How An Employment Agency Gives You a Competitive Advantage

If you are currently unemployed and seeking employment, or you’re tired of your present job and want to find something more fulfilling, stimulating and rewarding, then you’ll want to take advantage of any help that is available to assist you in achieving your employment goals.

In Australia, there are a variety of different employment services and agencies that lend a hand to job seekers and also represent employers to help them fill vacant positions. Let’s take a look at how an employment agency can give you a competitive advantage when it comes to landing the job you want.

You Can Often Find a Job Faster

If you’re currently jobless, then you’ll be under financial pressure to get working as soon as possible. The bills won’t pay themselves. But even if you already have a job, although you aren’t under as much financial pressure, perhaps you are experiencing other types of pressures in your current role.

No matter what your scenario is, you’ll likely want to find a job as soon as you possibly can. This is where a professional employment agency can really make a huge difference. They’ll have systems in place that can help shortcut the job hunting and application process. They’ll also have employers on their books that they’ve developed relationships with and, if they believe you are the right candidate, will be able to recommend you for the position.

This cuts out a lot of the competition you would experience just applying for jobs that are advertised online. In other words, an employment agency can really give you a competitive edge.

Those who work in employment agencies have the skills, knowledge, and experience to give job seekers (and employers) a leg up. It’s one of the reasons many employers prefer to list their vacancies with an agency, rather than simply advertising the position on an online job board.

Some Agencies Specialise In a Particular Field

You might have experience and qualifications in a specialized field such as healthcare, for example. If this is the case, you might want to refine things even further and deal with an agency that also specializes in healthcare and the medical profession.

The advantage of specialist agencies such as these is the people working there understand the industry and become experts in helping job seekers find the right role and in the best location. Dedicated agencies also have a strong rapport with employers and other industry professionals.

Using a specialist agency that focuses on careers in your area of expertise is seriously worth considering.

Receive Expert Advice On Improving Your Job prospects

Another advantage you can gain by teaming up with an employment agency is you can capitalize on their experience and receive solid advice regarding improving your employment prospects. The more guidance you can get, the better things will be for you.

Maybe you’re hoping to find a job in a particular field, but your resume and experience fall short in some areas. Agency representatives will be able to offer you some guidance on what steps you can take so you can land the job you want in the near future.

How a Jobactive Provider Can Assist Long Term Unemployed

If you’ve been out of work for 6 months or more and you’ve been receiving a Centrelink payment, you might be eligible for assistance from a local Jobactive provider.

Jobactive providers are an initiative created by the government. They work as an employment agency, except their main focus is assisting long-term unemployed and people living with a disability find work.

As a job seeker, you’ll receive assistance every step of the journey when a Jobactive provider is on your team. They will give you access to their office equipment so you can type up cover letters and resumes, you’ll gain access to their internet so you can search online for jobs. Skills training and personal development courses are also on offer.

Jobactive providers also work closely with employers and have developed relationships with them. This, once again, gives you a competitive advantage. Your Jobactive provider can line up job interviews for you, shortcutting the process of landing a job.

The Wrap

Employment agencies of all descriptions can definitely offer job seekers a number of key benefits, so instead of going it alone, team up with industry experts and have an agency on your side.

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