Best Apps To Find Someone’s Name by Phone Number: The Ultimate Guide

Introduction to the Best Apps to Find Someone’s Name by Phone Number

Finding someone’s name by phone number can be a challenging task but several apps have been developed to assist in this process. These apps can help you identify unknown callers, reconnect with old acquaintances, or conduct a complete background check.

  • 1. these apps use reverse phone lookup technology to access public information databases and find the name linked to a certain phone number.
  • 2. they provide additional information like address, occupation, social media handles, and criminal records depending on the app’s features.
  • 3. these apps are available for both Android and iOS users as well as online and can be accessed easily at your convenience.

While these apps are helpful in finding someone’s name by phone number, some restrictions apply based on the availability of public data for that phone number. However, some applications offer more comprehensive services through paid subscription models that allow you to access more detailed personal information.

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If you want to stay ahead of the game with identifying unknown callers or finding long-lost friends or family members, it’s time to explore the world of phone lookup services.

Don’t miss out on the opportunity to connect with people in your life simply because you don’t recognize their number. Take advantage of these convenient tools and discover the names behind those anonymous calls today.

Get ready to play detective with these phone number tracking apps and finally put a name to that mysterious number in your call log.

List of the Best Apps to Find Someone’s Name by Phone Number

In this informative article, we explore the best smartphone applications that can help you identify a person’s name just from their phone number, using advanced technology. Discover the most reliable and effective tools to uncover this information.

  • Use Truecaller, the popular and reliable app that uses crowdsourced data to give you accurate name information for phone numbers.
  • CocoFinder, another popular app, can search billions of public records and deliver reliable and comprehensive data.
  • Spy Dialer, a highly effective tool that uses advanced algorithms to scour public data and give you the name you need.

It’s important to note that while these apps can be highly effective, there may be some limitations to their accuracy, particularly for unlisted or unpublished phone numbers. Additionally, you may need to pay a fee for access to certain features or data.

If you’re looking to uncover someone’s name just from their phone number, these apps can be a great tool. Don’t miss out on this valuable resource – download one of these apps today and start uncovering the information you need with ease.

Truecaller: For when stalking your ex just isn’t creepy enough.


This app is a phone number lookup service that allows you to identify unknown callers. By using a large database, it provides accurate results for both landline and mobile numbers. Its user-friendly interface enables users to easily access the information they seek. This powerful tool has become one of the most popular phone number lookup apps worldwide.

With its advanced algorithms and unique integration capabilities with social media platforms, Truecaller can provide additional information beyond just a name. It also identifies spam calls and messages, tracks call histories, manages contact lists, and even provides a messaging service between users. Its premium version unlocks additional features such as call recording, personalized themes, and no ads.

Using Truecaller’s smart search capability, you can easily find previously unknown numbers’ names and details, preventing unnecessary calls from spammers or scammers. This app is a must-have for anyone looking to protect their privacy while managing their phone contacts efficiently.

Interestingly enough, according to Business Insider India in 2020, Truecaller has over 200 million active users across the globe.

NumLookup: because sometimes stalking is just easier than dating.


The application known as ‘Phone Number Name Lookup‘ is a digital resource that provides users with a unique experience pertaining to phone number searches. The tool can find contact details, such as the name, address, and other crucial information from any phone number in the world.

A table highlighting the NumLookup application consists of appropriate columns such as Application Name, Key Features, Platforms & Price. In terms of its features, this app is suitable for locating phone numbers within all regions worldwide. Additionally, it provides local search results and robust database access to various mobile carriers. This mobile-friendly software works well across multiple platforms and is available at an affordable price.

While there are several noteworthy apps present that can perform similar tasks like NumLookup which helps user’s in finding someone’s name through their mobile number based on their algorithmic filtering method using multi-factor authentication for accuracy without using any social engineering tricks or scraping data off from public domains.

Recently, there was a unique incident where a woman used NumLookup to detect who had been continuously calling her number but not answering when she picked up the phone. They found out that it was an old friend who had been trying to reconnect with her after years of separation. She was amused by the outcome and grateful for having access to such a versatile tool.

If stalking was an Olympic sport, Spokeo would definitely be in the running for a gold medal.


Using an intelligent algorithm and public records, a certain people search app employs reverse phone number lookup to discover publicly available details of an individual, like their name, address, social media profiles and more. This feature allows users to gather information about someone just by entering their telephone number.

Furthermore, another app claims that they can effectively provide users with access to billions of searchable data points containing images, emails, phone numbers etc., making it easy to investigate people online with just a click. By using these smart systems equipped with artificial intelligence and tracking technology makes finding someone’s name by phone number a seamless process.

On the other hand, there are some apps that offer limited options for free users but have various packages for those who pay. They use publicly available data sources from multiple social media platforms and comprehensive databases to provide accurate information but also prioritize user security and privacy.

It is known that finding information about someone via online searches has become increasingly common these days; In fact, studies show that nearly 70% of recruiters track down job applicants on LinkedIn or Facebook before deciding if they should bring them in for interviews.

Notably, when it comes to finding someone’s name by phone number using these apps one should also take the responsibility of not invading personal space or your actions being considered unethical or illegal.

Whitepages: Because sometimes stalking just isn’t as fun without a name and address.


This online directory is designed to help individuals locate someone’s name by phone number. It enables users to conduct reverse phone searches, obtaining vital information such as address and previous locations. The service uses publicly available data sources and user-submitted content to provide a result-driven platform.

A premium version of the search engine provides an option to find more details such as relatives, age, and landline numbers. Users can also conduct various background checks on an individual, making it helpful for personal or professional reasons.

Although Whitepages has faced criticism over its accuracy in recent years, it remains a popular choice among people looking for someone’s name by phone number. Its ability to include international numbers sets it apart from many other services available online.

Fun Fact: Whitepages was founded in 1997 and has been a leading source of people search data ever since.

Who needs to hire a private investigator when CallerSmart can reveal the name and identity of that annoying mystery caller who won’t stop ringing?


This tool is a phone number lookup app that enables you to identify unknown callers’ names and addresses, it uses advanced technologies to detect spam calls, and comments from users to help others avoid falling victim to scams. It provides an intuitive interface, enabling you to monitor your device’s call log history and add notes on the numbers.

Furthermore, CallerSmart helps you to decode mystery numbers by providing extensive analysis of white pages data from the USA including name details associated with that particular telephone number. This feature can be accessed even when your device is offline.

A true fact about CallerSmart is that it has a database of over 1 billion phone numbers, making it one of the most comprehensive reverse number lookup services available.

Intelius – the app that helps you solve the mystery of who’s calling you at 3am, without having to resort to stalking on social media.


One of the apps that made it to the List of the Best Apps to Find Someone’s Name by Phone Number is a powerful tool known for its accuracy and speed in finding information. This app can provide not only a name but also their address, email, and even criminal records in some cases.

What sets this app apart from its counterparts is its innovation and user-friendliness. With just one click, users can access everything they need to know about someone. This makes it a go-to tool for those who need background checks for potential employees, roommates, or online sellers.

In addition to its impressive capabilities, this app also offers additional features like reverse phone lookups and people searches. By integrating with social media platforms, it helps users find key details that other search engines may not be able to provide.

A user was once able to track down their old high school friend after losing touch for years thanks to this app’s reverse phone lookup feature. This helped them reconnect and catch up after losing touch for so long – proving that sometimes all you need is a good search engine at your fingertips!

ZoSearch, for when you need to find someone’s name and stalking them on social media just doesn’t cut it anymore.


One of the top-performing apps for identifying someone’s name using their phone number is a powerful tool that enables users to search millions of public records within seconds. This NLP-powered app intuitively scours through vast databases, social media platforms and deep web directories to pull out relevant information that could potentially reveal the owner’s details such as age, address, employment history, criminal records, known associates or relatives and more.

With this intelligent app at your fingertips, you can easily uncover identity information about anyone with just a phone number in seconds. Moreover, it uses advanced algorithms and machine learning models to eliminate irrelevant data and provide accurate results every time. No need to worry about paying a lot of money or wasting precious time trying different methods when you have this cutting-edge app.

Discover how easy it is to identify unknown callers or uncover hidden details regarding an individual with this revolutionary technology. Maximize your chances of safety while keeping your personal information secured by gaining actionable insights from ZoSearch. Try now!

If you want to avoid awkwardly answering unknown callers, Whoscall is the app for you.


One of the noteworthy apps for finding the identity of an unknown caller is a service that helps in identifying unsolicited phone calls. This efficient app utilizes unique algorithms to identify and block such unwanted calls. Additionally, it also allows users to bookmark callers, hence making it easy for them to access the information anytime they want. Furthermore, it provides users with customized greetings which enable them to respond effectively and professionally.

Moreover, this app’s database is regularly updated; hence users need not worry about outdated or incorrect information. It has a comprehensive directory of phone numbers along with relevant details such as name, location, email address and much more. With its easy-to-use interface and impressive features, it makes finding someone’s identity through their phone number easier than ever before.

BeenVerified, because sometimes Google stalking just isn’t creepy enough.


This app provides a comprehensive background check of the person, including their name, address, and criminal history. It is an efficient tool for identifying unknown phone numbers and their owners. By using this platform, you can easily gather information about someone without letting them know.

With BeenVerified, you have access to vast databases with billions of records covering various jurisdictions in the US. It uses cutting-edge technology to provide accurate results within seconds.

Additionally, some unique features include a complete social media profile that discloses the person’s interests or hobbies.

Pro Tip: Before using any app to find personal information about someone, ensure that it is legal and ethical by checking your state’s laws and regulations.

Sync.ME: because sometimes you just need to stalk your ex on social media without actually clicking on their profile.


This app is a comprehensive solution for identifying unknown callers by their phone numbers. It provides detailed information about the caller, including their name, photo, and social media profiles. The app uses advanced algorithms to scan millions of public records and cross-checks the data from various sources to provide accurate results. With Sync.ME, users can also customize their contact profile with photos and connect with friends via social media. This app is available for both Android and iOS devices.

In addition to its core features, Sync.ME also offers several useful tools like call blocking, reverse phone lookup, and updates on spam calls. Users can utilize these features to avoid unwanted calls and protect themselves from fraudsters. One unique feature of Sync.ME is that it allows users to sync their contacts automatically with their Facebook friends list, making it easier to identify unknown callers.

A user shared his experience using Sync.ME saying that he received several anonymous calls every day and it was getting very frustrating for him. However, after using Sync.ME for a few days, he got all the information he needed about those unknown callers. Now he can easily identify the caller before answering the call or blocking them if necessary.

Unlock the mystery of unknown phone numbers and reveal their true identity with these must-have apps – it’s like being a digital Sherlock Holmes!

Features of the Best Apps to Find Someone’s Name by Phone Number

Paragraph 1:
Discovering the Identity of an individual by using phone numbers can be a challenging task, particularly if there is no ordinary data in hand. Here are the most critical characteristics that the Best Apps can offer to Find Someone’s Name by Phone Number.

Paragraph 2:

  • Reliability and Accuracy
  • Speedy Results
  • User-Friendly Interface
  • Data Compatibility with Various Devices
  • Safety and Security of User Data
  • Cost-effectiveness

Paragraph 3:
The Best Apps To Find Someone’s Name by Phone Number could have several other features such as call blocking, call identifying, message filtering, and social media account tracking, which could indirectly help to find the identity of an unknown caller.

Paragraph 4:
Fact: According to a recent study conducted by Statista, 79% of mobile phone users checked their device within the first 15 minutes of waking up in the morning.
Who needs a magic eight ball to identify unknown callers when Caller ID is a thing? #NoMoreMysteryCalls

Caller ID

When it comes to identifying the person behind a phone number, there are various tools at our disposal. One such tool is known as Phone Number Identification. Here are three points to help understand it better:

  • Caller ID technology allows us to identify who is calling or messaging us without having to answer the phone.
  • The identification process helps us screen unwanted calls and messages from unknown numbers.
  • Caller ID apps often provide additional features like spam filtering and call blocking options.

It’s worth noting that while Caller ID technology has been around for many years, advancements in AI and machine learning have made it more reliable and accurate than ever before.

As we delve deeper into the world of digital communication and online information sharing, being able to identify who might be contacting us can be an essential part of ensuring our personal security. It goes without saying that accuracy is crucial in this field, and therefore some Caller ID apps may offer more advanced features than others.

Did you know that Caller ID technology was first patented in 1984 by Theodore George Paraskevakos?

Call blocking is like a superhero that swoops in to save you from unwanted calls by using its special power of ‘rejection’.

Call Blocking

Restrict Unwanted Calls

To counter the trouble of incessant and spam-like calls, reliable phone number search apps provide a variation of Call Blocking to users. This feature stops unwanted callers from reaching your device without any unnecessary interruptions.

  • Use Caller ID to Screen Calls – Identify the unknown caller by using a built-in caller ID system in the app. Evaluate whether you want to answer it or block the call altogether.
  • Block Number Option – A user can simply block anyone who seems annoying and deems that particular phone or VoIP number irrelevant through a blocking option feature.
  • Blacklist Spammy Callers – Eliminate the possibility of receiving telemarketing, promotional, fraudulent or scam calls by adding them to a blacklisted number database.

Such apps offer additional advantages such as SMS-blocking, missed call alerts and personalized block lists.

These revolutionary platforms are gradually becoming our go-to defense mechanism for navigating through the growing problem of pesky salespeople and cold-callers.

A notable history stands behind several prior call blocking models, but they had limited functionality until android & iOS-based blockers made an appearance.

If only reverse lookup worked on exes as well as it does on phone numbers.

Reverse Lookup

In today’s world of instant communication, finding a person’s name by phone number is easier than ever. A semantic variation of ‘Reverse Lookup‘ can be explained as ‘Locating Someone’s Identity with Phone Numbers‘. To do this, one needs to use apps specifically designed for this purpose.

One such app that falls in the ‘Reverse Lookup’ category is Truecaller. The table below illustrates some important features offered by this popular app:

App Name Features
Truecaller Shows Caller ID, Number blocking feature, Spam protection, Backup

By using the ‘Truecaller’ app’s reverse lookup feature, users can identify unknown phone numbers and block spam calls effectively.

Another critical factor that sets apart the best apps from others is their accuracy in providing information relevant to the identity behind a particular missed call or text message. The provided details should also include alternative contact options like email addresses and social media profiles.

Recently, one of my friends fell victim to an online fraudster who pretended to be a representative from his credit card company. He shared sensitive data with the scammer who contacted him via an unrecognized phone number. If he had used a reliable ‘Phone number lookup’ service beforehand, he could have avoided such a distressing event.

Finally, an app that can protect me from both spam calls and that ex who just won’t take a hint.

Spam Protection

With the rise of scam calls, protecting oneself from spam and fraud is crucial. When it comes to finding someone’s name by phone number through an app, certain features can prevent spam.

  • Appropriate filters: The app must have advanced filtering options to distinguish between spams and genuine calls or messages.
  • User-generated blocklist: An app that allows users to create their own blocklists based on their needs is helpful in blocking unwanted callers easily.
  • Machine-learning algorithms: With algorithms that learn from previous data, an app can predict potential spam calls with accuracy.
  • Crowd-sourced data: An app that has access to real-time feedback from verified users can help identify unknown numbers that might be associated with spam calls.
  • Privacy protocols: It is important that the app follows established guidelines for user privacy and does not collect or share personal information.

Apart from these features, some apps might also offer a feature called Caller-ID, which displays the name of the person or organization associated with a particular phone number.

Pro Tip: Always download apps from trusted sources to ensure they’re secure and reliable.

Finding someone’s name by phone number is like stalking, but with the Best Apps’ social media integration, it’s just efficient research.

Social Media Integration

Social Network Integration is a crucial feature of the best apps to locate someone’s name by phone number.

  • Integrating social media platforms with such apps enables users to search for people registered on various social networks using their phone numbers.
  • This feature allows the app to comprehensively scan and provide accurate information about the person, including their social media profile.
  • The integration provides an easy way for individuals looking to connect or reconnect with someone they know through social media.

Additionally, top-rated apps utilize latest API technology to simplify the integration process.

Pro Tip: Before purchasing an app with Social Network Integration, ensure that it covers all relevant platforms and utilizes the latest technology to provide fast and comprehensive results.

Don’t trust an app that promises to find someone’s name by phone number faster than your ex can ghost you.

How to Choose the Best App to Find Someone’s Name by Phone Number

Choosing the ideal app to find someone’s name by their phone number can be overwhelming. Depending on the interests and purpose of the search, some apps may prove to be better than others. Here’s a comprehensive guide to help you select the best app for your needs.

  1. Determine your needs: Consider what you’re looking for and why you need it. Look for apps that specialize in reverse phone number searches or provide broader information like criminal records, social media accounts, and more.
  2. Check for accuracy: Ensure that the app provides reliable information by checking reviews, ratings, and the app’s reputation.
  3. Consider the cost: Determine your budget and compare the pricing models with the value you’ll get from the app. Look for apps that provide flexible subscription plans or one-time purchases.
  4. User-friendly Interface: Choose an app with an intuitive and straightforward interface to ensure ease of use even for non-tech-savvy individuals.

It’s crucial to note that not all apps provide accurate and complete information. Therefore, conducting thorough research is vital before settling on an app.

Pro Tip: If you can’t find the information you’re looking for on one app, consider combining the results from a few apps to attain more comprehensive information.

If finding someone’s name by phone number was free, it’d be called ‘Stalking Lite’.


Looking for cost-related information regarding apps to find someone’s name by their phone number? We’ve got you covered.

Below is a comprehensive table that outlines the pricing structures of some of the most popular apps available right now:

App Name Price
Truecaller Free
Spokeo Paid
Intelius Paid
CocoFinder Paid/Free

It should be noted that not all of these apps are created equal, and there is often a trade-off between features and cost. For example, while Truecaller has a wide user base and is free, its performance might not match up to that of a paid app like Spokeo or Intelius. Be sure to take this into account when making your decision.

Lastly, an anecdote provided by one satisfied CocoFinder customer mentioned “I was trying to reconnect with an old school friend but couldn’t seem to locate their current contact info. With CocoFinder, I found them in minutes and we’re now planning to meet up!” Keep in mind that results may vary based on each individual app’s efficacy and how recently the data was updated.

User reviews: where strangers become the ultimate judge and jury of our app choices.

User Reviews

When it comes to finding someone’s name through phone numbers, it can be difficult. However, with the help of User Feedback, you can determine which app is the best for this task.

User Reviews:

  • Read reviews from multiple sources
  • Look for patterns in feedback
  • Pay attention to overall ratings
  • Consider both positive and negative comments
  • Look for reviews from people with similar needs
  • Keep in mind that reviews may not be completely accurate

Additionally, it’s important to consider unique details such as pricing plans and subscription options when choosing an app. As with any product or service, different apps offer different features that may suit your specific requirements.

A friend once shared a story about how she tried using an app to find a person’s name but was unsuccessful. After reading some User Reviews, she decided to try a different app and was finally able to locate the person’s name. So, always take into account what other people say about their experience while selecting an app.

Finding someone’s name by phone number is like playing a game of accuracy roulette – you either hit the jackpot or end up with a wrong number.


The Preciseness of the Phone Number Lookup App

When selecting a phone number lookup app, it’s crucial to assess its preciseness. Its preciseness can be determined by the quality and quantity of the database on which it operates. The larger the data pool, the higher the likelihood of accurate and dependable results.

Moreover, some apps provide additional information beyond mere names and addresses. This data can range from social media profiles to criminal records, depending on your purpose for using them. However, keep in mind that such supplementary information may come at an extra cost.

In terms of accuracy, some apps claim to give real-time results. Nonetheless, this is not guaranteed due to data processing delays between parties involved in storing and updating public records.

Finding someone’s name by phone number shouldn’t feel like a game of hide-and-seek, but with these apps, it’s more like playing a high-stakes round of Where’s Waldo.

User Experience

When considering the user interface, it is essential to take into account the ease of navigation and the layout of the application. A streamlined user journey can add to a positive experience for users. It is vital that information should be displayed clearly, and language used should be consistent.

A crucial aspect of any application’s user experience is its search functionality. An efficient search engine allows users to find what they need quickly and accurately. The inclusion of autocomplete suggestions can make searches even more comfortable and speed up the process.

In addition to ensuring an easy-to-navigate interface and a reliable search engine, it’s important to consider factors such as privacy policies, data storage protocols, and customer service when evaluating phone number lookup apps. By investigating these areas before downloading a new app, individuals can ensure they’re making an informed choice.

Pro tip: Read reviews and ratings from other users to get an idea of their experiences with different applications. This valuable insight can help you select an app that aligns with your requirements effectively.

Customer support is like a unicorn – rarely seen, but when you do find it, it’s magical.

Customer Support

When choosing an app to find someone’s name by phone number, it is crucial to consider the app’s customer support. The app you choose must have reliable and efficient customer support that can resolve any issues you encounter while using the app.

One of the essential features of an excellent customer support system is its availability and responsiveness. The best apps have 24/7 customer service, with a knowledgeable team readily available to assist users with any questions or concerns they may have about the service.

Another critical factor for determining an app’s reliability is the ease of use when contacting their customer support team. They should offer multiple contact methods, including email, phone, chat, social media, and help center tickets.

In addition to these factors, it is also important to consider whether the app offers personalized support and whether previous clients speak highly of their experience with its customer service.

Failing to consider these factors may lead you to select an app without proper support, compromising your privacy and data security. So ensure you choose an app with excellent customer support that prioritizes its users’ needs to avoid regretting your decision later on.

Say goodbye to awkward introductions and hello to effortless stalking, thanks to the best app to find someone’s name by phone number.

Conclusion: Finding Someone’s Name with Phone Number Has Never Been Easier

The ability to find someone’s name using only their phone number is a powerful tool that has never been more accessible. Discovering this information is made possible with the use of advanced search algorithms, user-friendly interfaces, and thousands of databases available online. In today’s modern and connected world, tracking down the identity of a mystery caller or unknown texter has become a streamlined process.

Here are five essential ways to do it:

  • Reverse Phone Lookup Services
  • Social Media Platforms
  • Truecaller App
  • ZoSearch Tool
  • CocoFinder Solution

Additionally, unlocking someone’s identity using their phone number can lead to various rewards such as reconnecting with long lost friends, making important business connections, or even putting an end to threatening spam callers. With such an array of tools at your disposal, you can now confidently answer incoming calls from unknown numbers knowing that you have the ability to unveil their identity.

It is worth noting that all these methods come with unique advantages and disadvantages depending on what you are seeking and the person behind the number. With each method explained in detail above, carefully weighing your options to ensure optimal success when finding out who is contacting you.

According to Forbes Magazine; there are over four billion mobile phone users worldwide by early next year; most businesses know they need mobile technology in order to stay competitive in their field.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What are the best apps to find someone’s name by phone number?

A: Some of the best apps include Truecaller, Spy Dialer, Whitepages, and ZabaSearch.

Q: Are these apps free?

A: Many of these apps do offer free versions, but some may have limited features or display advertisements. Paid versions may offer more comprehensive results.

Q: Can I find someone’s name using just their phone number?

A: Yes, these apps use public records and other data sources to match phone numbers with names and other information about the owner of the phone number.

Q: Are there any privacy concerns with using these apps?

A: While these apps are legal to use and utilize publicly available information, there are potential privacy concerns. It’s important to use these apps responsibly and respectfully, and to only use them for legitimate purposes.

Q: Can I use these apps on any type of phone?

A: Many of these apps are available for both Android and iOS devices, although some may be limited to specific operating systems.

Q: How accurate are the results from these apps?

A: Results may vary depending on the app and the availability and quality of the data. Some apps may provide more accurate and up-to-date information than others.

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