comes at meager prices.

#3 Public Relations In A Digital World

Increased lockdowns influenced an unprecedented use of social platforms. The increased social media engagement has changed the face and use of public relations (PR). Agencies now network with bloggers, journalists, and influencers to create a comprehensive digital PR.

Therefore, digital PR comes with improved accessibility and provides marketing stakeholders with a democratic decision to interact personally with whomever they desire without first consulting PR management. It means any PR agency is the manager of its information that makes independent choices.

#4 Devices For Marketing Technology

The pandemic led to the loss of jobs, leading to a rise in startups creating software solutions. Due to this surge, there are several devices digital marketers can use to disseminate information, outsource marketing, and encourage buyers to patronize products. The tools ensure marketers are not distant from consumers as they exist in a parallel world where they understand each other’s needs better than ever.

For buyers, increased internet usage due to lockdowns meant they had to get devices to come online. Because of this, the art of marketing information dissemination is incredibly far-reaching. Everyone has a computer at home, and if not, a phone in their back pockets. These two devices aid the ease and convenience in which pieces of marketing information travel over a range of places and times.

#5 New Forms Of Marketing

Before the pandemic hit, many organizations were not precisely concerned with leveraging other forms of marketing. For instance, many are not actively involved in workplace marketing. Aside from selling products to consumers, workplace marketing allows business organizations to market their employees by offering worksite products such as insurance plans.

And other forms of marketing influenced by the pandemic include influencer marketing, mobile marketing, and affiliate marketing. Brands now leverage the trust between internet influencers and their audience to market their products. It’s the same way they hire affiliates and create mobile marketing solutions such as SMS marketing with an integrated SMS gateway API, in-app marketing, and proximity marketing to drive leads and sales.

#6 Analytics For Competitive Edge

The coronavirus drove the use of smartphones, laptops, wearables, and other gadgets, culminating in vast amounts of users’ data. There’s so much about users’ personal information out there that any marketing agency can take advantage of to improve campaigns.

From the way buyers opt to their likes and dislikes, everything about their nature and behaviors is gathered in data. Marketers only have to find these pieces of data, break them down into reasonable chunks, dissect and analyze the components to convince their target audience effectively and comprehensively.


Marketing evolution can be traced to when humans started using beats, signals, and drawings to persuade people to buy goods. Today, marketing is online and evolving. The pandemic outbreak orchestrates the advancement of digital marketing, ensuring what people know about marketing is only a fragment of the entire concept.

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