Circles Life, Singapore’s Best Phone Plan

Circles Life is among the latest digital telecommunications service providers in Asia. its aim to be the go-to brand for customers providing the best customized digital services.

This telco company was started in 2016 has been offering the best range of phone plans in Singapore with devices since.

Our various Phone Plans

#1 Family plan

As a customer with Circles Life, you can get a family plan from the app. One plan can have up to six accounts hence a lot of savings for one household. It needs no contract and one can leave as desired.

#2 100GB with Rollover

Advantages of this plan include your data rollover being automatically included when you stay on unlimited data.

Getting add-ons on your unlimited data once you buy or activate it on the app and the last advantage is your rollover data will never expire as long as you maintain the subscription.

#3 20GB Smart Start

They call it the smartest plan because it is the easiest. If the 100GB plan is quite expensive or too much for you then you can start with this plan. It is very affordable.

#4 Data-only plans.

It involves no contracts and you just buy the data you need. They sell their plans with phones as well. You may choose to pay upfront or with 24 months installments. There is no interest charged when you pay with installments.


This is a virtual sim card giving you a secondary line on your device. It simply means it is embedded and a physical sim card is not involved.

Its virtual property makes it the best second-line because you don’t interfere with your phone when switching lines. It can work with all our phone plans. You activate it in an instance after scanning a QR code using the app.

#6 Corporate Plans

They offer life Corporate Individual Schemes [CIS] for the working community. It comes with the benefits of more data and talk time and if you would like, this plan can last for a lifetime.

Reasons Circles Life is the Best

It is the most recommended telco company in Singapore and Asia at large. It was the only telco company in the top 5 YouGov Singapore’s top brands list for 2018 and 2019.

The app ratings are high on both the android app store and ios with its ratings standing at 4.7/5. It has the easiest customer experience.

With the help of Zendesk, it ensures the best customer service. They respond timely to customer issues and offer the best customer support throughout your experience.

Amazing 4G network coverage. With their plans, you never have to worry about streaming videos or even being underground. Anything you do or anywhere you are you get the clearest and fastest coverage.

With Circles Life app, its mobile plans have been rated the easiest to use, access and switch to. The app is quite powerful and many customers prefer it.

When you think of a phone plan, be sure to think Circles Life. It has very flexible plans and they thrive in satisfying your phone needs.

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