The Growing Future of the Mobile Games Industry in 2022: 3 Reasons for Growth

Mobile phones have continuously evolved and changed their purpose. From a simple tool for communication to a powerful gaming device – who knows what else it can do in the future? The pandemic in 2020 has indeed hit every kind of business.

For instance, casinos in Canada and around the world were forced to shut down. However, this made Québec focus on operating in mobile casino Canada apps instead. Since the transition, Concordia University states that it is expected to have a 13.2% increase in revenue and 77% growth of online casinos.

After all, Canadians need to find ways to pay the bills. The pandemic isn’t the only reason for the growth of the mobile gaming industry. In this article, we have listed the top three reasons why the industry continues to thrive.

1. Free to Play

Free-to-play games have played a major role in the development of the mobile gaming industry. It has endless opportunities for both game developers and players who wish to download the game for free. Most game developers prefer these types of games simply because they attract more players and the potential for more earnings with in-game ads.

Players can download the game for free and play it in the demo version. And when they decide to purchase the game or make in-app purchases, that’s where the stream of income flows for game developers. Nowadays, players prefer mobile games to game consoles because of accessibility and affordability.

According to statistics, most mobile gamers would rather watch an ad in-game for a free item or play games with ads rather than paying for an ad-free game. Thus, free-to-play games have more potential than paid mobile games. Despite being free in the beginning, most players end up making in-app purchases for game upgrades eventually.

Furthermore, players can expect a better gaming experience with the development of 5G mobile and advanced technology. Expect to have better download speeds, a faster interface, and more social engagement that will attract more mobile gamers.

2. Convenient and Affordable

Though there are popular gaming consoles, such as Playstation and Xbox, they are not affordable for everyone, and sometimes they’re not available in some countries. People want products to be easily accessible and, most importantly, inexpensive. If you can get the same gaming experience for free, anytime and anywhere, then you’d probably focus on mobile games since most people own one.

If you can play a popular game with a gadget that you already have, then why spend more on an expensive console or build an expensive gaming PC? Plus, mobile games are free to download. And, of course, let’s not forget its convenience. Playing mobile games is portable. You can play it at home, on the way to work, or before going to bed.

Moreover, it’s one of the most convenient means of communication to get in touch with friends or family by playing games together. What is a better way to catch up than playing a fun game while talking in the game? For some people, convenience is the top priority.

For instance, mobile casino games are increasingly becoming popular compared to land-based casinos. Players would rather play at home than dress up and spend a night in casinos. If you can play at a casino for real money at home, then why bother going out? Plus, according to ESA, 80% of players say it gives mental stimulation and relaxation.

3. Innovative Smartphone Technology and More Mobile Game Options

Finally, thanks to smartphone innovations, mobile games have also adapted to the change. Mobile games are available on any smartphone device. Plus, it has also developed its user interface by allowing multiplayer games, augmented reality, and even live streaming tech.

In the past, we only had a few simple games that involved basic character movements. Today, game developers have created a wide number of games that work on any device. It’s overwhelming how many choices there are before you can decide to download a game. From a simple Snake game in a Nokia 3310 to Mobile Legends and mobile casino Canada, there are many options for every kind of player.

Final Thoughts

Mobile gaming isn’t going anywhere and is here to stay. We can expect more innovations any time soon. Although you may want to wait in line for the next popular gaming console, you may want to just stick with a smartphone. With smartphones becoming cheaper and advanced, mobile games are sure to become bigger in the next few years.

Conrad Brennan is a professor in management studies who transitioned to becoming an expert in the sports betting business and online casino industry. Read more about him.

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