10 DIY IKEA ALEX Drawer Hacks to Try at Home

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Hey there! Do you love the Ikea Alex drawers as much as I do? If yes, then you’re in the right place! I’m all about finding cool stuff without breaking the bank. And, if you’re someone who enjoys crafting (like making fun art or DIY projects), you probably know that these drawers from Ikea are like a dream come true.

Why? They’re strong, have loads of small spaces to keep your things, and they don’t cost a fortune compared to other fancy craft storage boxes.

But hey, what if you live super far from an Ikea? Or what if you want something that looks or feels a bit different? No problem! I’ve done some searching just for you.

In this post, we’ll chat about 10 awesome alternatives to the Ikea Alex drawers. Plus, I’ll give you some cool ideas on how to fill them up with your favorite things. Let’s dive in!

What To Store In Alex Drawers

Before we jump into the look-alikes, let’s chat about the fun stuff you can fill those drawers with. Ever wondered what makes the Alex drawers so cool? Well, one big reason is that you can put almost anything in them! Let me share some of the things I love keeping in mine:

  1. Craft Supplies: Like colorful beads, ribbons, or even those funky little googly eyes.
  2. Makeup: Lipsticks, eye shadows, and all those brushes.
  3. Kitchen Items: Like cookie cutters or baking tools.
  4. Nail Polish: All those sparkly and bright colors.
  5. Paintbrushes: For when you’re feeling artsy.
  6. Scrapbooking Goodies: Stickers, colored paper, and more.
  7. Spray Paint: Because who doesn’t love a quick DIY paint job?
  8. Sewing Stuff: Threads, needles, and patches.
  9. Shrinky Dinks: Remember those? Super fun!
  10. Yarn: For when you’re knitting or just playing with colorful threads.
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You see? The possibilities are endless! Think of them as magic drawers where you can keep all your favorite things. And the best part? Everything stays organized.

Alright, now that we’re all excited about what to stash inside, let’s explore some fantastic alternatives to the Alex drawers.

By the way, just a quick note. If you decide to buy something through any links I share, I might get a little thank you commission, but don’t worry, it won’t cost you any extra. Want to know more?

10 Best Ikea Alex Drawers Dupes

Ready to see some awesome options similar to the famous Alex drawers? Let’s go!

1. Adeptus 6+2 Drawer Wide Roll Cart

Hey, check out this nifty unit from Walmart!

  • How many drawers? Eight in total: six smaller ones and two big ones for your larger stuff.
  • Material? Made of solid wood, so it’s super sturdy.
  • Colors? Pick from white, black, or natural.
  • What can you store? Think about important papers, art materials, or even your planners.

2. Mcleod White Wash 6 Drawer Cart

This stylish cart from Home Depot is pretty close to the Ikea Alex drawer look.

  • Mobility? Yep, it has wheels. Zoom it around!
  • How many drawers? Six handy compartments.
  • Size? It’s a bit cozier, making it perfect for tiny rooms.
  • Colors? It comes in white, natural, and a cool gray wash for that clean, chic appearance.

3. Homestock 9 Drawer Chest

Another gem from Home Depot that closely mirrors the Alex 9-drawer version.

  • Mobility? Comes with wheels, but hey, you can take them off if you want.
  • How many drawers? It’s got nine whole drawers for all your treasures!
  • Colors? You have choices: white, black, and grey.

4. 6-Drawer Solid Wood Mobile Storage Cart In Black

If black is your thing, then this drawer set from Home Depot will rock your world.

  • Color? Sleek, elegant black.
  • How many drawers? Six compartments for all your goodies.
  • Mobility? It’s got wheels, making it easy to push around. But you can remove them for a fixed look.
  • Perfect for? Craft rooms, a child’s playroom, or even your home workspace.
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5. Hundo 6 Drawer Storage Chest

Hundo’s Storage Chest is a winner if you’re hunting for a budget-friendly Alex drawer alternative.

  • Colors? Four to choose from: white, black, gray, and natural.
  • Customizable? Sure thing! The natural one is like a blank canvas; paint or stain it however you fancy.

6. 6 Drawer Rolling Storage Chest

Here’s another great pick similar to the Alex drawers.

  • Colors? Choose between white, black, and brown.
  • How many drawers? Six compartments for your things.
  • Material? Made from solid pinewood, so it’s tough and long-lasting.
  • Size? It’s pretty close in size to the Ikea Alex drawers, making it a wonderful match if that’s what you’re into.

7. Ikea Alex Drawers Dupe Target

Target brings us this stylish alternative.

  • Colors? Available in white, black, grey, and natural.
  • Size? If you fancy something with a broader look, this one’s for you.

8. Pitts 6 Drawer Storage Chest

This storage champ stands out for its durability.

  • Material? Crafted from solid wood, it’s built to last.
  • Mobility? Comes with wheels you can leave on or take off. Your choice!
  • Colors? Grab it in either black or white.
  • Perfect for? Any room in your home that needs some neatness.

9. Latitude Run 5 Drawer Cabinet

If you’re hunting for a bargain, this pick from Wayfair is worth a look.

  • Colors? It’s available in just white or expresso.
  • Mobility? Has wheels that you can leave on if you like moving it about or remove for a fixed look.
  • Wallet-friendly? Yes! It’s one of the most budget-friendly picks here.

10. Ikea Alex Drawer Dupe Michaels

Craft store Michaels offers this awesome alternative.

  • Mobility? Yes, wheels for easy movement, and you can lock them in place if you wish.
  • How many drawers? Five spacious compartments.
  • Size? If you’re after something a touch wider, this one offers two extra inches compared to the Ikea Alex drawers.
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There you go! Ten fab alternatives that will surely help you keep your things organized, just like the Ikea Alex drawers. No matter your style or budget, there’s something here for everyone. 🌟

Wrapping It Up!

And that’s a wrap! If Ikea feels like a distant dream or if you’re hunting for something easier on your pocket, these alternatives are perfect for you.

There’s a world of stylish and budget-friendly options out there, just waiting to jazz up your space. Need something broad? Got it. Want it tall? No problem!

So why break the bank for the big brands when you can have something equally awesome for way less? Happy shopping and even happier organizing! 😊🎉

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What are some good dupes or alternatives for the IKEA ALEX Drawer?

Some great options for IKEA ALEX Drawer alternatives include the HOMMIESAFE Storage Cabinet, the Winsome Halifax Cabinet, and the HODEDAH Five Drawer Chest.

2. Can these drawer dupes and alternatives fit in the same amount of space as the IKEA ALEX?

Yes, many of the alternatives have similar dimensions to the IKEA ALEX, making them excellent substitutes for petite or compact spaces.

3. Are these drawer dupes and alternatives made from the same quality materials as IKEA furniture?

Most of the alternatives use the same wood and metal materials as IKEA furniture, making them durable and long-lasting options.

4. How easy are the dupes and alternatives to assemble?

They come with easy-to-follow assembly instructions and can be put together in an hour or two, depending on the model.

5. Which dupe or alternative is the most affordable?

The most affordable option is the Winsome Halifax Cabinet, which can be purchased for under $100, making it a fantastic budget-friendly alternative.

6. Can these dupes and alternatives be painted or customized to fit a certain décor style?

Definitely. These drawer alternatives are highly customizable and can be painted, stained or decorated to match your home's décor style.
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