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Hey there, LG TV owners! If you’ve ever found yourself in a pickle because your LG Smart TV remote stopped working, don’t worry – you’re not alone, and there’s a simple solution. You can actually use your smartphone as a remote control for your LG TV. That’s right, your phone can come to the rescue!

How does this work? Well, most smartphones have something called an IR blaster, or you can connect them to the same WIFI network as your TV. This lets you control your TV right from your phone. And guess what? Even if you have an older LG TV that isn’t “smart,” there’s still a way for you to use this cool trick.

In this article, we’re going to show you the best apps out there that can turn your smartphone into a super handy LG TV remote. We’ve picked out the ones with the coolest features, so you’ll have everything you need right at your fingertips. Let’s dive in and find out how to make your smartphone the ultimate TV remote!

Top 10 Universal Remote App for LG TV

Are you looking for the perfect app to control your LG TV from your phone? Well, you’re in luck! We’ve gathered the top 10 universal remote apps that are great for controlling LG TVs. Whether you need an app that’s easy to use, one with special features, or something that can control multiple TVs at once, we’ve got you covered. Let’s check out these awesome apps:

  • LG ThinQ: This is the official remote control app for all LG appliances, including Smart TVs. It’s super handy and available on both the Play Store and App Store.
  • Smart TV Remote for LG SmartTV: A great pick for those who want an easy-to-use universal remote app. It works with both Netcast and webOS LG Smart TVs. Find it on the Play Store.
  • Smart Remote for LG TVs: This app lets you control multiple LG TVs by connecting them to the same WIFI network. It’s perfect for homes with more than one LG TV. Available on the Play Store.
  • LG Remote for TV: Smart ThinQ: This user-friendly remote interface comes with a SmartCast feature to cast media files. It’s a great choice for streaming lovers. Download it from the Play Store.
  • Smart LG TV Remote: For those without WIFI, this app controls LG Smart TV models offline using a smartphone’s IR blaster. Get it on the Play Store.
  • Remote Control For LG TV: This app features a built-in keyboard and touchpad for quick navigation. It makes typing and browsing on your TV a breeze. Available on the Play Store.
  • LG Remote: LG TV Remote: Need quick access to Netflix or YouTube? This app opens them in a single click via dedicated shortcut buttons. Find it on the Play Store.
  • Unimote Universal TV Remote Control: Not just for LG TVs, this app is compatible with Samsung, Roku, TCL, Sony, Vizio, Hisense, and Fire TVs too. It’s a versatile choice available on the Play Store.
  • TV Plus: Smart ThinQ TV Remote: Most suitable for LG OLED Smart TVs, it operates using a WIFI network. It’s available on both the Play Store and App Store.
  • LG Universal TV Remote: Whether you have a Smart TV or a traditional one, this app can control it via WIFI or an IR blaster. Check it out on the Play Store.
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LG ThinQ

The LG ThinQ App is more than just a remote control; it’s like having a command center for all your LG devices, including washers, air conditioners, and TVs. Here’s why it’s so cool:

  • Compatibility: It requires Android 7.0 or above, and iOS 14.0 or later, so it works with most smartphones.
  • Connectivity: It connects through WIFI, making it super easy to link with your devices.
  • Features: Not only can you turn on/off the TV, change channels, and adjust the volume, but you can also use voice commands. Plus, it has a Chatbot for answering all your questions.
  • Rating: It’s a top-rated app with a 5-star rating.

Smart TV Remote for LG SmartTV

Let’s talk about the “Smart TV Remote for LG SmartTV” app. It’s an unofficial gem for controlling LG Smart TVs, whether they run on Netcast or webOS. This app is super easy to use, but remember, it needs a stable WIFI connection that both your smartphone and LG Smart TV are linked to.

Here’s the cool part: it comes with a touchpad and a keyboard! So, if you’re typing or browsing in any streaming apps on your TV, this app makes it a breeze.

  • Compatibility: It works with Android devices version 4.4 or later.
  • Connectivity: Just connect it through WIFI.
  • Rating: This app is a hit with a 5-star rating.

Smart Remote for LG TVs

Next up is the “Smart Remote for LG TVs.” Imagine controlling all your LG TVs with just one app – this is the app that makes it happen. It’s perfect for those with multiple TVs in their house. It can easily turn on/off LG Nanocell and OLED Smart TVs, and the trackpad makes browsing totally hassle-free. Need to switch between HDMI, PC, or AV? This app can handle that too.

  • Compatibility: Requires Android 5.0 or above.
  • Connectivity: Connects via WIFI.
  • Rating: Also boasting a 5-star rating.

LG Remote for TV: Smart ThinQ

The “LG Remote for TV: Smart ThinQ” is designed by Vulcan Labs and it’s all about control and convenience for LG Smart TVs. If you have this app, you can sync all the apps installed on your TV over a WIFI network and launch any app with just a click. Plus, you can cast media files from your phone to your TV in high-definition – how cool is that?

  • Compatibility: Needs Android 7.0 or higher.
  • Connectivity: Works with WIFI.
  • Rating: It’s got a solid 4-star rating.
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Smart LG TV Remote

The “Smart LG TV Remote” is your all-in-one remote solution. Whether your LG TV is a new model or an older one, this app has you covered. It works both online and offline, supporting older LG TV models using your smartphone’s IR blaster. Just open the app, select your TV model, and follow the on-screen instructions to test the remote.

  • Compatibility: Suitable for Android 4.4 and up.
  • Connectivity: Uses both WIFI and Infrared.
  • Rating: It’s rated 4 stars.

Remote Control For LG TV

First on our list is “Remote Control For LG TV” by SoulApps Studio. This app is a great fit for all LG webOS Smart TVs. It works perfectly when your smartphone and LG TV are connected to the same WIFI network. Plus, it has a cool feature that lets you cast YouTube videos using LG’s Smart Share.

  • Compatibility: Needs Android 4.4 or later.
  • Connectivity: Just connect it to your WIFI.
  • Rating: It’s rated 4 stars, making it a reliable choice.

LG Remote: LG TV Remote

“LG Remote: LG TV Remote” is another awesome app for Android users, developed by PHA Inc. This unofficial app can transform your smartphone into a remote for Netcast and webOS-powered Smart TVs. With a simple click on the Home button, you can access your TV’s home screen. It also includes a touchpad for an easy air-mouse experience.

  • Compatibility: Requires Android 4.4 or greater.
  • Connectivity: It operates via WIFI.
  • Rating: This app also enjoys a 4-star rating.

Unimote Universal TV Remote Control

“Unimote Universal TV Remote Control” is an all-rounder, compatible with various TV brands including LG. It’s perfect for both Smart and Non-Smart LG TVs, as it works with an Android smartphone’s IR blaster when there’s no WIFI. It also offers screen mirroring to play media files.

  • Compatibility: Needs Android 4.4 or above.
  • Connectivity: Works with both WIFI and Infrared.
  • Rating: Rated 4 stars.

TV Plus: Smart ThinQ TV Remote

TV Plus: Smart ThinQ TV Remote” is a user-friendly app for both iPhone and Android. It boasts an elegant interface with customizable light and dark modes. Want to go ad-free? They offer a premium plan starting at $2.99. It also features screen mirroring to cast your photos, videos, and audio files.

  • Compatibility: Requires Android 7.0 or above, iOS 11.2 or higher.
  • Connectivity: Connects through WIFI.
  • Rating: Earns a 4-star rating.

LG Universal TV Remote

Last but not least, the “LG Universal TV Remote” is perfect for when you’ve lost your remote or it’s not working. Accessible via a WIFI network or your smartphone’s IR blaster, it has all you need: playback controls, volume and channel buttons, and a touchpad for easy navigation.

  • Compatibility: Suitable for Android 4.4 or later.
  • Connectivity: Uses both WIFI and Infrared.
  • Rating: This one also has a 4-star rating.
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As we wrap up, it’s clear that losing your LG TV remote or dealing with a malfunctioning one is no longer a big hassle. With these top-notch remote control apps, you can transform your smartphone into a powerful, convenient remote for your LG TV. Whether you have a Smart TV or an older model, there’s an app for you. Each app we’ve discussed offers unique features, from simple controls and touchpads to advanced functionalities like screen mirroring and Smart Share casting.

Remember, the key to a smooth experience is ensuring compatibility with your smartphone’s operating system and connectivity options. Whether you prefer WIFI or an IR blaster, these apps have got you covered. With user-friendly interfaces and various functionalities, these apps not only enhance your viewing experience but also bring a touch of modern convenience to your living room.

So, go ahead and give one of these apps a try. You might just find that your smartphone is the best LG TV remote you’ve ever had!

Frequently Asked Questions

What should I do if my LG TV remote stops working?

If your LG TV remote is not working, you can use one of the remote control apps listed in this article. These apps allow you to control your LG TV using your smartphone, connected either via WIFI or an IR blaster.

Are these remote control apps only for LG Smart TVs?

While many of these apps are designed for LG Smart TVs, some can also control older, non-smart LG TV models. Be sure to check the compatibility of the app with your specific TV model.

Do I need an internet connection to use these remote control apps?

Most of these apps require your smartphone and TV to be connected to the same WIFI network. However, some apps can control your TV using your smartphone’s IR blaster, which does not require an internet connection.

Can I use these apps to control multiple LG TVs?

Yes, certain apps like "Smart Remote for LG TVs" allow you to control multiple LG TVs, provided they are connected to the same WIFI network.

Are there any free LG TV remote control apps?

Many of the apps mentioned in the article are free to download and use, although some offer premium features at a cost, such as ad-free experiences or additional functionalities.

How do I know if my smartphone is compatible with these LG TV remote apps?

Compatibility information is usually provided in the app’s description on the Play Store or App Store. Generally, these apps require specific versions of Android or iOS, so ensure your smartphone's operating system meets these requirements.
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