How to See Your Google Reviews: Step-by-Step Guide

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Having a tough time figuring out what folks are saying about your business on Google? It can be super tricky, right? And with Google always tweaking how their review system works, it’s no surprise if you feel like you’re in a maze.

Did you know that almost everyone (like, 9 out of 10 people!) checks online reviews before picking a place to shop, eat, or just hang out? So, making sure you know what’s up with your Google reviews? Yeah, that’s a big deal!

We totally get it. And guess what? We’ve got your back! We’ve whipped up this super-easy guide for 2023 to help you keep an eye on those Google reviews. Just follow these easy-peasy steps, and you’ll be all set to understand what your customers are feeling and thinking. And guess what that means? You can make all the right moves to make your business even more awesome.

Why do Google reviews matter?

First off, think about when you want to find out something. Where do you go? Google, right? You’re not alone! A whopping 84% of folks are doing their searches on Google, making it the go-to place on the internet.

So, here’s the thing. Google reviews? They’re not just comments. They’re like gold for businesses, and here’s why:

1. They’re Trust Builders 🏆

Imagine you’re trying to decide where to buy a birthday cake. Two shops: one has loads of happy reviews, and the other doesn’t. Which one would you trust? Most people (like 72% of them!) say that good reviews make them feel all warm and fuzzy about a local business.

2. They’re Your Business Mirror 🪞

Every business has stuff to work on, right? Maybe it’s being friendlier or keeping things tidier. Google reviews are like your pals telling you where you can do better. If a bunch of folks are saying the same thing, like “Hey, the place could be cleaner!”, that’s your cue to grab a mop!

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3. Boost Your Online Coolness 😎

Wanna be the top result when someone Googles something related to your business? Good news! Google reviews can help you climb that search ladder. More reviews = more chances of popping up when someone’s searching.

4. Be the Top Pick 🌟

Okay, imagine you’re the customer again. Two businesses: both seem cool, but one has way more positive vibes from reviews. Which one would you pick? Right! That’s how you can be the top choice just by having folks say awesome things about you.

How do I see my Google reviews on a desktop or PC?

  1. Start with Google Maps or Google Business Profile. Just open up your favorite browser and head to one of these sites.
  2. Search for Your Business. Just type your business name into the search bar. It’s like looking for a friend!
  3. Spot the “Reviews” Tab & Click it. Here’s where all the chit-chat about your business lives!
  4. Want to Reply? Sign in First. To drop a friendly reply or a thank you, make sure you’re signed into your Google business account.

Quick Heads-up! Remember, you can’t just wipe away a review even if it stings a bit. You can’t delete them, but your customers can. Spot something fishy or not cool? You can always flag reviews that don’t play by Google’s rules.

How do I see my Google reviews on mobile phones?

  • Pop Open Google Maps.

Just tap on that app or use your browser on your phone.

  • Spot Your Profile Picture & Tap.

It’s usually hanging out in the top left corner. Hi, you!

  • Choose “Your Profile” from the Dropdown.

It’s like your digital footprint!

  • Scroll & Find “Reviews.”

Tap on “See all reviews” to dive deep.

  • Voila! All Your Google Reviews!

Whether they’re love notes or places you can shine, they’re all here!

How to find my Google reviews on Google Play?

Hey, fellow app explorer! Ever leave a review for an app and then can’t remember what you said? Or maybe you’re just curious about which apps you haven’t reviewed yet? No sweat! Let me walk you through how to find those reviews on Google Play. Here we go!

  1. Open Google Play Store. That’s right, tap on that colorful play button on your mobile device.
  2. Hello, It’s You! Tap Your Profile Picture. Find it in the top right corner. Tapping it is like opening a door to all things you!
  3. Dive into “Manage apps and devices.” Kinda feels like taking a look under the hood, doesn’t it?
  4. Time for “Ratings and Reviews!” From the options you see, choose this one. It’s like your personal feedback library!
  5. Bingo! All Your Reviews in One Spot! Just tap the “Posted” tab. This is where you can reminisce about all the things you’ve said about apps in the past.
  6. Curious About Apps You Haven’t Reviewed? Tap on the “Unreviewed” tab. It’s a great way to remember which apps could use some love (or some feedback)!
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And that’s the ticket! With these easy steps, you’ve got a front-row seat to all your app thoughts on Google Play. Whether you’re giving praise, sharing feedback, or just curious about what you’ve said, it’s all at your fingertips.

Check out what your customers are saying about you!

Alrighty! You’ve now got the scoop on how to peek at those Google reviews. With this fresh guide, you’re all set to see what people are chatting about when it comes to your business. Cool, right?

But wait! 🛑 Keeping an eye on your Google reviews is just the tip of the iceberg. There’s more to the online rep game.

Look, reading reviews is great and all, but you want to do more. Like, getting more virtual thumbs-ups 👍 and balancing out any “meh” or “ugh” moments with plenty of positives. That’s where DemandHub swings into action!

Think of DemandHub as your sidekick in the world of online rep. This nifty tool isn’t just any software; it’s like a magic box that helps you:

  • Gather More Gold-Star Reviews: Send out invites for reviews via text (yeah, just like texting a buddy!) and watch those rave reviews pour in.
  • All Your Feedback in One Cozy Spot: No more tab-jumping! With a sleek dashboard, you can see all the love, suggestions, and yes, even the not-so-great bits, all in one place.

Why wait? Give DemandHub a whirl. Book your free demo and see how you can shoot up the review charts like a rockstar!


In today’s digital age, it’s not just about offering stellar services or products. It’s about listening, engaging, and evolving based on the feedback loop the online world provides. Whether you’re browsing Google reviews or harnessing the power of tools like DemandHub, staying connected to customer sentiments is key. As you actively gather more praise, tackle feedback, and manage your online reputation, you’re not just building a business; you’re building trust. So, take a moment, dive into those reviews, and let the voice of your customers guide you to even greater heights. After all, in the vast world of online opinions, every star, every comment, and every feedback counts.

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. How can I see the Google reviews for my business?

You can see your Google reviews by logging into your Google My Business account and clicking on the "Reviews" tab.

2. Is it possible to see my Google reviews without a Google My Business account?

No, in order to see your Google reviews, you must have a Google My Business account.

3. How does Google determine which reviews to display?

Google uses an algorithm to determine which reviews to display. This algorithm takes into account factors such as the relevance, quality, and recency of the reviews.

4. Can I respond to Google reviews?

Yes, you can respond to Google reviews by logging into your Google My Business account and clicking on the "Reviews" tab. From there, you can select the review you want to respond to and write your response.

5. Why are some of my Google reviews missing?

There are a few reasons why your Google reviews might not be showing up. It could be that the reviewer deleted their review, the review was flagged for policy violations, or the review was filtered by Google's algorithm.

6. How do I encourage customers to leave Google reviews?

You can encourage customers to leave Google reviews by mentioning it in your email signature, adding a link to your Google My Business page on your website, or offering incentives for leaving a review.
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