How to Change Your Kindle’s Name

Did you know that you can give your Kindle e-reader or Kindle Fire tablet a name? Follow along with me and I’ll show you how to do it, in pictures.

Why change a Kindle’s name? It’s not required, but it’s certainly more fun when you can refer to your reader by a “pet” name. Also, the name displays on the device’s screen, on the home page, when you turn it on.

Some households have more than one of the same type of reader, so giving each a name helps to tell them apart. It also makes managing their content easier when you go to the Manage My Kindle page.

I’m a proud Kindle owner – I have three, with one on the way. The three have names that I picked out for them, but right now the fourth, my new, second-generation Paperwhite that I just ordered, is just called “Susan’s 4th Kindle,” which was assigned to it by Amazon.

When you buy a Kindle, yours will be assigned a similar name. It’s rather generic, so you’ll probably want to choose a suitable moniker and formally assign that name to your device. It’s a very easy process and just takes a minute or two.

Let’s get right to it – ready to change your Kindle’s name? Follow me.

UPDATE: I’m now reading on my new Paperwhite. I’ll reveal her name in a photo towards the bottom of the page.

Which Kindle to Choose?

This is my new favorite ereader, a perfect choice for anyone who simply loves to read books.

I still need to write a detailed personal review, but suffice it to say for now that I love it! In the meantime, you can read my general review and see a video of the 2nd generation Paperwhite in action on this page. Or you can click on the picture and buy a Paperwhite right here.

Why PaperWhite? Why did Amazon choose that name?

It has to do with its gorgeous, front-lighted screen, not the flower by the same name.

On the Kindle Paperwhite, you’ll forget you’re reading an electronic device. The screen has a unique system that lights the electronic page from the front, so there’s no glare – and it looks white, especially with the crisp, black ink – just like a page in a real (paper) book.

Customer reviews from the 1st generation version are excellent, but now the next generation is even better and includes some extra features that I’m looking forward to using.

A Floral Case For a Paperwhite

This is the one I chose, much different from my other Kindle covers.

The other covers I have are solid colors, so this time I decided to choose something different. Since the Paperwhite is designed for reading books and I often do that with the device propped up on a table while I eat or on my stomach when I read in bed, I chose a case that flips open at the top instead of opening on the side. This one has an easel stand that’s magnetically attached to the back of the case. While not as adjustable as some other flip cases, the angle is perfect for reading. This is a classy-looking case and I really love the look.

Meet My Current Kindles – And then there were four.

From the bottom, Doc, Firefly, Pinkie, and Blossom

From the bottom up:

Doc is my splurge, Fire HD 4G LTE model. That means he can connect to the internet when I’m out and about (the only Kindle that needs a data plan). He’s a splurge because when I pre-ordered, this model was new and cost a lot more than it costs now.

It just so happened that I had an extra batch of medical transcription at that time that I hadn’t expected, so I decided to use that extra money on the first Kindle Fire big-screen tablet. “Doc” is my thank-you to the doctor who paid the bill. 🙂

Firefly used to be called “Friendly Fire,” but I just changed her name (as you saw above). She’s a 1st generation Kindle Fire. The word “fire” wasn’t very friendly to us when this model came out, so when I got her it was hard to even think of a positive name. So I just went with Friendly Fire, though I was never very happy with my choice. “Firefly” recently came to mind, thus the name change.

Pinkie is a Kindle Keyboard, the one I bought to replace my original Kindle that was burned (actually melted) in our house fire a couple of years ago. Her name came from the bright pink case that I bought along with her.

And now, on top, “Brian’s 4th Kindle” which has been officially re-named . . . (spoiler ahead) . . . Blossom.

I’m so happy that you found my page – and got all the way to the bottom! I’d love if you’d leave a note to let me know you stopped by.

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