Beginner’s Guide to Crypto Swap

Crypto swap is a service where investors can exchange one digital coin for another. For example, you can buy Bitcoins and pay with Monero, buy Ripple with Ethereum, and so on. This is all done on one platform. There are quite a few exchange platforms offering this service, so you should choose well when making a crypto swap. On top of the blockchain fees, there are platform fees, which are both charged as one package by the platform.

Crypto swap is interesting because it allows investors to diversify their digital assets, reduce the risks of relying on one digital coin, and most importantly make a profit. If you want to swap crypto efficiently, the insights discussed below will be insightful.

Tips for Successful Crypto Swap

  • Choose a reliable platform – When you want to swap Bitcoin with another coin, the best option is to find a reliable exchange. Here, you will enjoy a plethora of coins to help you make the right choice. Some platforms require you to open an account with them to swap digital coins while others will not.
  • Choose assets that will grow – No matter what the reason to dispose of your current digital coins is, always go for coins that will grow in the future. Actually, more investors are quickly moving from volatile assets to stablecoins and another crypto that shows continuous stability.
  • Swap to make a profit – It makes sense to swap cryptocurrency to make a profit. One way to make a profit is to sell your crypto for another when the conditions allow a profit. You could also be moving to another digital asset to invest in savings programs with good interest rates.

Best Platforms for Crypto Swap

  • Nakitcoins – Are you looking for a reputable swap crypto exchange? Nakitcoins is one of the few reliable brokers where you can make coin swaps without opening an account. What is best about them is that they do not hold your funds in a custodial reserve and force you to register for KYC procedures. If this is what you are looking for, click here to investigate and start completing an easy crypto swap.
  • SwapSpace – Unlike the other platforms, this is an aggregator platform where investors get to decide where they will do their crypto swap. The platform has partnered with numerous platforms, giving you the option to choose from over 300 different coins. The efficiency of the platform has given them a great reputation and a huge following online. Additionally, it is not a must for you to have a registered account to enjoy their services.
  • SimpleSwap – Do you want to make a Bitcoin swap or any other crypto swap on a reliable and trusted platform? Try SimpleSwap without the need to register or verify your details. Furthermore, their rates are friendly no matter which coins you choose from their long list of over 300 digital coins. Notably, they send your coins into a secure hardware wallet to avoid the risk of losing your assets online.


Now you know the best options for making a crypto swap with ease. If you are a beginner, the information above will help you to start off. However, you can also research more to learn about other reliable platforms and how to use them.

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