Five Ways Technology Can Help You Serve Your Customers Better

You’re in business to serve your customers. Unfortunately, just because you think you’re doing your best to provide them with the kind of service they want doesn’t mean you actually are.

In today’s world, technology is an extremely important way to connect with and serve your customers. It’s convenient for them, it enables you to connect on a deeper level, and it can really work for your business. When you use technology the right way to serve your customers, you’ll grow and increase your bottom line.

Build a Membership Website

One thing that can set you apart from others in your industry is to build a membership website that only customers who are enrolled can access. Members can pay for a membership, you can offer free memberships to customers and clients after they have made a purchase with your business, or if they have spent enough money on your products and services.

Once they have login information, you can provide them with members-only access to content, you can safely and securely process payments in an instant, and you can provide them with special offers that others aren’t able to see.

If you really want to go above and beyond, consider creating a membership website that features different levels of memberships. It enables you to create memberships at many different price points, and it allows your customers to sign up for a membership plan that works for them.

Use a Chatbot on Your Website

Chatbots get kind of a bad rap. Some believe they are the website equivalent to an automated telephone service, and although that can sometimes be the case, it doesn’t have to be. If you use chatbots the right way, they can actually be a great way to serve your customers.

A properly programmed chatbot is able to direct inquiries to the correct parties, which means there is no need for a customer to jump between three or four different customer service representatives in an effort to find an answer to their question.

They can also be programmed to answer common questions. That way, your customers can get the answers the need in an instant, and they can get it day or night, without having to wait until regular business hours.

Create an Automated Email List

We all get way too many emails, but that doesn’t necessarily mean that they aren’t effective. You can still use them to connect with customers and benefit your business, as long as you do it carefully.

You should only send automated emails to customers and clients who have signed up for your emails on your website. Don’t just send your emails to random inboxes. It isn’t likely to be appreciated.

You also need to know the best times to send out emails! They include:

  • Welcome emails
  • Abandoned cart emails
  • Coupons and discount emails
  • Milestone emails
  • Product and service updates

Create an App

It’s true that creating an app can be challenging. It can also be expensive, if you want to get it right. However, it also has the potential to impact your business in a positive way. Not to mention, it’s a convenient way for your customers to interact with your company!

An app allows you to use push notifications, enabling you to engage with your customers regularly. They can easily make in-app payments, and with a little tech know-how, you can even send coupons and discounts to your customers if the app uses geolocation to determine that they are near your store!

Create Original Content for Free

Creating original content and offering it for free is a great way to serve your customers. By updating a blog or posting videos to YouTube, you can:

  • Offer expertise in your industry
  • Create directional and installation videos for your products
  • Allow customers to get to know your business and employees
  • Share your company’s volunteer and charitable efforts

It’s also a great way to show customers that you’re active online, and it shows Google that you’re active and relevant on the internet, which can boost your website’s ranking on the search results page. Not to mention, it gives your business a personal face and voice, which is a great way to connect with customers!

There are seemingly endless ways to use technology to promote your business. Don’t waste your time on the ones that don’t enable you to serve your customers better. With the tips on this list, both you and your customers can get the most out of the customer service tech you use.

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