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Ever been on Etsy and thought, “I wonder if my friend is on here?” or “How can I find this person?” Well, you’re not alone! But, let me break it down for you: finding someone on Etsy isn’t as straightforward as you might think. Let’s dive into it!

Here’s the deal: if you’re trying to find a regular shopper (like you and me) on Etsy, it’s a bit tricky. But if you’re looking for a shop owner and you know their shop’s name, it gets a bit easier. Just pop that name into Etsy’s search bar. Sometimes, you’ll be taken straight to their shop—woohoo! But other times, you might have to do a little more digging.

If you don’t land directly on their shop page, Etsy might give you a friendly nudge and ask, “Did you mean this shop?” Click on that, and you’ll be on your way. Once you’re there, you can check out the shop owner’s profile and see what they’re all about.

In the good ol’ days, Etsy had some ways to help us find our buddies. But here’s the catch: they worked sometimes. Not always. It’s like trying to catch a fish with your bare hands—sometimes you get lucky, sometimes you just get wet.

How to find people on Etsy.

Have you ever been chilling on Etsy, wondering if you can find an old friend, a family member, or maybe just someone you’ve heard about? You’re in luck! I’m here to spill the beans on the ins and outs of finding someone on Etsy. Let’s dive in!

1. The Etsy Search Bar: Hit or Miss?

Okay, here’s the scoop. As of when I’m jotting this down, Etsy doesn’t exactly have a fancy “Find Your Friend” button. If you try typing someone’s name in the search bar, chances are, you might not find them—unless their name is magically a part of their shop’s name. Once in a blue moon, even if their name isn’t in the shop name, their listings might pop up. But don’t bet your cookies on it!

2. The Mysterious “People Finder” Page

Now, there’s this thing called the “People Finder” page on Etsy. Sounds super cool, right? But here’s the twist: it’s like that one old TV that sometimes works and sometimes just shows static.

Guess what? I tried it! I typed in my own name and what did I see? A ghostly blank profile. And, trust me, I’m definitely cooler than that blank profile!

But wait! I didn’t give up. I tried searching for some of my crafty pals from the Artisan Shopping Directory. After a few taps and clicks, voila! I found one of them. But, some others? They got the same ghostly treatment I did.

How to find someone’s wishlist on Etsy.

Ever wondered what your pals or family are eyeing on Etsy? Want to surprise them with a gift? Or maybe you’re just a little nosy (we’ve all been there!). Here’s a quick guide on peeking at what they’ve favorited on Etsy – but remember, it’s not always a wishlist!

1. Etsy Wishlists: Myth or Reality?

First things first: Etsy doesn’t really have a “wishlist” feature. Shocking, right? But what they do have are favorites. People can gather their beloved items and put them in collections. Now, don’t go jumping to conclusions thinking, “Aha! That’s what they want!” because sometimes, people just click that heart for fun or other reasons.

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2. How to Find Those Favorites?

Already read the part about finding people on Etsy? Great! Once you’ve tracked down someone:

  • Click on their lovely name, which takes you to their profile.
  • Here, you can see their Etsy shop (if they’ve got one) and their favorites – unless they’re being a bit secretive and have set them to private.

You can scroll through and see what catches their eye. If something looks like a perfect gift, just click on it, and you’ll be taken straight to the listing. Easy peasy!

3. Private? No Peeking!

If they’re a little shy and have set their favorites to private, Etsy will give you a gentle nudge like, “Hey, you can’t see that!”. Respect their privacy and maybe just ask them directly what they’d like.

4. Favorites ≠ Wishlist

This is SUPER important! Just because someone has favorited an item doesn’t mean they’re dreaming of owning it. They might be shopping for someone else, found something hilariously weird, or just browsing for fun.

For example, I’ve got a treasure trove of favorites. But guess what? I’m not secretly hoping to own them all. I often favorite items from different shops to keep tabs, help with shop reviews, or just to appreciate their awesomeness.

How to find a shop on Etsy.

Ever had a shop in mind that you just have to check out on Etsy? Maybe you heard about it from a friend or saw something cool on social media. Either way, finding it can be a wee bit tricky. No worries, though! I’m here to make that journey super easy for you. Ready? Let’s go!

1. On Your Desktop: Type It Out!

Okay, first tip for those of you on a desktop:

  • Head to the Etsy search bar.
  • Type the shop’s name, but here’s the catch: no spaces between the words. Why? Because Etsy’s like, “Who needs spaces in shop names?”
  • You might be taken straight to the shop. If not…

2. Playing Detective: More Search Options

If you’re not whisked away to the shop:

  • Click on the search bar again, and Etsy might ask if you’re looking for shops with that name.
  • Or, you could spot a friendly hint like “Did you mean the shop…” right under the search bar. If you see this, click on it!

3. Listings, Listings, Listings

Sometimes, as a bonus, you might see items from the shop pop up in the search. But that’s like a surprise gift—it doesn’t always happen.

4. The Special Etsy Shop Search Page

Got another ace up my sleeve for you! Use the Etsy shop search page (yup, that’s a link for you!). Just type in the shop name there, and you’ll see shops with that name or ones that are kinda similar. Super handy!

Need more deets? There’s a cool article about it: How To Search For A Shop Name On Etsy.

5. On the Go? Use the Etsy App!

For those of you with the Etsy app:

  • Tap the little icon on the left of the search bar.
  • Choose “Search by shop.”
  • Now, type in the shop name (remember, no spaces).

Is there an easier way to find people on Etsy?

So, you want to connect with your pals on Etsy? Maybe you’re curious about their latest favorites or want to collaborate on some shopping? Well, guess what? I’ve got the easy-peasy way to do just that!

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1. Just Ask Them!

Yup, sometimes the simplest solution is the best. Ask your friend for their Etsy username or even better, a direct link to their profile. No detective work needed!

2. The Magic of Direct Links

Once you’ve got that golden link, click on it, and voilà! You’re taken straight to their profile. From there, you can choose to follow them. Easy, right?

3. What’s the Deal with Following on Etsy?

Now, following someone on Etsy isn’t like other social media platforms. You won’t get updates on their breakfast or their cute pet pics. Instead, you get a peek into their Etsy world: their favorites and any cool collections they’ve curated. Think of it as getting a window into their Etsy taste!

4. A Quick Note on “Etsy Chat”

Just to clear things up: Etsy doesn’t have a chat or messaging feature for pals. So, it’s not the place for long catch-up sessions or sharing memes. But if you’re planning a project or shopping spree together, seeing their favorites is super handy!

How to follow people and shops on Etsy.

Want to keep tabs on your favorite Etsy people and shops? Maybe you want to get a sneak peek into your friend’s favorites or stay updated with the latest from a shop you adore. Whatever the reason, I’m here to show you how to do just that. Let’s dive in!

1. Following a Shop? Here’s How!

  • Head over to the shop’s homepage on Etsy.
  • Look for a little heart symbol next to the shop name. Found it? Great!
  • Click on that heart. Boom! You’re now following the shop.

2. What about People?

  • Go to the person’s personal profile page.
  • Search for a “+follow” button. It’s usually quite visible.
  • Give that button a click, and voilà! You’re following them.

3. What’s the Perk of Following?

For Shops:

  • Get updates straight in your notifications. This includes exciting new items, sale alerts, and more.

For People:

  • You might see items they’ve favorited, giving you a fun little insight into their tastes.
  • Want to revisit whom you’ve followed? Check your personal profile and look under “following.” They’ll be right there!

4. A Little Lingo Update for You

Remember when everyone said “favoriting” a shop? Well, Etsy decided to keep up with the social media lingo times. As of June 2022, it’s all about “following” the shop. But whether you call it “favoriting” or “following”, it means the same: keeping an eye on shops you love.

5. Why Follow?

It’s simple. By following, you get a personalized experience. Your homepage will showcase items from shops you follow. And, if you’re an avid deal hunter, watching your notifications will alert you to any sales!

Why does Etsy make this so difficult?

Ever felt like finding someone on Etsy is like hunting for a needle in a haystack? Trust me, you’re not alone in feeling this way. Let’s break down why this might be and how to navigate through it.

1. Why So Complicated, Etsy?

It’s a question many of us have scratched our heads over. Why doesn’t Etsy make it easier to find people? Honestly, I can’t read the minds of the folks at Etsy, but I can guess. Etsy’s primary focus is probably on products and shops rather than the social aspect. They’ve had features like “find your friends” before, but for some reason, they waved it goodbye. Perhaps they felt it wasn’t crucial for the platform or maybe there were privacy concerns. Whatever the reason, we can only hope they might reintroduce something even better in the future.

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2. But Wait, There’s Hope!

Yes, it might feel like a maze right now, but there’s a simple hack: Go direct! If you know someone on Etsy, ask them for a direct link to their profile. It’s straightforward, fuss-free, and you bypass the cryptic search system.

3. Searching for Shops is a Breeze (Kinda)

Thankfully, finding a shop isn’t as tricky. Just remember this golden rule: when typing the shop’s name, forget about spaces. Yup, smoosh all those words together, and you’ll find your desired shop in no time!


Navigating Etsy can sometimes feel like you’re stepping into an enchanting yet intricate forest, where treasures await but are occasionally hidden behind thick foliage. It’s evident that while Etsy shines brilliantly as a marketplace for unique and handcrafted items, its friend-finding features might need a sprinkle more of magic.

Remember, though, every forest has its pathways. By directly communicating with friends and employing little hacks, like the no-space rule for shop names, you can easily discover the treasures you seek. So, while we hope for a smoother journey in the future, equipped with these tips, your Etsy exploration can still be rewarding and fun.

Until then, keep exploring, keep connecting, and may every Etsy quest lead you to delightful finds and wonderful connections!

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How do I search for shops on Etsy?

To search for shops on Etsy, go to the Etsy website and click on the "Shops" tab on the top navigation bar. From there, you can browse featured shops or use the search bar to look for specific shops by name or by keywords.

2. How do I find specific items on Etsy?

To find specific items on Etsy, use the search bar located at the top of the website. You can search by keywords, shops, or categories. You can also use filters such as price, location, and item type to narrow down your search.

3. How do I use "Favorites" on Etsy?

To use the "Favorites" feature on Etsy, click on the heart-shaped icon located next to your favorite items or shops. This will save them to your "Favorites" list, which you can access anytime by clicking on your profile picture and selecting "Favorites" from the dropdown menu.

4. Can I follow a shop on Etsy?

Yes, you can follow a shop by clicking on the "Follow" button located on the shop's homepage. This will keep you updated on new products and promotions from that shop.

5. How do I contact a seller on Etsy?

To contact a seller on Etsy, click on the "Contact shop owner" link located on the shop's homepage or on the product page. You can also send a message to the seller through their Etsy profile page.

6. How do I track my Etsy order?

To track your Etsy order, go to your "Purchases and reviews" page and click on the order you want to track. This will take you to the order details page where you can find the tracking information provided by the seller.
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