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Hey there! Have you ever thought about where to get a quick eye checkup without burning a hole in your pocket? Well, let me tell you about a great place: Costco Optical!

Why Choose Costco Optical?

You might be thinking, “There are so many places out there. Why Costco?” The cool thing about Costco Optical is that if you have their membership card, you’re in for some great deals. Plus, their hours are pretty much like most other big stores, so it’s super convenient.

What’s Costco Anyway?

In case you’re wondering what Costco is, it’s this massive store that started in the U.S., right in Issaquah, Washington. They have a ton of stuff to buy, and people who join their club by paying a yearly fee get some awesome discounts on a lot of items.

Optical Centers Everywhere!

And guess what? Almost every Costco store has its very own optical center. Imagine more than 600 places across the country where you can walk in and get your eyes checked!

What Can You Expect at Costco Optical?

When you visit Costco Optical, you’ll meet some super-friendly eye doctors who are there to help. They’ve got a bunch of stylish glasses and sunglasses, top-notch contact lenses, and all the stuff you need to take care of them. So, you’re not just getting an eye exam; you might walk out looking even cooler than before!

A Little Tip Before You Go

One last thing! If you’re planning to visit, it’s a good idea to check their hours first. It’ll save you from any surprises. Hope this helps, and take care of those eyes!

What are Costco Optical Hours?

Planning to visit Costco Optical? Let’s talk about when they’re open so you can plan your trip perfectly!

Regular Weekday Hours

On most weekdays, from Monday to Friday, Costco Optical is ready for you starting from 10 AM and keeps its doors open until 8:30 PM. It’s like a whole day dedicated to your eye care!

Weekend Vibes

Weekends have a tiny twist! Their timings might be a bit different, so it’s a good idea to double-check before heading out on a Saturday or Sunday.

Is Every Costco Optical the Same?

Now, I should mention that while most Costco Optical centers around the country stick to this schedule, there might be some exceptions. Just like how every family has that one cousin who’s a little different, some Costco Optical stores might have different timings.

A Quick Tip Before You Visit

Before hopping in your car, give your local Costco Optical a quick call or check online. This way, you’re 100% sure about their timings, and you won’t face any unexpected closed doors.

Special Days and More

And, oh! If you’re wondering about special days or holidays, we’ll be diving into that soon. But for now, just remember that these hours are a general guideline. Locations might have their own twists, but this should give you a pretty good idea.

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Keep reading on if you want to know even more details! And thanks for sticking with me. Your eyes will thank you too! 😉

Hours for Costco Optical

If you’re looking to visit Costco Optical, you’re in the right place. Let’s dive into their timings so you know when to pop by!

Weekly Hours: Monday to Friday

  • Monday to Friday: They’re all set to welcome you from 10:00 AM till 8:30 PM. That’s quite a stretch, isn’t it?

Now, these times are what most Costco Optical locations follow during weekdays. But, here’s the catch – weekends are a tad different.

Weekend Hours: The Twist

The thing is, weekends at Costco Optical are a little more chill. So, they adjust their timings a bit.

  • Saturday: Starts bright and early at 9:30 AM, half an hour before the regular weekday timing. But, they wrap things up by 6:00 PM. Yep, that’s a bit earlier than the weekday closing time.

    Costco Optical’s Saturday Schedule: 9:30 AM – 6:00 PM

  • Sunday: They begin the day at 10 AM, same as the weekdays. But again, they call it a day by 6:00 PM.

    Costco Optical’s Sunday Schedule: 10:00 AM – 6:00 PM

Remember, while these are the usual timings, weekends can sometimes have their own surprises based on where you’re at. So, a quick tip: it’s always smart to double-check before you head out.

Want More on Costco Timings?

For a deeper dive into other Costco hours in 2023, like when the main store or the pharmacy is open, just click on:

  • Costco Hours
  • Costco Pharmacy Hours

Costco Optical Hours Today

Planning a trip to Costco Optical today? Let’s quickly check their timings!

Regular Weekdays: Monday to Friday

If today isn’t a special holiday and falls between Monday and Friday, here’s the deal:

  • Costco Optical is up and running from 10:00 AM to 8:30 PM.

Weekend Hours: A Little Twist

But if today happens to be the weekend, the hours shake up a bit.

  • Saturday: They kick things off a tad early at 9:30 AM and wind down by 6:00 PM.
  • Sunday: They start the day at the regular 10:00 AM and wrap things up by 6:00 PM.

So there you have it! Just make sure today isn’t a holiday when they might be closed, and you’re good to go. Enjoy your visit to Costco Optical! 😊

Costco Optical Hours on Other Locations

Looking for Costco Optical hours at specific places? You’re in luck! I’ve got the info for a few of them right here.

Costco Optical Hours Alhambra

If you’re around Alhambra and thinking about getting your eyes checked at Costco, here’s when they’re open:

  • Monday to Friday: Pop in anytime from 10:00 AM to 8:30 PM.
  • Saturday: They’re ready for you from 9:30 AM to 6:00 PM.
  • Sunday: A regular start at 10:00 AM and they close at 6:00 PM.

Got questions? Just ring them up! 📞 Alhambra Optical Department: (626) 458-2236.

Costco Optical Hours Burbank

For those closer to Burbank, the timings are:

  • Monday to Friday: They’re on the ball from 10:00 AM to 8:30 PM.
  • Saturday: A bit of an early start at 9:30 AM, wrapping up by 6:00 PM.
  • Sunday: It’s the usual 10:00 AM to 6:00 PM.
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Need more details? Give them a shout! 📞 Burbank Optical Department: (818) 557-3781.

Costco Optical Hours Laguna Niguel

If Laguna Niguel is your go-to spot, here’s what you need to know:

  • Monday to Friday: Drop by between 10:00 AM and 8:30 PM.
  • Saturday: They open at 9:30 AM and call it a day by 6:00 PM.
  • Sunday: Steady hours from 10:00 AM to 6:00 PM.

For any queries, just call them up! 📞 Laguna Niguel Optical Department: (949) 364-9239.

Costco Optical Holiday Hours

Planning a trip to Costco Optical during a holiday? Let’s see if they’re open. Costco is pretty awesome and keeps its doors open on many holidays. That means, if you’re in a holiday mood, you can still grab some stylish eyewear from Costco Optical. Let’s break it down.

Holidays When Costco Optical is Open

You can drop by and check out all the cool stuff at Costco Optical on these holidays:

  • Christmas Eve: Looking for a last-minute gift? They got you!
  • Mother’s Day & Father’s Day: Gift your parents some classy eyewear.
  • Patriot’s Day, Good Friday, Black Friday: Whether it’s a historic day, a religious one, or shopping madness, they’re there for you.
  • Halloween: Before or after trick or treating, stop by!
  • Columbus Day, Veterans Day, President’s Day, Martin Luther King Day: Even on these federal holidays, they’re open.
  • New Year Eve: New year, new glasses?
  • Easter Monday, St. Patrick’s Day, Cinco de Mayo: Whether it’s about bunnies, luck, or festive celebrations, they’re open.

Holidays When Costco Optical Takes a Break

There are a few special days when even Costco Optical needs a little rest:

  • Christmas Day: They’re home, enjoying the festive day.
  • Thanksgiving Day: Sharing gratitude with their families.
  • Labor Day: Taking a break from all the hard work.
  • Independence Day: Celebrating freedom with fireworks!
  • New Year’s Day: Ringing in the new year with some rest.
  • Easter Sunday: Spending the day with family and probably some chocolate eggs.
  • Memorial Day: Remembering and honoring heroes.

Costco Optical Holidays Hours 2023 – Open to Close

National Holidays Days of the Week & Date Costco Optical Holidays Hours- Opening & Closing
New Year’s Day Sunday, January 1 Closed
Martin Luther King Jr. Day Monday, January 16 10 AM–8:30 PM
President’s Day Monday, February 20 10 AM–8:30 PM
Good Friday Friday, April 7 10 AM–8:30 PM
Easter Sunday Sunday, April 9 Closed
Memorial Day Monday, May 29 Closed
Juneteenth Monday, June 19 10 AM–8:30 PM
Independence Day Tuesday, July 4 Closed
Labor Day Monday, September 4 Closed
Columbus Day
Indigenous Peoples’ Day
Monday, October 9 10 AM–8:30 PM
Veterans Day Saturday, November 11 9:30 AM–6 PM
Day Before Thanksgiving Wednesday, November 22 10 AM–8:30 PM
Thanksgiving Day Thursday, November 23 Closed
Day After Thanksgiving Friday, November 24 10 AM–8:30 PM
Christmas Eve Sunday, December 24 10 AM–6 PM
Christmas Day Monday, December 25 Closed
Day After Christmas Tuesday, December 26 10 AM–8:30 PM
New Year’s Eve Sunday, December 31 10 AM–6 PM

How Can I Find the Hours of Costco Optical?

If you’re wondering how to find out the opening and closing times of your nearest Costco Optical, I’ve got your back. Let’s dive right in!

Different Ways to Check Out Their Hours

Since Costco has a ton of locations, it’s true that not every spot will have the exact same hours. But don’t worry, finding out their hours is super simple. Here are some ways:

  1. Google Maps: Just type in ‘Costco Optical’ followed by your location, and voila! Google Maps will show you the nearest spots and their hours.
  2. Official Homepage: Head over to Costco’s official website and navigate to the Optical section. It’s usually updated with the latest info.
  3. Store Locator: On the Costco website, they have a store locator tool. Punch in your zip code or city, and it’ll list out the closest Costco Optical centers. Clicking on one will give you its hours, address, reviews, and more.
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Need More Info? Here’s Some Helpful Contact Details

If you’re someone who likes to hear a human voice or needs more specifics, here’s how you can reach out:

Staying Updated: Follow Costco on Facebook and Twitter for all the latest updates and news.

Also, if you’re interested in other Costco sections, like their main store or pharmacy, there are other guides available like Costco Hours or Costco Pharmacy Hours.

Wrapping Up: Your Guide to Costco Optical

In conclusion, finding the operational hours for Costco Optical is straightforward and user-friendly. Whether you’re relying on handy tools like Google Maps, the official Costco website, or directly reaching out via their customer support, you have a range of options at your fingertips.

With numerous locations across the country, each offering a vast array of eyewear options, it’s always a good idea to be informed about their timings, especially during holidays. Remember, a quick check or a short call can ensure you have a seamless and convenient shopping experience. Happy shopping, and may you find the perfect pair to suit your style at Costco Optical! 😊

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the weekday hours for Costco Optical in 2023?

The weekday hours for Costco Optical in 2023 may vary by location, but most stores are typically open from 10am to 8:30pm Monday through Friday.

What are the weekend hours for Costco Optical in 2023?

Again, weekend hours may vary by location, but most Costco Optical stores are typically open from 9:30am to 6pm on Saturdays and 10am to 5pm on Sundays in 2023.

Is Costco Optical open on holidays in 2023?

It depends on the holiday and location. Some Costco Optical stores may be closed on certain holidays like Christmas and Thanksgiving, while others may have limited hours. It's best to check with your local store for holiday hours in 2023.

Does Costco Optical offer eye exams?

Yes, Costco Optical offers eye exams by licensed optometrists. You can schedule an appointment online or by calling your local store. Please note that eye exam hours may differ from store hours.

Can I buy contact lenses and glasses at Costco Optical in 2023?

Absolutely! Costco Optical offers a wide selection of eyeglasses, contact lenses, and accessories for adults and children at affordable prices. They also have a satisfaction guarantee on all their optical products.

Is there a membership required to shop at Costco Optical in 2023?

Yes, you must have a valid Costco membership to shop at Costco Optical in 2023. However, if you only need to purchase optical products or services, you can get a separate optical membership for a lower fee.
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