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If you need to edit a document or a file that you only have in the hard paper format then the first thing that you need is to convert the hard copy of the file into a digital form. Converting hard paper files to digital formats can only be done with the help of scanning. When you scan a hard copy of a document then the resultant file would appear in JPG which is one of the most well-known and commonly used image formats. If you want to edit the image format then you have to convert it to an editable form like MS Word or Docs.

In the past, JPG to word conversion was considered to be impossible but today things have become much more advanced and you can easily change your JPG files to word without any hassle by using the online Jpg to word converter tools!

Now there are hundreds of jpg to word online converter tools but not all of them are free and easy to use for everyone. Considering this reason we have simply listed out the best tools in this post that you can easily find in the digital market for free.

The below-listed utilities are not only free but also quite reliable!

JPG to Word Converter tools that can be used by everyone!

Here are the top-notch options that you can consider when it comes to conversion of images to word:

JPG to Word Converter by SmallSEOTools

Smallseotools is the home to hundreds of free and reliable utilities for webmasters as well as for common users. The jpg to word converter is one out of dozens of converter tools offered by SmallSEOTools and you can trust it for reliable and accurate conversions. One should know that the best way to convert or change image format to word is via this tool. It hardly takes less than three to four seconds to change the format of a single file. There are no such restrictions to the use of this tool and you can change as many images to word as you want for free. The jpg files can be uploaded from not only your local gallery but also from other digital storage spaces including Google Drive and Dropbox!


Hi PDF is another reliable resource that can assist you in converting jpg to word. You can find tons of tools on this website that can target your interest. The jpg to word converter tool by hi PDF is ranked among the top choices and this is only because of its accurate conversions and high-end user experience. This tool can be used for free via the online website source but if you want to get offline services on your desktop then you might have to subscribe to a paid plan. This image to word converter tool is also among the safest utilities available on the web and this is because it deletes all of your input data within 60 minutes.

Online OCR

This is another online tool that can help you in changing jpg files to word. You don’t have to go through any sign-ups or registrations to utilize this free tool. All you need is to open the OCR tool on your browser and enter the jpg files in it. This tool can change your images into both text and MS word format. With this tool, you can easily convert up to 15 images in one hour. This is a very easy to use online tool which can be used by anyone and everyone. The online OCR tool is available in more than 46 different languages and so it is quite famous among people from all across the globe. The only known con of this tool is that the conversion is disturbed by silly ads.


This is an easy to access platform that can help you cater for all sorts of online conversions including jpg to word. The jpg to word or jog to doc converter tool is also among the favourite and most professional tools for conversion. You can easily convert your files to your desired format from the very interface of the tool or you can also use another interesting method for conversion. Zamzar also allows you to send input files via email address to the site itself. You have to attach the input file and mention the desired conversion format in the subject. The site would respond to your email by sending you the converted file as per your subject!

JPG to Word converter by SearchEngineReports.Net

The jpg to word converter tool by this website is also among the well-known services found online. This tool has integrations with Google drive and dropbox and so you can also convert jpg to word from there. Another interesting thing about this converter is that it allows you to change the format of the file by using its URL. The jpg to word converter is extremely easy to use and free so is considered to be best for all sorts of users and can work perfectly fine on all operating systems!

For more details, you should try using these online tools yourself!

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