Early Father’s Day Gift Ideas for the Modern Dad

As father’s day approaches, you’ll likely be thinking about what gift you should get. You’ve already done the track-day and got him some nice leather gloves, and you’re looking for something fresh. In this article, we take a look at some gift ideas for the modern dad, gifts that you probably won’t have thought of, that will help let your old man know how much you appreciate him. Read on for some real inspiration.

Amazon Echo Show 8

Home control units are the latest trend and for good reason. If your dad likes to spend a lot of time at home and needs a little help catching up with the digital age, this will make it a great addition to his life. With the Echo Show, they’ll have a great speaker and monitor, but will also be able to use it to control any smart home appliances he has. For example, if the house has any smart light bulbs, he’ll be able to use Alexa to turn them on and off. For the price, it offers a lot of value and is unlikely to end up as a gimmick, especially as homes become more and more automated.

Mercator NOMINAL Pen

If your dad is interested in the burgeoning space industry, the NOMINAL pen by London-based design studio, Mercator, will offer a great way for him to have a piece of that excitement with him at all times. Inspired by Space-X, it features four Falcon-9 style retracting legs on the pen lid, so that each time it’s picked up to write down an idea, it’s literally like a spaceship has launched. It features a mother of pearl cap, which you can have inscribed with initials for a fee, offering that perfect personalized touch.

Polaroid Go Instant Camera

If your dad likes to capture family moments, give him a camera that will allow him to do it in style. The Polaroid Go Instant Camera lets you have the benefits of old school film photography, without all the faff of having to take the film to be developed. It features very sharp picture resolution, a great focus ability, and simple-to-use controls. It’s sure to bring up a certain nostalgia, but what dad, even the modern dad, doesn’t love reminiscing about the past!

HoMedics UV Clean Sanitising Bag

If your dad likes his things to be clean, this could be an excellent father’s day gift. It lets you quickly sterilize objects with UV light, without having to cover them in soap or disinfectant. For more delicate objects like phones and other small bits of tech, this can be extremely useful. With the pandemic still a present threat in our lives, it could also be a way of keeping your dad safe as he interacts with the world.

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