How Do Movies Impact Casinos?

Movies touch our lives in ways we don’t notice. In this process, it benefits many businesses and industries too. Among such industries, which have leveraged the exposure of film tremendously, are the land-based and online casino entertainment industries.

Almost every one of us had our first encounter with the casino industry through a filmy scene. This is why despite its negative portrayal, the industry benefits massively from movies.

Here, our expert Victoria Oliveira (check profile) elaborates how the movies deeply impact the casino industry. So, let’s get started!!

Gamblers in the movies attract the audience

We’ve all been influenced by the charming nature of gamblers in Hollywood movies. Actors like Daniel Craig from Casino Royale, Johnny Depp from Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas, Matt Wahlberg from The Gambler, have certainly persuaded their fans to experience casino games.

To cash in on the popularity of films based on games, casinos have certain theme-based games on movies to attract a bunch of movie lovers and the Portuguese are no exception. Games like poker, slots, and blackjack are frequently played in movies. Their appearance in famous films on casinos like Casino Royale and 21 continue to play an important role in making them the most popular casino games among gamblers.

The exuberant display of casinos fascinates the audience

You might remember the lavish scenes of grand casinos from some top casino movies like Hotel Transylvania and Ocean’s Eleven. These establishments having them film casino scenes have profited the casino operators with an increase in their revenues.

People travel a thousand miles to unravel and experience the mysterious and forbidden charm of the ‘gambling capitals’ of the world: Las Vegas or Monaco. The luxurious interiors and unique ambiance of MGM Grand, Mirage, and Bellagio have made the movie audience in love with the casinos.

Movies regularly misrepresent casinos

Misrepresentation of casinos in the movies plants seeds of stereotypes about gambling. The casino entertainment industry is frequently associated with the dark world, where gambling is almost associated with some sort of crime.

To make the plot of the movie spicier, filmmakers try to create the link between gambling and crime. Almost every criminal in the movie is made to visit the casinos regularly to establish this connection.

This sort of misrepresentation does not hold water in the real world as the gambling industry is now a legalized industry in many countries including Portugal. You can experience the excitement of gambling in Portugal and any corner of the world through some well-regulated online platforms like Betway Casino.

Some sort of misrepresentation of the casino industry in the movies benefits the casino operators. The depiction of massive wins of the protagonist makes people believe that they can also make a similar fortune by sitting at the poker table or roulette. People believe that they could also change their destiny through the bets at the casinos, which makes them experience casinos at least once in their life!!

Incorrect depiction of casino games

Unfortunately, the nature of casino games is deliberately misrepresented in the movies. The massive wins of the protagonist in the casinos and the loss of all fortunes in a single bet of the antagonist are often highlighted in the gambling movies.

If you observe, Baccarat, a game of luck, is introduced as a game of skills in James Bond movies. Similarly, a game of skill gets highlighted as a game of luck as per the convenience of the film’s plot. Moviemakers love to play around with such scenes to fascinate their audience and trick them into believing that they could be like James Bond or Danny Ocean in their life.

However, such a portrayal of casino games goes against a real casino experience where you will require tenable skills and strategy apart from a stroke of luck.

There stands a mutual relationship between casinos and movies, where the filmmaker thrives on the thrilling world of the casino industry while the casinos draw new visitors through their publicity in the movies!

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