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Hey friends! 🎉

So, you decided to dive into the world of streaming with Kodi addons, and suddenly, a wild pop-up message appears! It’s not an error (phew!), but it’s asking you to do something… But what exactly? 🤔 Let’s untangle this web together!

Imagine you’re cozily settled in, ready to stream your favorite movie, and then – bam! A message pops up, asking you to visit a website and enter a special code or click a button. What’s that all about?

These messages often pop up when using Kodi addons, especially the ones that let you stream stuff for free, like Exodus Redux, Scrubs V2, Midian, and several others. This isn’t an error message but a small step you gotta take before you dive into your entertainment world.

Why Do I Need to Authorize the Stream?

After you navigate to that website and do the thing (like clicking “Authorize” or “Pair”), you usually get about 4 hours to access the link to your content. But why is this even a thing, you ask?

Well, this process, known as stream authorization, helps the websites that host these files. By making you visit their site, they gain a bit from ad revenue and product exposure, which helps them keep their servers up and running smoothly. So, in a way, your clicks help them to provide you with the free links to the content you love! ❤️

It might feel a tiny bit strange to be whisked away to an unknown website to authorize a stream. Always be cautious and ensure the website you are directed to is legitimate and safe. Safety first, right?

Plus, a quick note for you: some older addons might direct you to websites that aren’t alive anymore. So, keep an eye out and make sure the hosting sites are still active and kicking. Check out a list below to stay updated on which free hosting sites are still in the game.

List of working free hosters that require pairing:

• FlashX

• Openload

• Streamango

• Streamcherry

• The Video me

• Uptobox

• Vevio

• Vidup

• Videoshare

So, Is it Safe to Do Stream Authorizations?

Let’s chat about something we’ve all faced at least once: those pop-up messages asking for stream authorization on Kodi. Is it okay to go ahead, or should we be wary? Let’s break it down!

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We’ve been on a bit of an adventure. Our mission? Testing the stream authorization process on many of the sites that Kodi addons often pull content from. The list includes big names like Openload (olpair), FlashX, TheVideo, Streamango,, Vshare, Vevio, Uptobox, and more. And guess what? They all have that same pop-up we’re talking about and pretty much the same steps to follow.

Generally speaking, it’s A-OK! 🟢 Most times, after you’ve done the whole authorization dance on these sites, your chosen video does play. So that’s a win!

However, a heads-up for you: these websites are like a digital jungle of ads and product promotions. 🌴✨ So, be a bit like Indiana Jones here—be cautious, watch where you step (or in this case, click) because not every shiny thing is treasure! Also, some sites have those tricky Captchas, which can be a total headache if you’re on devices with just a remote control.

Now that we’ve got that out of the way, if you’re curious about the nitty-gritty of stream authorization on Kodi and how to smoothly sail through it, keep reading! We’ll guide you step by step.

Method 1. Actually Implement Stream Authorization to Pair with File Hosts

If you’re feeling adventurous and not sweating the small stuff, then directly authorizing the stream can be a piece of cake. 🍰 Here’s a friendly walkthrough:

Step by Step: Making the Magic Happen ✨

  1. Visit the Website: Yep, head on over to the website the pop-up tells you about. Easy peasy!
  2. Type in the Token: Now, you’ll spot a little blank space on that page. That’s where you type in the special token the pop-up gave you. Make sure you enter it just as it is!
  3. Hit the Confirm Button: Once you’ve typed in the token, you’ll see a button—could say something like “Authorize” or “Pair.” Go ahead and click it!
  4. The Final Touch: Now, just hang tight for a sec. You should see a message pop up saying the authorization is complete. Once you see that, jump right back to Kodi and dive into your stream!

🚀 Pro Tip: If you see any pages trying to redirect you somewhere else while you’re doing this, just close ’em. We don’t need those distractions.

If you’re the type who really looks out for their digital home and likes to keep things super safe, here’s a suggestion: Do the stream authorization using the web browser on your streaming device. Not your PC or your phone. It’s like having a security guard right at your door.

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And hey, if you’ve got a VPN running? Even better! It’s like adding an extra lock to that door.

Method 2. Disable Sources that Require Stream Authorizations

Not a fan of those pop-up messages asking for stream authorization? Worry about the safety of your device or network? I totally get you. Luckily, there’s a cool trick for you: simply turn off those sources!

Here’s How to Make Those Pop-Ups Vanish:

  1. Find Your Addon: First, head to Kodi and go to the Video add-ons tab. Here, find the addon you want to tweak.
  2. Dive into Settings: Hover over your addon, and right-click (or long press if you’re using a remote, or press C on a keyboard). Now, select ‘Settings’.
  3. Resolver Time: Navigate to the ‘Resolvers’ tab and then click on ‘Open Resolver Settings’.
  4. Toggle Time: Within the ResolveURL settings, you’ll see multiple Resolver tabs. Snoop around a bit and locate the provider that’s been showing you those stream authorization pop-ups. See that ‘Enable’ toggle? Click on it to switch it off!

📌 Bonus Step for Captcha Haters: If you’ve ever been frustrated with those tricky Captchas during authorization, you can opt to disable those as well! Here’s how:

  • For Exodus Addons: Go to the Settings menu > Click the Playback tab > Under the ‘File Hosting Filters’ section, select ‘Hosters with captchas’ to turn them off.
  • For Other Addons: Visit the Settings menu > Click on ResolveURL settings > Choose ‘Disable Hosters with Captchas’.

A Tiny Word of Caution:

Some of the sources that ask for authorization are big players in the streaming world. So, by turning them off, you might miss out on some awesome quality links. It’s a bit like refusing to go to a popular movie theater because they ask for an ID check. If someday you find that your favorite show’s streams are missing, you might want to turn those sources back on or try a different addon.

Method 3. Adopt a Decent Debrid Service

Ever wish for a magic key that unlocks a treasure chest of premium, super-fast streaming links on Kodi? Meet the world of Debrid services! 🗝️💼

What’s a Debrid Service? 🤔

Imagine having a super helper that fetches you top-quality links with lightning-fast download speeds. That’s what Debrid services do! And the best part? You can get all this goodness for around the cost of a fancy coffee each month.

Let’s Explore Some Stellar Debrid Options:

  1. Real-Debrid:
    Thinking about the best value for money? Real-Debrid is a popular choice! It works silently in the background, enhancing your download speeds, offering better internet connections, and opening doors to premium hosts. By setting it up on certain addons, you’ll enjoy clearer videos, more premium links, and zippier streams and downloads.
  2. Premiumize: is like your personal cloud storage but with superpowers. Not only does it let you quickly download files, but it also ensures your data is safe, offers automated RSS feeds, and breaks through geo-restrictions. The slightly higher price tag? Totally worth it for exclusive hosts, encrypted connections, top-quality cached torrents, HD links, fewer buffer issues, and a bonus VPN.
  3. All Debrid:
    If you’re nodding along thinking, “Real-Debrid’s budget fits me, but I want even better performance,” let me introduce you to All-Debrid. Though not as widely used as Real-Debrid, it promises fewer buffering issues, better link accessibility, and a more stable server. It’s like the underrated gem in the Debrid world!
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Already Paired with Website, Still Requiring to Authorization?

So, you’ve gone ahead and paired with a website, but it’s still asking you to authorize? Let’s dive into why this might be happening and what you can do about it.

Why The Re-Pairing Blues? 🎶

When you authorize a file host website, what you’re really doing is linking their source to your IP address. If you’ve got a VPN running, guess what? Your IP address might switch up within a 4-hour window, leading to a breakup between you and your file host.

Fixes for the Fickle Connection:

  1. Static VPN IP: Consider using a VPN that offers a static IP. This means your IP stays constant, ensuring you remain paired up.
  2. Ditch the VPN (Carefully!): One way around this is to not use a VPN. However, if online privacy is a priority (and it should be!), tread carefully.

🛡️ Concerned About Privacy Without a VPN? Consider investing in a debrid service. With one of these, you get premium streams from a bunch of sources, delivered securely to your IP. The best part? Everything’s encrypted, keeping your viewing habits a secret from prying eyes.


While it can be tempting to just wait it out or hit “Cancel” when that pesky authorization dialog shows up, results can be a toss-up. Sometimes, you might strike gold and the video will play. Other times? Not so much.

From my personal streaming adventures, I’ve found that debrid services are a trusty sidekick in battling these issues. It’s like having a magical remote that almost always gets your streams right!

Happy streaming, and may your shows play without a hitch! 🍿🎬

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