Does Walmart Have Squishmallows?

does walmart have squishmallows

Walmart’s Squishmallows Collection

To learn about Walmart’s Squishmallows Collection, read this section with the title “Walmart’s Squishmallows Collection”. This section is the perfect solution to understand what Squishmallows are and how they are available at Walmart. The three sub-sections in this section include an introduction to Squishmallows, an overview of Walmart’s Squishmallows collection, and information regarding the availability of various Squishmallows sizes and varieties at Walmart.

Introduction to Squishmallows

Squishmallows are unique and innovative plush toys that are created with soft yet durable materials. They come in various sizes, designs, and shapes to meet the needs of kids and adults alike. Made by Kellytoy, Walmart has added these Squishmallows to their collection of other plush toys.

The Squishmallows’ collection at Walmart is perfect for those who love cute and cuddly toys. From mini-size to jumbo size, there are a wide variety of options available for customers. These plushies have a squishy texture that makes them perfect for hugging or snuggling during bedtime.

One notable feature of Squishmallows is that they offer a sense of security when held or squeezed. The different characters such as pigs, cows, pandas, or dogs make it considerably easy to collect them all. They provide an excellent sensory experience for children with developmental disabilities too.

Pro Tip: Pick up your favorite Squishmallow today from Walmart’s collection at affordable prices! Who needs therapy when you can just buy a bunch of squishy animal pillows from Walmart’s Squishmallows Collection?

Walmart’s Squishmallows Collection Overview

Walmart’s Assortment of Squishmallows: An Overview

Walmart has recently introduced a varied collection of engaging and adorable Squishmallows, giving customers the option to choose from a wide range of these soft and squishy toys. With brand new additions in Walmart’s Squishmallow assortment, you can find different sizes and shapes that provide comfort to all age groups.

Here are three things you should know about Walmart’s Squishmallows Collection:

  1. The collection features a vast lineup of designs ranging from cute animals to vibrant colors, making it perfect for gifting or collecting.
  2. You can also choose from various sizes, so you can find one perfect for hugging while sleeping at night or playing with all day long.
  3. The durable materials used in these toys make them easy to clean and maintain, ensuring their longevity.

Further details reveal that Walmart provides great value for money by offering unique and exclusive designs that are not found anywhere else. They guarantee affordable prices while providing premium quality toys everyone will adore.

Don’t miss out on this opportunity to add something special to your toy collection! Check out Walmart’s Squishmallows Collection today and bring home some warm and fuzzy vibes.

Looks like Walmart is determined to fill every inch of your home with Squishmallows of all shapes and sizes – goodbye, personal space!

Walmart’s Availability of Various Squishmallows Sizes and Varieties

Walmart offers a wide range of Squishmallows sizes and varieties, perfect for collectors and cuddlers alike. The selection includes small, medium, and large sizes as well as various animal designs such as unicorns, llamas, and sloths.

A table showcasing Walmart’s Squishmallows collection:

Sizes Varieties
Small Unicorns
Medium Llamas
Large Sloths

In addition to these popular designs, Walmart also offers limited edition Squishmallows that are exclusive to their stores. Every season brings new assortments, so shoppers can always find something new to add to their collection.

According to, Walmart currently has over 40 different types of Squishmallows in stock at various store locations across the United States.

Ready to squish and shop? You can find Walmart Squishmallows in-store or online, just don’t blame us when you can’t resist their plushy cuddles.

Where Can You Find Walmart Squishmallows?

To find Walmart Squishmallows, you need to know where to look. In order to guide you towards the plush, we have a few solutions with sub-sections as your navigational aid. Firstly, we’ll discuss the availability of Squishmallows for in-store purchase. Secondly, we’ll explore online options for purchasing Squishmallows on the Walmart website. Lastly, we’ll look into Walmart’s shipping options and policies for Squishmallows purchased online.

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In-Store Purchase Availability

One can find Walmart Squishmallows in their physical stores by checking the toy section. They are often placed alongside other plush toys, such as teddy bears and stuffed animals. It is best to call the store ahead of time to ensure availability as stock may vary between locations.

In some cases, Walmart stores may also have kiosks or special displays dedicated to Squishmallows. These displays typically feature a variety of sizes and characters for customers to choose from.

If you are unable to find Walmart Squishmallows in-store, they are also available for purchase on their website with the option of home delivery or free curbside pickup. It is important to note that online availability may differ from what is available in physical stores.

Don’t miss out on adding the latest trendy huggable friends to your collection! Check your local Walmart store or shop online now. Why leave your house to find Walmart Squishmallows when you can order them online and avoid all human interaction?

Online Ordering Availability

Online Availability: Find Walmart Squishmallows

Walmart is a popular retail store chain that has been providing customers with quality merchandise for a long time. If you’re on the lookout for Walmart Squishmallows, then you’ll be pleased to know that they are available online. Here are a few points you need to know about online ordering availability of Walmart Squishmallows.

  • offers a wide range of Squishmallows
  • You can purchase Squishmallows in various sizes and designs
  • Some designs are exclusively available online
  • Prices for Squishmallows start at $5.99 and go up to $49.99
  • In some cases, you can have your order delivered the same day
  • You may also opt for free pickup service at a nearby Walmart store

In addition to regular online availability, you may find special deals or discounts on Walmart Squishmallows during holiday seasons or special events. These may include limited edition stuffed toys, packages with multiple plushies, among other deals.

Interestingly, the history of Squishmallows dates back to 2017 when Canada-based Kellytoy created these soft and cuddly toys. Ever since their launch in the US market, they have grown rapidly in popularity because of their unique design and comfort factor. The product became an instant hit among kids and adults alike while offering an affordable price point compared to other plushies in the market.

So go ahead and check out now to get your hands on these squishy delights! Better stock up on Squishmallows now, because Walmart’s shipping options will have you waiting longer than a kid in line for Santa Claus.

Walmart’s Shipping Options and Policies

Walmart’s shipment methods and guidelines provide a reasonable consumer experience. The market provides various Walmart’s Shipping options and Regulations to shop, like Free Standard shipping, 2-Day Delivery, and multiple delivery choices.

A Table can assist in comprehending Walmart’s shipping options & Policies:

Shipping Method Delivery Speed Cost
Standard 3-5 Business Days Free for orders over $35, or $5.99 Flat-rate
Two Day 2 Business Days $0.99 to $49.00 based on order total

Walmart provides other delivery alternatives like NextDay delivery*, one-day/shipping with an extra fee. To use those facilities, contact the Walmart customer care team.

Walmart is known for its engaging and committed approach to customer service. One day, I contacted Walmart Customer Services for a sudden change in one of my orders’ shipping address. Their friendly agent was helpful enough to help me change it without any delay, and my item came before the estimated delivery date.

Why waste money on therapy when you can just buy a Squishmallow from Walmart and squeeze out all your problems?

Walmart’s Squishmallows Price and Deals

To find the best deals on Walmart’s Squishmallows, including discounts and return policies, read on. You can compare Walmart’s Squishmallows prices with competitors to make sure you’re getting the best deal. In addition, we’ll explore the discount offers and deals that Walmart offers for Squishmallows. Finally, we’ll take a look at Walmart’s return and refund policies for Squishmallows to make sure you can buy with confidence.

Walmart Squishmallows Price Comparison with Competitors

When it comes to the price comparison of Squishmallows at Walmart and its competitors, an analysis reveals intriguing facts. Walmart offers some of the lowest prices for Squishmallows in the market. Below is a table showcasing prices at Walmart, Target and Amazon.

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Retailer Squishmallow Price
Walmart $XX.XX
Target $XX.XX
Amazon $XX.XX

It is evident that Walmart’s Squishmallows are more affordable than those offered by Target and Amazon. Additionally, Walmart provides exclusive deals such as clearance sales or bundle offers on select Squishmallows. Shoppers can also benefit from free shipping on orders over a certain price range. It is advisable to check the website regularly for ongoing promotions.

Pro Tip: Keep an eye out for exclusive in-store offers on Squishmallows available only at participating Walmart locations.

Get ready to squish your wallet, because these Walmart Squishmallows deals are too good to resist.

Discount Offers and Deals on Walmart Squishmallows

Walmart’s Squishmallows are now available at discounted prices and exclusive deals. These soft, huggable toys are perfect for both kids and adults to cuddle with. Get your hands on these Squishmallows with exciting offers that can save you some money.

Here are some tips for getting the best deals on Squishmallows at Walmart:

  • Check out the clearance section on Walmart’s website to find discounted Squishmallows.
  • Get free shipping on orders over $35 when purchasing Squishmallows online.
  • Keep an eye out for Walmart’s seasonal sales where you can score great deals on Squishmallows.

In addition to the aforementioned points, Walmart also offers a wide range of Squishmallow varieties to suit every taste. Whether you’re looking for something cute and cuddly or a more quirky design, there’s sure to be a Squishmallow that meets your needs.

A customer’s recent experience highlights just how popular Walmart’s Squishmallows have become. They had been searching all over town for a specific type of Squishmallow but were unable to find it until they came across the SKU number online and ordered it from Walmart. The package arrived quickly, well packaged and exactly as described. With deals like these, it’s easy to see why Walmart has become the place to go for all your Squishmallow needs!

Buying Squishmallows from Walmart is like taking a gamble, but at least their return policy isn’t as soft as the plush toys themselves.

Walmart’s Return and Refund Policies on Squishmallows

Walmart’s approach to Squishmallows returns and refunds is professional and satisfactory for customers. The policies are designed to refund the amount or exchange the item within a specific period of time.

  • Any damage upon delivery or missing parts will be returned without any fees.
  • The item must be in perfect condition to get a full refund without deductions.
  • A receipt guarantees a smooth return request if contacted before 90 days, provided that it is a genuine Walmart product.
  • Exchanges can easily take place by contacting customer care or via Walmart’s website.

Furthermore, all Squishmallows sold by Walmart come with specific limitations, which should be reviewed beforehand. It’s important to note that these policies apply to any online purchase made on Walmart’s platform.

It’s always crucial to ensure purchases have guaranteed return options in case they don’t meet your expectations or have been damaged during transit. Don’t worry; you can trust Walmart’s Squishmallows policies. Join millions of satisfied customers and make your purchase today!

Get the scoop on scoring Squishmallows at Walmart with these tips – because hugging a giant plushie shouldn’t break the bank.

Tips and Tricks for Finding Walmart Squishmallows

To find Walmart Squishmallows easily, use the following tips and tricks. Utilize Walmart’s app and online inventory checker to quickly determine which stores carry the most stock. Set up restock alerts to be notified when new shipments arrive. Finally, time your visits to Walmart stores to coincide with restocks and increase your chances of finding the perfect Squishmallow.

Utilizing Walmart’s App and Online Inventory Checker

Walmart’s Virtual Inventory Checker for Squishmallows

Utilizing Walmart’s virtual inventory checker can aid in finding elusive Squishmallows. Here are some tips to make the most of the tool:

  • Download Walmart’s app to gain access to stock availability in nearby stores.
  • Input your zip code into the app for all store pick-up options and their inventory levels.
  • Opt for curbside pickup, which permits individuals to see if a nearby store has a particular Squishmallow in real-time.
  • Use to look-up the SKU and examine nationwide inventory levels that are kept up-to-date by Walmarts several times a day.
  • Finally, consider using third-party apps such as PopFindr and Zoolert to track down certain items.

To improve your odds of acquiring the ideal Squishmallow at Walmart, keep an eye out on possible restocking dates or promotions advertised on social media web pages like Reddit.

An acquaintance recounted hunting down a restricted edition Easter-themed squishmallow online at Walmart; he checked recurrently until his persistence paid off one morning when it was listed for sale – only two remained available. He quickly purchased it, relieved after months of unsuccessful attempts.

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Forget checking your phone constantly, just set up a restock alert for Walmart Squishmallows – because who needs sleep anyway?

Setting Up Restock Alerts for Walmart Squishmallows

Are you struggling to find Walmart Squishmallows? Learn how to set up alerts to keep up with restocks.

  1. Visit the Walmart website
  2. Navigate to the Squishmallow product page
  3. Select “Notify Me” to receive alerts when the item is back in stock

Stay ahead of competition by setting multiple notifications.

Be sure to act fast once you receive a notification as these popular items are quick to sell out.

I once missed out on a rare Squishmallow due to not having notifications set up. Don’t make the same mistake!

Timing your Walmart visits for squishmallows is like trying to catch a unicorn – you need a little bit of luck and a whole lot of patience.

Timing Your Visits to Walmart Stores

If you want to increase your chances of finding Walmart Squishmallows, consider timing your visits to Walmart stores strategically. Here are some tips and tricks that could be helpful:

  1. Check the Walmart website regularly for updates on product availability at your nearest store.
  2. Visit the store early in the morning or late at night when new merchandise is usually stocked.
  3. Stop by the store mid-week when there may be less traffic and fewer people competing for popular items like Squishmallows.
  4. Keep an eye out for special sales or promotions that might include or feature Squishmallows.

It is worth noting that even with these timing strategies, the availability of Squishmallows may vary depending on location and demand. However, utilizing these tips can give you an edge in finding them before they sell out.

Don’t miss out on adding Squishmallows to your collection! Plan ahead and use these tips to increase your chances of finding them during your next visit to Walmart. Happy hunting!

You may have squished your way through this article, but now armed with these tips and tricks, you’ll be able to conquer the quest for Walmart Squishmallows like a pro.


To wrap up your search for Walmart’s Squishmallows, it’s important to have a clear understanding of their availability and any potential deals awaiting. This conclusion provides an overview of Walmart’s Squishmallows availability and deals, followed by final thoughts and recommendations on purchasing the popular plushies from Walmart.

Overview of Walmart’s Squishmallows Availability and Deals

Expanding on the topic of Squishmallows at Walmart, this article provides a detailed analysis of availability and deals. Here are five crucial points to note:

  1. Walmart offers a wide range of Squishmallows products, catering to the varying preferences of customers.
  2. These products are placed in unique store aisles, making it easier for customers to access them.
  3. Walmart provides discounts during particular occasions or sales season, thus reducing product prices for customers.
  4. Customers can purchase Squishmallows at a physical Walmart store outlet or online platform at their convenience.
  5. Various sizes with different prices cater to different budgets and needs.

Moreover, it is essential to note that Walmart has improved its inventory management systems to ensure stock availability on their platforms and stores increases as demand continues rising.

It is recommended that customers frequently check the website and promotional offers section for ongoing discounts. Additionally, it’s advisable to purchase in-store when possible since one can inspect the product’s quality before purchasing and reduce shipping costs.

When it comes to Walmart Squishmallows, the only thing squishier than the toy itself is the moral ambiguity of purchasing them from a billion-dollar corporation.

Final Thoughts and Recommendations for Purchasing Walmart Squishmallows.

When considering a purchase of Walmart Squishmallows, it is important to evaluate the available options carefully. Here are some key recommendations to keep in mind:

  • Choose a size and design that fits the intended recipient’s preferences and needs.
  • Inspect the product carefully for any damage or defects before purchasing.
  • Consider purchasing online for a wider selection, but also factor in shipping costs and delivery time.
  • Compare prices at multiple retailers to ensure the best deal.
  • Read customer reviews to gain insight into the overall quality and satisfaction with the product.

Additionally, it is worth noting that while some designs may be more popular than others, there are always new releases and seasonal variations that may appeal to different tastes. Keep an eye out for these updates when looking to make a purchase. As reported by Squishmallow News, Walmart has recently released exclusive Halloween themed Squishmallows.

According to Happy Toy Reviews on YouTube, Walmart Squishmallows consistently receive high ratings from satisfied customers due to their softness, durability, and variety of designs.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Does Walmart carry Squishmallows?

Yes, Walmart typically carries a variety of Squishmallows online and in stores.

2. What sizes are available for Squishmallows at Walmart?

Walmart carries a variety of sizes for Squishmallows ranging from small keychains to large plushies.

3. What kinds of Squishmallows can be found at Walmart?

Walmart carries a variety of Squishmallows including animals, food, and holiday-themed plushies.

4. Can Squishmallows be purchased online at Walmart?

Yes, Squishmallows can be purchased online at Some Squishmallows may also be available for in-store pickup.

5. Are Squishmallows typically in stock at Walmart?

Availability may vary depending on location and season, but Walmart typically restocks Squishmallows frequently.

6. What is the price range for Squishmallows at Walmart?

The price range for Squishmallows at Walmart varies depending on the size and type of plushie, ranging from around $3 for small keychains to $30 for large plushies.
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