How Do You Get Black Stone Powder in Black Desert Online?

In Black Desert Online, the black stone powder is an ingredient used in several recipes. Although it is in high demand, black stone powder can’t be purchased at the marketplace. This makes it necessary that each player identify a way to acquire this ingredient as it is advantageous in the game’s life skill aspects. That is, you have to find how you can produce this item yourself.

Luckily, there are three methods you can employ to obtain this ingredient without having to go to the marketplace. The first method is by grinding magic crystals, while the second one involves grinding black stones. The third method, which is considered to be the hardest one, involves processing rough stones.

By Grinding Magical Crystals

This is perhaps the most straightforward method to acquire the black stone powder, and it involves grinding magical crystals. To do this, use the grinding option available on the processing screen (press L). After grinding these magic crystals, you’ll get black stone powder that is approximately as much as the crystal’s price divided by 2000. Hence, a magic crystal worth 24,000 silver will produce between 10 and 16 black stone powders after it is ground.

Regardless of the magic crystal price, you are required to have a processing skill of at least artisan 1. This will enable your grinding to produce black stone powder of approximately the crystal’s price divided by 2000. In essence, the more expensive the magic crystal you are grinding is, the more black stone powders it will produce. The more magic crystals you have, the more black atone powders you can get from them.

Tip: To obtain unlimited black stone powder from grinding magic crystals, you have to use the special deals tab at the central marketplace. Players are oft to post their loot in this deals tab, and due to the increase in drop rate, magic crystals are always in abundant supply. Hence, the automatic pricing system puts them up for sale at a very low price.

By Grinding Black Stone

You can also obtain this ingredient by grinding black stones used in both armor and weapons. While grinding black stones does not produce as much black stone powder as magic crystals do, the process is much faster. In essence, if you need a large number of black stone powders quickly, then grinding black stone is your best bet. Otherwise, it is recommended that you grind magic crystals.

By Processing Rough Stones

This method involves having a worker process rough stones into your required black stone powder. It is the hardest method you can use to obtain the black stone powder, making it one method you should rarely try, if at all. However, to process rough stones, do the following:

Locate a house that can be upgraded to a refinery and rent it. You can find this type of place in several cities and some towns.

Then, open the refinery and assign one of your workers to carry out the rough stones’ processing. Also, ensure you feed the worker with beer regularly to ascertain that he doesn’t stop working.

It is worthy of mention that you only get one black stone powder for every two rough stones your worker process. However, refineries with higher rankings can process more rough stones in one run.

Unfortunately, there’ll be times when you will be unable to use magic crystals because of its unavailability. (Magic crystals become unavailable when players buy them en masse for their usage.)  When this happens, you can use this method even though it seems to be a waste of time and contribution points.

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